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Giant X-Wing Rocket Set To Launch

And you thought model rocketry consisted of those Estes kits you can buy in stores. Silly you. After seeing the above pic, don’t you wish you knew more about rocketry so you could build your own 21-ft. X-Wing Fighter and then launch it, powered by 4 M class solid rocket boosters. Those are pretty big, in case you were wondering. And that’s exactly what Polecat Aerospace has done. Fresh off building and launching a 1/16 scale model of the Soviet N1 rocket (analogous to the Saturn V), they turned their project eyes towards something much more fantastical: The X-Wing.

As if just building and launching an X-Wing isn’t cool enough, Polecat didn’t stop there. Oh no. These Star Wars fanatics went even farther. The wings actually split apart in flight, as seen in the movies, and they added an RC R2-D2, complete with sound. Awesome.

As for recovery, this sucker uses three remote deployed man-rated parachutes to waft gently to the ground. They hope. Keep your eyes open on October 6th, that’s the day scheduled for launch. Let’s hope all their hard work isn’t for naught.

[H/T to Kotaku for the link.]

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