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How To Get Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer For Cheap

And no, I’m talking about hitting the Bittorrent networks and downloading a pirated copy, or even a theater copy with Elaine dancing over the credits. I’m talking about getting Silver Surfer from for very low price of 99 cents.

See? Bittorrent can be used for good instead of evil. And speaking of evil, I hear the Silver Surfer is evil, but I wouldn’t know since I’ve never read any of his comics or even seen the movie. But for 99 cents, I’m sorely tempted. Plus you get Jessica Alba. I’m unsure on the technical details of the video, whether your renting it or actually get to keep the download, but for that cheap, even a rental is good.

If you’re at all interested, you’ll want to act fast as this offer expires on Oct. 23rd. Thank you to for extending this offer to our readers!

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8 Comments on How To Get Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer For Cheap

  1. About 98 cents more than I’d be willing to pay, but mileage may vary.

  2. grrr… windoze only. argh.

    too bad, woulda given it a shot, too.

  3. We just watched Silver Surfer the other day, and I surprised myself by enjoying it quite a bit. Silliness abounds, but when it comes to SFF, I’m so easy…

    We also watched Transformers, another very silly one I wish they had spent more time on the connective tissue for. Alas. I wish I were queen of the SFF Movie Universe. Things would be different.

  4. I looked on the site and could not find the resolution specs for the .99 cent film.

    I want to know if it is wide screen format, what the bit rate is, what the resolution is, what codec is used, what DRM format it is so I can decide if the DRM is dangerous or not.

    Without this data present on the download site I would NEVER buy this.

  5. That’s funny Trent – I did the exact same thing as soon as I saw JP’s post. I went there, saw that I got no details on what the technical details were, and moved on.

  6. Scott and Trent,

    I submit that you two clowns are the exception rather than rule. The Bittorrent guys are trying to reach a wider audience than the usual technical people who use various flavors of bittorrent. Of course, whether these non-tech people actually know about, or what bittorrent even is, is another issue.

    And I did the same thing you guys did…. šŸ™‚

  7. It’s a buck and I realize that may be alot of money for some folks. But, for 1 buck you could try downloading it and demonstrating to the industry that this is a viable distribution technique. See you could also use this to smack the folks at Comcast about thier packet shaping and illustrate that P2P is not just something that the industry sees a pirate tool. As for formats, DRM, etc – come on!!! I appreciate your stance on DRM is bad, but it exists in a variety of formats (Blu-ray, HD=DVD )… Take a chance boys!!!

  8. The first Fantastic Four film was horrible so I am very gun-shy about watching the second even for a buck.


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