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LOST Leaks And Other Bits

I’ve been collecting a few links of interest for LOST fans, like me, and I thought I’d share them with you. Note that there may be potential spoilers here so read at your own risk.

First up, Buddy TV, via Sci Fi Wire, has Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff dropping some information on season 4. Things that are already well guessed at, if not know: flash backs and flash forwards will be mixed throughout the episodes, Michael is back, and we’ll get to ‘see’ Jacob in some form of fashion. I’m intrigued to see how the flash backs/forwards will work and how they’ll add to the show’s story. Reading the actual story at Sci Fi Wire, we learn that Walt will make an appearance during the show, and that Lindelof and Cuse had already planned for Malcom David Kelley’s inevitable aging during filming. In other words, Walt will look older and the producers have already taken that into account for the story. This leads some credence to my theory that the island is behind some sort of event horizon, and time runs slower for those on the island.

While pimping the Season 3 DVD set of LOST, L&C let it be known that, yes, they do listen to the fans and they do make changes to the show based on that feedback. As evidence, they point out the expanded role of Niki and Paolo last season, and their untimely burial, all as a result of fans reactions (read: whining). As for this season, Cuse played the smart @$$ card: “Yes, got any?”

And finally, Lindelof says he’s always known how LOST will end, and even has the final shot in mind, and no, it’s not a black screen. Thank goodness. Cuse also stated, “it would be wrong to think that the flash-forward you saw is the end of the series.” My take: the future can be changed, the flash forwards are possible outcomes given the current island situation. Mark your calendars for Feb. 6th for LOST‘s return.

After the strong finish to last season, I can’t wait for this season!

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  1. In the most Recent Lost podcast Cuse and Lindelof explicitly say that the future in LOST is set and will not change. What we saw with Jack and Kate in the season 3 finale is real and the only possible outcome. They did say that much more story will come after the events we saw in the finale.

    My take: It is a huge misnomer to call the “future” events “flash forwards” (though the producers use this term, probably out of convenience); story events have jumped ahead three years (to our present or near-present). Much has happened since Jack and the others got off the island. We will see these events in good ole’ “flash backs.” The story takes place “now” and future story events (Jack and Kate eventually getting back to the island) will happen as the season progresses.

    There are no such thing as “flash forwards” because, as you rightly indicate, that implies a changeable future. There is the story of now (post rescue: Dec 2004-2007) and flashbacks (both post rescue and pre-rescue).

    Oh, and while we’re on about LOST. I think only half the characters made it off the island (those gathered at the signal station). The rest who were at the beach (plus Desmond and Locke) never left the island. If I’m right–what do you think happened to them in the intervening years on the island?

    All of the above IMHO, of course.


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