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POLL RESULTS: The Death of the Used Bookstore

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Do you think the used bookstore is dying?


(116 total votes)

Several comments this week:

“Trawling through used bookstores used to be lots of fun. The first SF I was able to read were my elder brother picked up from a UBS. And who could not love the Strand in NYC? However, as bookselling on the internet has risen, and the interest in reading in general declined, I’ve noticed the slow decline of used bookstores. I was even bitten by the death of a UBS. A UBS my friends and I favored here first moved to a spot miles away from its former, close, location, and then quickly folded. I lost a fair amount of store credit, and a source of reading pleasure.” – Paul

“They are the Goodwill store for the reader. As long as people buy books there will always be a place to turn them in and pick up new ones…” – Bryan

“The used bookstores that adopt new methods (e.g., joining in ABEBooks, finding new ways of reaching clients) will survive. Others will fail. Just as it always has been, there will be turnover.” – Fred Kiesche

“I learned to read at age 3. Some of my happiest childhood memories are going to a used bookstore with my family, and finding “buried treasure” at the back of the store. I visit my local used bookstore as often as I can. I’ve completed my collections of Agatha Christie, Ed McBain, John D. McDonald and Star Trek: TOS pro novels and more. I think the world without used bookstore will just be colder.” – Morjana Coffman

“Although the used bookstore as a brick-and-mortar shop is dying, the existence of the Internet has allowed us to find used books that used to take much longer to locate. It’s a balancing act; I’ll miss the thrill of the in-store browse, but when I can find a specific book I know I want with a few mouse clicks, it seems a fair tradeoff.” – Michael A. Burstein

“Used bookstores will never die, but I am seeing more stores who sell new and used books. These are my favorites and the first ones I got to when I want a book.” – Rachel

“Most of the used bookstores will close, but not all. The same for the new bookstores.” – Carles G.

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