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POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite David Cronenberg Film

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of the following is your favorite David Cronenberg movie?


(92 total votes)

A bunch of comments this week:

“Stephen King’s ‘The Dead Zone’ is one of my favorite Top Five novels. Not just in scifi, or any genre sub-category — but in all the novels I have read. I thought the movie did an admirable job in bringing the story to the screen. Christopher Walker was awesome — he brought Johnny Smith to life. I had hopes for the TV Series…but that didn’t last long.” – Morjana

“I will always have a weak spot for eXistenZ. I even adapted the tagline ‘Death to the Demoness!’ as a way of relieving tension at my (then) hellish boss.” – Paul

“Crash. I’m surprised Dead Zone is getting many votes, it’s the least Cronenberg of all his films!” – James Grebmops

“Clive Barker’s Nightbreed or Crash (1996)” – Allan

“The year 1999 was good. It was three movies about virtual reality: Matrix, The Thirteenth Floor and eXistenZ. For me, all are very good SF movies.” – girotix

“I had to vote for Videodrome, although ExistenZ was a close second. Christopher Eccleston is like icing – everything is better with him added to it.” – Misty

“Dead Ringers: Emotionally powerful, intelligent horror. Unique.” – Matte Lozenge

“Tough question really Cronenberg has done a lot of good movies, but my favorite is non-SF, A History of Violence. As far as SF goes, The Dead Zone wins.” – Jim

“I picked ‘The Fly’ simply because it was the only one of the six that I remember actually having a plot.” – joshua corning

“Favourite Cronenberg is ‘A History of Violence’. I hear the new one is quite good as well.” – Wes

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