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The Best Show On The Sci Fi Channel

Since Battlestar Galactica and Eureka are on season breaks, the best show on Sci Fi just might be the upcoming Mass Effect special!

“What’s that?”, you ask. Well, Mass Effect is only the most anticipated science fiction RPG console game (Xbox 360 only, sorry PS3) ever! Well, ok, maybe not ever, but at least this year, and definitely for me. Bioware has produced some awesome games in the past, and Mass Effect is their attempt to bring a new science fiction setting to the gaming public. I like games + I like science fiction + I like Bioware = fanboy in the making.

Mass Effect has gone gold and will be in retailers on Nov. 28th. In celebration of it’s release, Sci Fi, Bioware and Microsoft have gotten together to produce a ‘first look’ at the game, airing on Nov. 20th. If you continually troll the Sci Fi link, you could win a Limited Edition of the game with all kinds of extras.

Mass Effect looks like it will set the bar for SF RPGs for a long time to come, the ‘prequel’ book not withstanding. Bearing this in mind, and considering that Razor doesn’t air until Nov. 24th, this special may just be the best thing on Sci Fi.

But I have to ask, aside from those of us here at SF Signal who are gamers (me, Tim, Scott, Trent and Kevin), who else out there likes games, especially of the SF variety?

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8 Comments on The Best Show On The Sci Fi Channel

  1. :Raises hand:

    I’ve played Halo (although I am not a joystick jockey) and grooved at the idea of exploring a miniature Ringworld. I loved the MOO series of games, and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. And I currently play the (IMO) best 4x Space Strategy game out there today: Galactic Civilizations II.

    I’m disappointed there are no plans whatsoever to port Mass Effect to the PC.

  2. I have been excited about Mass Effect for some time have really enjoyed Knights of the Old Republic. As I understand it, this game is planned to be the first in a series. Hopefully it lives up to the hype as I have been looking forward to picking it up come the end of November.

  3. Also looking forward to Mass Effect here.

    Until my recent Xbox 360 purchase, I was primarily a Macintosh gamer (oxymoron?) which is where I played Bungie’s Halo-esque Marathon series as a teen in the 90s. The 1992 time-travel adventure The Journeyman Project (one of the first CD-ROM games, pre-Myst even) was also pretty amazing at the time.

    I’m hoping Mass Effect is as rich and alive-feeling as it looks to be in the footage I’ve seen so far.

  4. Also a big fan of 4X games. Agree with Paul about GalCivII — great game!

  5. Mass Effect is coming on November 20th (at least here in the states).

  6. What’s a computer game? (Looking over his boxes upon boxes of paper maps and cardboard chits…or notebooks of RPG notes…)


  7. Games are evil. That’s why I like them so! Glee

  8. In all mass effect lived up to my expectations. Plus seth green’s imput put some humour in to this xbox title

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