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Trailer Park Thursday

There’s a bunch of SF/F stuff our way in the near future. I thought it might be nice to actually show our readers what these films are going to look like, in the form of their trailers, and viola!, Trailer Park Thursday! (If I were a QuickTime guru, I’d have those to stream to you. I’m not, so you get YouTube if available.). After the jump, trailer goodness!

  • As John mentioned, The Golden Compass just released their new trailer.

    (You can find a much better looking one on Yahoo! Movies.)

    It looks nice, but ‘ice bears are the bravest of warriors’? That sounds corny. Still, I like the steampunk flavor of the world.

  • Steven Gould’s novel, Jumper, is being made into a movie, re-uniting Hayden Christiansen and Samuel L. Jackson. You decide if a Lucas-less film brings out the ‘acting’ in them.

    This looks……bad. Anyone who read the book care to comment?

  • Apparently the first Alien vs. Predator film did well enough to generate a sequel. This time, a small town in Colorado is caught in the fight between the Aliens and Predators, and lacking the Governator or The Mind to help. Feast your eyes, if you dare.

    Whether the first movie should have been made is a moot point now, but, really, did we need a second? I’m not sure this is even a rental for me.

Looks like The Golden Compass wins this round. The trailer looks spectacular, we’ll have to wait and see how the actual film turns out. After the shellacking The Seeker took this past weekend, New Line has to hope that audience’s haven’t lost interest in fantasy movies.

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5 Comments on Trailer Park Thursday

  1. the link to the AVP trailer is McBusted…I think YouTube took it down.

  2. “The Seeker” looked like crap even in the trailer. Just because they slap the New Line label on it doesn’t mean it’ll fly. Maybe the poor showing is why all of a sudden relations with Jackson seem to be on the mend?

  3. Jumper, by Steven Gould, is a pretty good Heinlein-YA novel. The hero is bookish, lonely, and eventually comes to terms with the responsibility of power and finds some romance. Hollywood, of course, is screwing with it. There’s only one Jumper in Jumper, to begin with, whereas the movie apparently has two-plus. I’m guessing that a lot of the emotional bits have been replaced with cheap tricks… the book has a long sequence about Davy finding his mother, who abandoned him when she left his abusive father, only to lose her shortly thereafter, which provides an impetus for his anger to work itself out in a (possibly) constructive way.

  4. Fox apparently doesn’t like to publicize A v P. Possibly because they don’t want people to know how bad it is. I’ll try to find another link.

  5. Matte Lozenge // October 11, 2007 at 2:45 pm //

    dsr is right. Jumper is a fine, clever, coming of age novel. One of its most entertaining aspects is the logistics of jumping, taking the fantastic premise and working out the implications in a very detailed, mundane, yet interesting way. Davy is an ordinary guy coming to terms with a unique power, similar to concept that Heroes is based on.

    In the book, jumping takes some effort and visualization, so Davy uses it more like an airplane flight, or even like a Star Trek transporter. In the film it’s used more like a stunt, and the emphasis is on gee whiz thrills and fighting.

    The book has a lot of subtext about family relationships, abuse and loss, first love, and mature responsibility. The movie seems to jettison all that to elevate the teen wish fulfillment fantasy.

    The sequel to Jumper is Reflex, an even better book with much darker themes that reminded me of Abu Ghraib. It’s not YA at all.

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