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Tube Bits Fo 10/13/2007

  • Many of us remember The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones from its early 90’s run on TV. The first set of DVDs will be released on Oct. 23rd and will be jam packed with extras, including 38 in-depth documentaries on the episodes with people like Colin Powell, Martin Scorsese and James Earl Jones (who is still not dead). Two more sets are to follow.
  • Like Torchwood and can’t wait to own the DVDs? BBC America is letting fans vote for the cover art for the DVD release. Starting Oct. 15th, you can go to their special web site and stuff the ballot.
  • It appears that The Land Of The Lost (lost lost lost) will be made into a comedic motion picture starring Will Ferrell. The TV show, especially the first season, wasn’t intentionally funny and did have some outstanding SF writers aboard. Another strike for the movie: It won’t be about Marshall, Will and Holly, but a paleontologist, his assistant and a tour guide. No word on how menacing the Sleestak will be.
  • This is the last Sci Fi Channel news item for today, I promise! To promote the upcoming Wizard of Oz re-imagines project, Tin Man, Sci Fi has created the Infinite O.Z. website to allow viewers to experience the new world of Oz. Before anyone gets too excited here, let’s remember that the people who created Tin Man are the same as those who sucked all the fun out of the new Flash Gordon. I don’t care how interesting the previews look, I still don’t know if I’m going to watch this, considering the train wreck that is Flash.
  • Blog Critics magazine reviews the first three episodes of Journeyman and actually contrasts it against Quantum Leap instead of saying its like QL. I still haven’t seen it and I’m still not interested. Anyone care to persuade me otherwise?
  • The Dakota Voice looks at the lack of faith, as in religious, Christian or otherwise, in the various Star Trek series. Rodenberry was an avowed atheist and it shows in the series’ avoidance of religion as a whole. For more in-depth discussion on this topic, pick up the excellent Boarding The Enterprise (review) and read the essay ‘We Find The One Quite Adequate’ by SF Signal fanboy, Michael Burstein.
  • And in case you’ve been under a rock for the past year, Battlestar Galactica begins it fourth, and last, season in 2008. Check out this trailer for the fourth season:
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4 Comments on Tube Bits Fo 10/13/2007

  1. I’m shocked, shocked to see myself referred to as “SF Signal fanboy, Michael Burstein.” πŸ˜€

  2. There were enough “Young Indy” episodes for three boxes of DVD’s? Clearly I missed a few episodes!

    Now how about “Tales from the Gold Monkey”. Kind of silly, but I liked it at the start.

  3. As one who has a strong dislike of the Star Wars stories after the first two in the series, I nonetheless gave Lucas another chance and started watching the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones set that I received for Christmas.

    The series is really quite good. There are two collections – the early years and the war years. I’ve not watched any of the war years episodes yet, but in the early years, Indy travels around the world with his parents, running into famous personalities ranging from Teddy Roosevelt to Carl Jung to Picasso and Norman Rockwell.

    Each set comes with twelve discs, and each disc comes with two episodes or a series of documentaries pertaining to the real life history of the people or places that Indy met, or the events of the time. It’s a great History 101 lesson, and was produced specially for the series by Lucasfilms.

    I remember watching the series when it first came out on television, and am glad for the care and attention that Lucas put DVD release.

  4. Another update on the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, it appears that the History Channel is showing episodes now. My TiVo picked one up this morning.

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