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Tube Bits For 10/05/2007

  • Forbes takes a look at the ratings for the current fall TV season and says So Far, So OK. They go on to explain that the reason the networks may be reluctant to yank a show quickly this season is that Nielsen will be adding DVR viewers into the ratings. The catch: these DVR’ed ratings won’t be available until mid-October.
  • Illusion On-Demand, the first VOD channel dedicated to SF and Fantasy, has officially launched in North America. Currently available, for free to digital subscribers, in only 20 states, head on over to their site to see if they are on your cable network, and to check out video previews of the shows they will have available. Sadly, Comcast isn’t one of them.
  • Cinema Blend, with the help of Alan Tudyk, is rumor mongering the possible go ahead for a Serenity 2, with all the cast returning. Tudyk says the current Serenity DVD is selling out, getting Universal’s attention. Didn’t we do that already to get the first movie made? My guess: Any new Serenity will be direct to DVD.
  • Ground Report has a bunch of SF anime reviews up. You might find one you like
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  1. “…with all the cast returning…”

    Even the dead guys? Flashbacks, ghosts, gholas, oh my!

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