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Tube Bits For 10/17/2007

  • has a neat article on how many comic writers started out as TV writers. The fact that writing for a TV show, which has budgetary constraints and thus limits what you can show and write, seems to go well with the constrained medium that is comics. They also have a nice list at the end showing the writers, the shows they’ve written for, and the comics they’ve done.
  • John Kenneth Muir takes on the Star Trek mythos in his detailed blog entry: The Measure of a Man: The Star Trek Mythos and Identity. He does a very nice job of detailing why Star Trek has appealed, and still does, to many different people.
  • It looks like both Chuck and Heroes gained some audience with their latest episodes (I haven’t seen them yet). Is it just me or do the ratings numbers look really small? Wasn’t Jericho axed for similar ratings?
  • Can’t get enough Heroes? Then head on over to G4 TV on Saturdays to catch a re-airing of the show, and stick around after for live audience reaction and other stuff you can only get on G4. I think this marks the only semi-interesting show on G4 these days…
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