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Tube Bits For 10/20/2007

  • If you’re in the market for an Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive, why not go to Best Buy tomorrow? If you buy a 360 HD-DVD drive, you’ll get the Heroes Season 1 HD-DVD set free! At an MSRP of $100, that’s not a bad deal. If you have a 360. And it doesn’t have the red ring of death, to which 3 of mine have succumbed. But I’m not bitter.
  • In an earlier Tube Bits, we had Karen Cliche from Flash Gordon defending the show from bad press. Today executive produce Peter Hume says the second half of this season will impress SF fans. He goes on to say, “The show just gets…a little bit darker, and it’s still fun and rompy…” He actually said ‘fun and rompy’, which calls into question his earlier statement about impressing SF fans. Is he talking about the same show?
  • The SciFi Channel has greenlit the production of a pilot for a new TV series called Revolution. It will detail the struggle of New America, a colony world 50 light-years from Earth, as it tries to gain independence from Earth. If done right, this could be good and very SF. I’m guessing we’ll get another show that looks like the back lot of Stargate SG-1 and with little or no SFX. In other words, aside from the premise, we won’t really see much in the way of SF goodness. Yes I know, I’m judging before I see it. I argue that SciFi’s track record is not good and justifies my skepticism. I’ll still keep an eye on it though.
  • Heroes’s Tim Kring talks about the Company photo and the people in it. Regarding the woman in the photo who looks like Joanna Cassidy, “t did look an awful lot like Joanna Cassidy in there.” That would be neat if it was, as everyone in that photo should have some role to play in this season. Additionally, Kring said, ” So the audience should fully expect to see characters leaving in the near future.” This was regarding the potential for the deaths of major characters. Hmm, who votes for Nikki?
  • Speaking of Heroes and speaking of speaking, Henry at Crooked Timber takes issue with the supposed Irish accents of the gang Peter has fallen in with, harshing on all the actors. And here I thought those scenes were out takes from yet another time travel episode of Enterprise. Anyone care to comment on the accents? Not being Irish, or even British, I can’t tell a bad accent from a good one.
  • Finally, if you’re interested, Sci Fi Wire has a video of the cast of Jericho teasing the upcoming second season. I’m non-plussed about Jericho.SPOILER I may tune in, just to find out why nuking their own country was deemed to be a good idea for the people who did it. Otherwise, I was losing interest in the show.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 10/20/2007

  1. RE: Revolution

    Whizbang does not SF make. Perhaps it looks nice on the screen and just screams, “I’m SF”, with every flying doohickey, but a premise alone can make for good science fiction. How much techno-wizardry would there be on a colony world anyway? It seems to me that most of what was going on would seem rather mundane.

  2. I edited the fourth bullet to include a reference to the name of the show that Tim Kring is affiliated with. Many of us have no idea who he is or what the ‘Company photo’ might be.

    However, this spawned a dilemma. The sentence now effectively reads: “Heroes’s Tim Kring talks about the photo.” Hmm, that doesn’t look right.

    OK, no offense to JP but this is probably not the best constructed sentence in the world. There is an implied ‘here’ in the sentence – in that it says ‘Tim talks [link]here[/link] about the photo.” It should probably be reworded to something like “Heroes’s Tim Kring recently [link]spoke to Sci Fi Wire[/link] about the photo from episode X.” But I digress.

    My challenge was how to handle the possesive noun. I had always learned that an apostrophe only was to be added to the end of plural nouns, where apostrophe s was to be added to singular nouns, even those that end in an s. This is easy with a person’s name – for example “James’s ball was lost.”

    But what about the proper name for a show that uses an inherently plural word? I ultimately went for the conclusion that the name of a show was a singular noun and thus needed an apostrophe s, despite how unusual that seems. And how do you handle the italics in this case? I went ahead and covered it all, but should it have read Heroes‘s instead of Heroes’s?

    Anybody have an opinion? I don’t suppose William Safire reads the blog?

  3. I am personally not an expert on Irish accents, being English, however when I first heard the Irish accents in Heroes I groaned, they sound like Hollywood Irish accents – Americans doing Irish accents. It presumably sounds the same as English trying to do American accents -> Michelle “cor blimey guvnor” Ryan.

    There’s only one sensible ploy and that’s to hire actors with the right accents.

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