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Tube Bits For 10/24/2007

  • Things aren’t looking good for NBC’s Monday night lineup. Chuck, Heroes and Journeymen all continue their downward rating trend, with Heroes pulling in a series low 4.9. Ouch. I know Heroes is no longer on my ‘watch when it airs (or after the kids are in bed)’ list.
  • Could the looming writers strike bring Galactica to network TV? It can’t do much worse than some of NBC’s shows on Mondays….
  • If you watch Discovery, you’ve no doubt seen Man vs. Wild and you’ve seen how Discovery runs their YouSpoof Discovery campaign. Well, Tee Morris takes the challenge and gives us: Man Vs. Child. Heh heh. Good job.
  • Jonathan Frakes harshes a bit on the Enterprise series finale, calling it “ill fated”. Most of the rest of us called it ‘stupid’. But I think he understates things when he calls Insurrection uneven. I think it rivals Star Trek V in ‘unevenness’.
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5 Comments on Tube Bits For 10/24/2007

  1. Can’t say I’m sorry to see Heroes go down — other than, at least it might be watchable now that Kristen Bell/Veronica Mars (hot!) joined the cast…

  2. I found the last Chuck still funny, so I liked it. Unfortunately, they are softening the Baldwin character by removing the tension between him and the other main cast members. Oh, and I consider Chuck to be science fiction – it is at least as sci-fi as Heroes (considering there doesn’t seem to be a scientific explanation for their powers that is indistinguishable from magic.)

  3. I still have my misgivings about Heroes, but I’ve really enjoyed the last two episodes!

  4. All the shows I’ve been looking forward too have been a disappointment. Heroes most of all. Sigh.

    If these shows can survive at all, I’d love to see how BSG does on a network. It simply is much better than any of the SF currently airing.

  5. Man vs. Child 2: The Birthday Party is now online. Just go to and you will be redirected to it. If you want to see episode 1, you need to use the direct link off

    I’m really glad you liked number 1, and I hope you like number 2.

    Number three is being planned for Christmas.


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