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Tube Bits For 10/26/2007

  • If you’re a Stargate: Atlantis or Eureka fan, SciFi has renewed both shows for another full season. Since I’m a Eureka fan, I’m happy.
  • If you’re a Pushing Daisies fan, then ABC has ordered a full season! I watched the pilot and thought it was pretty good, but the best part was Jim Dale as the narrator. Yes, the same Jim Dale who narrates the Harry Potter audiobooks. I’m a fanboy.
  • Good news for SF fans, especially Pete, Sci Fi Channel and WWE have agreed to extend ECW through 2008! That is truly a SF story if there ever was one.
  • Coming summer 2008 to SciFi Channel, it’s Warehouse 13, from Farscape Rockne O’Bannon. Billed as part X-Files, part Raiders and part Moonlighting. Which begs the question: Which part of Moonlighting? The cool detective story part or the mushy mushy, Mark Harmon parts? Anyway, this actually sounds cool. Hopefully, there will be no muppets.
  • In a move that really confuses me, MOJO TV is now the exclusive cable HD home of Heroes re-runs. Starting Nov. 1st, MOJO will air that week’s episode at 8pm EST. In case you missed it on NBC’s HD feed, you can turn to the wildly ‘popular’ MOJO network. I’m thinking Heroes gets more torrent downloads each week than MOJO has viewers. Who’s going to turn into MOJO for this?
  • Cinemax has announced a SF movie of the week series, called DCV Chronicles. DCV is the story of 5 aliens who crash to Earth in 1863 and how they have influenced humanity’s development since then. Sounds Dark Sky-ish to me, minus the conspiracy overtones. Could be interesting, but as I don’t get Cinemax, I won’t be able to see it ‘live’, whenever it starts to air.
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2 Comments on Tube Bits For 10/26/2007

  1. General X // October 26, 2007 at 5:10 am //

    Is Eureka going to finally get 22 eps (a full season) it deserves?

    Also the opening of S4 of Stargate Atlantis blew me away, a really great ep.

    Also when will the new Eureka season begin. And if they say september I am going to be royally mad.

  2. RE: Sci Fi Channel and WWE

    I liked that news the first time I read it…in the tidbits from 2 days ago. :-@

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