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Tube Bits For 10/30/2007

  • Dan at Dopplegangland goes off on a rant about how The Sci Fi Channel doesn’t understand quality SF TV. He cites the games Sci Fi is playing with Galactica‘s fourth season, and the much maligned Mansquito as proof positive. I have to disagree a bit. Sci Fi doesn’t appear to be about producing quality SF TV. It’s about produce SF(ish) programming that turns a profit. If they get a hit, so much the better. Sad, really.
  • Pop Matters has a very long and interesting expose on Darin Morgan, a writer for The X-Files. It’s amazing that Darin had such an impact on fans while writing only four episodes for the show, including one of my favorites “Humbug”, about a string of murders of circus ‘freaks’. He should have stayed around to help the show during its waning years…
  • World Screen has a short interview with David Eick. David discusses Bionic Woman and ending Galactica after four seasons.
  • Ed Green blasts William Shatner for wanting to be in the new Trek movie. Ed attributes all of Shatner’s current popularity to Shatner’s willingness to parody himself. Possibly, but he’s also won an Emmy for a role where he doesn’t parody himself.
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  1. Anonymous // October 30, 2007 at 2:05 am //

    Wrong link for Dan at Dopplegangland’s rant.

  2. Crappy cut and paste.

    Link fixed.

  3. I’m beginning to wonder (seeing the comment about me in the **other** post) just who should be fired around here!


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