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Two Book-Related Websites

Two book-related websites crossed my path today…

First up is BookJetty, a “user-friendly book cataloging system, where you can catalog, tag, rate and review your books, and check your books availability seamlessly from 300 libraries worldwide.”

Second is WorldCat, “a publicly accessible online interface to the holdings of all types of libraries throughout the world: currently 57,000 libraries in 112 countries. Tell it what book you’re looking for and your zip code or city, and it will pinpoint the nearest library that has the book.”

This are neat ideas. I’m not sure I’ll personally use them (borrow from a library instead of own?!?!) but it’s nice to know that, not only is there an LP of Theodore Sturgeon reading his stories, but the nearest one to me is 1800 miles away. (For those too young to know what an LP is, it’s like a giant, black CD that scratches easily.)

[via MonkeyFilter and Consumerist]

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