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What Makes Isaac Asimov Write?

In February 1979, Time magazine looked at the life and work of Isaac Asimov, coinciding with the publication of his 200th book (Opus 200).

The article is What Makes Isaac Write? Here’s an excerpt:

Forbidden to read the lurid pulp magazines sold in the store, Isaac pored over science-fiction monthlies. He soon began to send them short stories. At an age when many fellow students were struggling to express themselves, Asimov, who entered Columbia University’s Seth Low Junior College at age 15, helped pay for his college and graduate school with fiction that sold for a penny a word. At a time when many young men were looking for their first postcollege jobs, Asimov published what became one of the most anthologized sci-fi stories in history, Nightfall, a speculation about how man would view the stars if they appeared only once every thousand years.

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