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Battlestar Galactica: Razor – To Watch Or Not?

The internets are notorious for obtaining pre-release copies of movies and TV shows. Case in point: the new Battlestar Galactica: Razor movie can be found on the various Bittorrent networks (see the post directly below). It seems that interest in the show is high, judging by the numbers: thousands of seeders and tens of thousands of leechers. Obviously people want to know what happens, even if this version is a screener and may not be the final version show on Sci Fi. Indeed, the DVD version will contain more scenes not in the version to be aired.

John Brownlee at Sci Fi Scanner is, (WARNING, spoilers a plenty at the following link), tempted to download it, but is holding out for the moment. As we have many BG fans here, I thought I’d ask your views on this.

If you could, would/will you download Razor before it airs on Sci Fi? Why or why not? Do you think this will help the ratings when it does air in November?

I’m interested to see what everyone thinks. I’ll attempt to add some tech perspective here. I only see this type of thing happening more often in the future. With the availability of the Internet and cheap technology to copy and distribute digital media, the studios are in an arms race they can’t win. Some smart and creative types should figure out a way to use this type of thing as a means of generating more interest in their shows and movies.

I’m not saying they should be glad that wholesale pirating of their wares is occurring, but it’s going to happen regardless. Finding a way to turn it to their advantage would be a good idea.

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9 Comments on Battlestar Galactica: Razor – To Watch Or Not?

  1. It fell off a truck onto my hard-drive.

    It’s got some great eye-candy, a few moments of stunning revelation, but not a lot of substance. In other words, it’s a lot like season 3.

    As for why?

    1: With my schedule I doubt I’ll be home when it airs. And It probably won’t show up on On Demand anytime soon.

    1A: Leaks of the British airings of BSG were instrumental to generating buzz about season 1 in the US. Same goes for Dr. Who. There’s been much speculation that those leaks were done on purpose by the network. Can anyone else think of a better way to generate geek cred?

    1B: The eye candy is great, but only in standard def. I certainly want to see this baby in high def now.

    2: A La Cart cable with true video on demand will never truly catch on until the networks begin taking serious viewership hits. DVDs and viewer attrition is one thing, but already we see shows with cult followings that had virtually zero ratings (cough serenity cough).

    The current system only allows multi-season shows to live: If it cannot be dragged for years and syndicated, it’s not worth sinking money into. The more that can be done to cripple the current system the better. Nielsen is also part of the problem, but that’s another rant.

    3: Same goes for Hollywood. They will not be able to make a decent film until they take a major scale-back. I mean 60-70%. Short of nuking the San Andreas fault, the most effective way to do this is piracy.

  2. I thought about it. I found it easily enough, but, I’ve decided to hold off till it airs in Canada, or I can buy the DVD. I want to support the show, finacially when I buy the DVD, or while in Canada, I feel a certain loyalty to watching the show.

    Plus, I’d rather watch it in crystal clear clarity, than a avi file on my PC. πŸ™‚

  3. Also, Scifi could have prevented all this by NOT GENERATING SCREENERS UNTIL AFTER THE PREMIERE. I know it’s simple, like preventing peeping toms by closing the blinds, but it seems TV reviewers can’t be bothered to learn how to watch streaming video or an emailed divx file instead of an advanced hard copy.

  4. If the quality is as good as TV, I generally have no self control and will try and give it a watch. If it’s good, I gots no problem catching it again when it’s on. If it isn’t, well.. no harm no foul. And I’m not a neilsen family anyway. πŸ™‚

    If it’s coming to a movie theater though, I’ll usually wait, cause you want the whole experience. As happens to be the case with Razor, if I can just get in line early enough on the 12th.

  5. >> If you could, would/will you download Razor before it airs on Sci Fi? Why or why not?

    No, because they lost me as a viewer last season. Who cares if it’s free and/or early?

  6. I’m not going to download it before it airs, but I’ll probably timeshift it and skip the commercials when it does. Why don’t the studios just find an advertiser, add a 1 minute add to the front of the video and release on the bit torrent networks in the highest def available? People are going to download it anyway and you can get a good idea of the numbers, so why not monetize it? I wouldn’t mind advertising so much, if there wasn’t so much of it. Actually, now that I think about it, I might download it, just so I don’t have to watch those horribly annoying pop up ads that networks are running during the shows.

  7. I’m currently on the RSVP list for one of the preview screenings in New York on Monday. In the likely event that I’m not able to actually get a seat (since they WAY overbooked the screenings), I will probably download it. If it’s good, I’ll watch it again when it airs and/or buy the DVD; if it’s bad I’ll rent the DVD to watch the extra material. Viewer loyalty can and should only go as far as the quality of the programming.

  8. πŸ˜› I’ve been waiting a since the end of Season 3 for more BSG. I can’t help myself-I will watch it, but since I cannot condone piracy, I will also by the DVD when it comes out. I think this is fair. I even posted the bittorrent link on my website. The studio system needs to adjust to new media as they call it, and find a way to use P2P to their advantage. Owen –

  9. The real question isn’t about whether to watch Razor or not, but rather to continue watching the series or not. As the series was re-interpreted, but vaguely followed the original story line it was brilliant, dark, gritty, well acted, tightly scripted and had a plot that kept you guessing.

    After the evacuation from New Caprica, which had some of the best special effects I’ve ever seen on TV, the plot seemed to go down hill and degenerate into some kind of galactic soap opera. Character development is good, but some of the story lines were annoying. I really don’t care who fracks who. Perpetual angst won’t carry a show for long, remember ‘Space Above and Beyond’?

    Speaking of the New Caprica rescue mission, that was an original Sci-Fi twist, to have the Galactica do an FTL jump into the atmosphere, free fall while launching vipers, and jump away was brilliant. The effect startled me, I couldn’t decide for a moment what I was seeing when the Galactica was falling into the atmosphere, or why it would be. In the ‘rules’ of the fictional universe where FTL is possible, that was a brilliant strategy in the fight and unreal in its portrayal on the screen.

    But the show became murky, the plot lost and meandering, was it necessary to destroy the Pegasus like the original series? Why didn’t they do more with that ship and crew?

    Razor seems way to recoup the investment in sets and actors, and also seems to answer the questions I just posed. They COULD have done more with it, and the only way to do that was to go back in the story line and add something to the background.

    So where will the next season take us? I may never know, I may cancel my cable before it airs and download it from iTunes after the fact. Once BSG went on hiatus, I discovered the rest of TV truly truly sucks.

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