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Book Bump is a new online book manager you can use to catalog your books. But how is it?

I like the mostly-intuitive Web 2.0 user interface. The site allows you to add/remove books fairly easily, by ISBN, author, title or keyword. Yet there was no indication that I could see to indicate which books in the search results were in which format (hardcover, mmpb, etc.) or edition. Once books are added, they can be sorted any which way. The site provides lots of information about each book in the list including: general book info (publisher, format, number of pages), reviews, price comparisons (new and used), and a host of attributes. These attributes include whether the book has been read (or which page you are currently on), date started/finished, number of copies owned (the biblioholic inside of me is smiling), whether it’s signed, rating, and more.

It’s an interesting site, particularly for those who are looking for an online book list, but I just don’t see myself using it. For one thing, there seems to be no way to print the book list. That’s would be my main usage of the darn thing. Also, I just don’t see myself adding the tons of books I own into the website. Oh well.

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  1. If it’s free, it beats LibraryThing. LT let’s you add only so many books before having to pay for your account. Who the hell would pay to list their books?

  2. Expect printing and exporting soon(within the week)

  3. I’m not aware of any limitations imposed by the site. The FAQ doesn’t mention any either.

    I was also going to say that the site is still new, so expect more features soon, but GuyD beat me to it. 🙂

  4. I programmed the site 🙂

    The printing and exporting are only for next week, expect a lot more after that.

    the only limitation is on the imagination…. or how much one’s computer can handle.

  5. While I have your ear, importing would be nice too. That way people could convert their existing lists into Book Bump.

  6. Importing takes a bit more unfortunately (since there are an infinite formats) so more consideration has to be taken, such as how to determine the ISBN, retrieving that data in bulk, etc.

  7. brainshades // November 10, 2007 at 7:27 pm //

    I tried using it earlier, but the site isn’t working right now…

    Also, I did experience some problems worth noting. After selecting a number of titles to start out my collection, I noticed that the wrong cover art was being displayed for a given title. For example, it would show the correct cover art when I searched for, and then selected a book, but when I would go back and begin to select different books within my collection to look at, the wrong art would pop up.

    And it seems that quite a number of titles do not have the cover art available. Not sure where this data is coming from, but if it’s going to be incomplete for titles beyond just recent stuff, I’m not sure what value there is of having the art attached.

    I’ll also second what John said, when you search for a title, it doesn’t list the formats, just lists a (potentially) infinite number of iterations of a given title.

    I’m definately one of those people interested in having easy access to something that I can create lists of the books in – and which I can share with others.

    Good luck with it!

  8. Seems cool. I still think I prefer librarything as of now because of the suggester/unsuggester and the ability to see other members’ profiles and number of similar cataloged books.

    The main reason I use it is to find out about what I might like, not just to write down all the books I’ve read and own.

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