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Heroes Season 2 Officially Sucks

I have not hidden that fact that I have a love/hate relationship with Heroes. I warmed up to the show in Season 1 despite my early annoyance and later misgivings. But in season 2, all my fears are becoming realized. The show is officially lame.


Jeez…where do I start?

The plot is going nowhere

Events that should take one or two episodes to occur are dragging on an on without any foreseeable end. Hiro is still stuck in feudal Japan; Peter still has amnesia (despite finally learning his true identity); Claire is still playing cheerleader; the south-of-the-border Wonder Twins are still short of arriving in America; Sylar is still a neutered threat; Suresh and Parkman are still playing “My Two Dads” with the last-minute child-hero from last season; Suresh is still doing nothing to take down The Company; Nikki is still…well…Nikki. Every show seems like a reworded repeat of the week before. This is not television, this is a broken record.

Characters say and do stupid things

Did anyone balk at the time amnesiac Peter was presented with his “identity box”? For the life of me, I could not buy into the girl talking him out of it. It made absolutely no sense. To add insult to injury, the very next episode started with the girl asking why Peter did not open the box. WTF? The writers thought they could brush it off with some “I did it so you would kiss me” nonsense. I’m not buying it. More likely, the writers wrote in some artificial drama to end one episode, but needed it to happen anyway to suit some other plot direction they wanted. Do us a favor, guys, and stay consistent. Artificial drama is not dramatic – it’s a cheat.

Promises not kept

Where is the new batch of heroes we were supposed to see? OK, so we have the Wonder Twins, Kristin Bell, Midas Touch Bob, Parkan’s Dad and Memory Girl. All used to no good effect. (Repeat powers? Show some imagination!) What’s the point of having them at all besides diluting all the other stories you’re trying to (unsuccessfully) juggle? At least Claire’s creepy stalker boyfriend (with his sad, duplicate power) has some possibilities. The writers need to give this show a super-enema and they need to do it quickly.

Poor planning/writing

I attribute all of this to poor planning and poor writing. It seems like they have no idea the direction they want the show to take. At least with this week’s episode they seem to foreshadow this season’s threat. And – lo and behold – it’s Season 1’s threat all over again! Lame. I liked it better last season when they had the “save the Cheerleader” mini-arcs. The proposed threat of season 2 takes place in June of 2008, which conveniently coincides with the end of the TV season. So, they are going to drag this out for another 8 months. Spare me.

For the life of me, I cannot explain why I just don’t tune out. The best I can come up with is that (1) I hang on for the slim hope it will get better, and/or (2) the fear that it will get better once I stop tuning in. The truth is that, in season 2, I get less entertainment from the show itself and more fun out of figuring out why it’s gotten so bad.

I really, really want to like this show but the writers are making it too damn hard. I see that others (like Jayme Lynn Blaschke) have voiced similar complaints. And now comes the news that spinoff Heroes: Origins has been shelved. Hmmm…is that because of the writers’ strike or because season 2 is “teh suck” and ratings are in the crapper? I know my answer!

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  1. Peter!!! Whats in the box!?! Open the box!

    Whoa! I’m in the box! I’M IN THE BOX!!!

    John, I agree, it’s getting tired.

  2. To be honest, Heroes lost me in the first season. I don’t watch hardly any TV because I hate commercials so much. If I am watching a show and a commercial comes on, I usually turn off the TV and do something else. So a show that wants to keep my attention has to make me want to see what happens next so badly that I will stick through the commercials. Heroes never did that for me. I liked the idea, but they killed it with all the political crap and dragging out the plots and just making so many characters you had to follow. “Save the cheerleader, save the world”. Yeah, not buying it. It just bored me and I walked away. They could have made it really fascinating, maybe a little X-men-ish, but they didn’t. It just sort of died in my head. I was looking forward to it too.

  3. The show hooked me in season one when Hiro showed up on the train, with time frozen, as a complete badass, sword and all. I was hoping at the start of season two they would be together and fighting threats as a team while they get to know their powers. Instead it’s back to square one. Hiro being trapped in Japan, California is extremely frustrating, along with the cheerleader’s plotline. And amnesia is the most cliche plot contrivance of the modern era. The reason we’re all frustrated is that there is so much potential, yet it’s been squandered.

  4. I laughed so hard when Peter’s brother (whatever his name is) shouted, My Mother is not a Murderer!… heh, she only wanted to blow up NYC. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.

  5. I don’t agree the show is poorly written and realized, I think it’s actually doing its job wonderfully – see the channel doesn’t give a flying crap whether anyone actually LIKES the show, as long as they’re WATCHING it. Look what happened to Lost and how many poor sad people are still following this colossal atrocity.

  6. I’m glad to see others had the same idea I had with an X-men scenario. Good heroes vs. bad heroes would be cool.

  7. The show got infected by the LOST virus. They weren’t writing or planning with the expectation to go into Season two. Now they are scrambling for plot, characters and some dignity. It has a few more weeks until I tune out for good, and I was a rabid fan of the first season.

  8. I still think they have a plan, but that introducing new characters is making it hard to keep the pace going as fast as was it was going last year. If they had kept Linderman, DL, etc… it would have been much easier to pick up the show where it left it off. I told John I was going to write a counter response and here it is:

    I still think it is moving faster than LOST has ever moved, and last week there were signs of it picking up. Time will tell…

  9. Finally someone agrees with me… It is all back to square one. The original square one where Sylar has no ability, Peter is still trying to figure out if he has any abilities and his brother is still in denial. I also think the copy cat girl’s power is a little far fetch to me. Just watching something and she learns it? So if I throw a karate kick, does she know Karate? An example would be the Piano, I would understand if she could copy what he was playing but to learn how to play piano is something I just can’t get. Also what is up with people having the same powers? I also expected the guy who is worst than Sylar to be someone with a little more of an ability than playing tricks with the mind.

  10. Agreed, Hugh, though I like the copy cat girl. And Mr. Bennett is still cool. Peter sucks. What a whiney pussy.

  11. Copycat girl is a direct lift of Marvel’s “The Taskmaster” villain. ALL of the heroes/powers are lifted from either Marvel or DC heroes. The South-of-the-Border Wonder Twins are the closest Heroes has come to creating an original concept, but they’re doing absolutely nothing with it.

    The best way to fix this mess is to pay big bucks for Alan Moore to come in and plot the remaining season arc–and all of the ones thereafter. They already paid “homage” to the Watchmen throughout season 1, so the extra coin in Moore’s coffers would only be fair.

  12. I guess I don’t have a problem with the writers lifting from comics so much. There are only so many powers to go around. My duplicate powers comment was confined to the characters on the show. Nathan flew in season 1. Now in season 2, creepy stalker boyfriend flies. Parkman’s father seems to have the same power as Parkman. (Does Mrs. Petrelli have the same power as Nathan? As Peter?)

    Echoing what was said above: much of my disappointment comes from the huge, untapped potential of the show.

  13. I agree with everything in this post. I was watching for the same reason – fear that it would ‘get good’ the minute I stopped watching.

    I decided to bail anyway and after missing the last 2 episodes I realize I just don’t care. Its too bad they messed this up.

    PS @tditto: awesome pics/captions. Laughed my ass off.

  14. Maybe Claire’s boyfriend is her half brother, another wild oat sowed by her dad Nathan Petrelli…

  15. Maybe. Of course, that would n\make the whole thing even more creepy, in a Luke/Leia kind of way.

  16. Is this show even science fiction? If so, how? Maybe I missed the scientific explanation for the powers?

    This show is just another in a long line of fantasy dramas that TV doesn’t quite know how to deal with. I agree with the sentiment above that they should hire an accomplished comic book writer to help them. Flash idea – Neil Gaiman could be amazing here.

    I watched season 1 and gave up when it seemed to be more about the special effects than it was about the ideas.

  17. I’ve been watching the episodes on the network website and been increasingly disappointed. The show plot is so nebulous and it lacks storyline and character tension. It seems superficially darker but again with no point. The new characters are not compelling. They seem as aimless as the plot itself. Also, the use of stereotypical portrayals is tasteless. A weak, whiney Hispanic woman who cries and prays? A seedy but loyal Irish family that runs a pub? A caring African American girl who spotlights her newfound mastery of double dutch? Wow. I’m pretty surprised that they are letting this stuff fly.

  18. >> Is this show even science fiction? If so, how?

    The powers are loosely explained to be based on genetic mutations.

  19. *tongue firmly planted in cheek*

    If crappy writing is the reason this show is tanking; a writer strike might just be what it needs!!

    I hope they strike for a long time — there are too many crappy shows on and people have been watching too much TV anyway. Maybe they’ll strike long enough that people realize that they don’t need TV/movies and Hollywood would go poof! Then it would be peace on earth!

  20. Anonymous // November 6, 2007 at 5:36 pm //

    One person that will solve all the show writing/plot problems– Joss Whedon

  21. I agree with just about all you said there. I particularly like the “Rip off the X-Men some more” point. I don’t necessarily want to see “team vs. team”, but there needs to be some coordinated effort on the sides of both good and evil. Suresh and/or HRG would make decent stand-ins for Professor X.

  22. Jon Harris // November 12, 2007 at 1:59 am //

    I agree that season 2 has become crap. What the problem for me is, is that peter is back to square one. I really liked his character in the first season and he was finally getting to become a badass and learn to use his powers to their potential. the show should have gone to the next level. but, it just tried to start back over. everything everyone had accomplished from the first season. It took all season for everyone to finally come together and then in the end. they are for the most part back apart again.

    someone who knows some of the writers or some execs at the studio need to tell them to GIVE PETER HIS MEMORY BACK and if in the next episode Adam uses a stupid peter to do his dirty work. I will be very angry…. this will be VERY lame. I watch the show now in hopes that this crap will stop and it will be what I know it could be.. but, I am not sure how much longer I can do this.

  23. Faulty One // November 12, 2007 at 2:19 am //

    You know the show is in bad shape when the series creator is saying “Don’t bail out yet! Episodes 7-11 are our best ones!” What, and all the ones before and after that are just gonna suck, and he knows it, and he’s fine with that?

    Okey dokey…

    I’m thinkin it was a good idea to give up on it when I did. First and foremost, they screwed up by veering the plotline off of the established characters everyone knew, and most fans generally liked, and on to a bunch of so-so new ones. Personally, it just left me feeling like I was watching last season all over with a bunch of less interesting characters.

    No, thanks.

  24. Having never seen a single episode of Heroes, I must say that it’s probably far more interesting to read y’all’s comments about its inaneness than the show itself.

  25. So, uh, how could Nikki’s husband… mr I go thru solid objects… how could he get shot and killed again? I mean, he got shot and killed in the first season, to save Nikki. But then he didn’t die after all. But then he died from another gunshot.


    Yeah. Heroes – “We have powers. Sometimes, we even remember to use them.”

  26. OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT HATED SEASON 2. I was first irked when heroes which I truly enjoyed for the multi-culturalism seemed like they only were hiring more and more blond females and that the story lines were more centered around them. When I would go look through magazines for good hero content…Id only here about how the blondes scratch their ass and how sexy they are…give me a break there is…rather was more of an audience than pre-pubesent boys.

    My second issue was the killing off of major story lines. The interracial family that all had powers and how they had to cope to make everything work was worth a show by itself. So was the politician that had to hide from himself that was going down a dark path and the forgotten brother with all the power had to save him…or face him. That too was worth a show. I loved Heroes season 1, I dont know what the fuck im watching anymore…Im sorry to cuss but im pissed. Nothing makes since…I agree it pointless to kill off main characters that we have fallen for to recreate new ones with the same powers….WTF I too question why I dont just stop watching…ha ha but I hold out hope for something better. Im happy that the ratings have fallen because that shows that others agree…Maybe heroes writers will try a new hero to save ratings, one that is young and blonde and her power is she cant wear clothes and is a nympho…Im not joking for some reason that what heroes staff seems to think the audience craves????(6)(6)(6)(6)

  27. I do think that this season is not as good as the last season. The thing that makes me mad, however, is what happened to peter’s girlfriend? The irish one. He hasn’t given her a second thought at all. Shouldn’t of he at least had a panic attack, or a sob then I’m-going-to-get-her-back sequence? I also totally saw Claires dad being brought back to life with her blood coming. This seasons a little too predicatable. And what exactly happened to Syler?

  28. Season 2 has been a monumental balls up. If it wasn’t for the fact there are only 11 episodes of this season I would stop now.

    I’ll give the show 8 episodes of season 3 (whenever that happens) to impress me.

    The writers thought we wanted more of season 1? No. We put up with season 1 because we thought there would be some kind of pay-off. Instead we were given a terrible and poorly written season finale followed by a 2nd series where most characters reverted to their characteristics at the beggining of season 1.

    I mean I nearly beat my screen to death when Claire started lying to her father AGAIN. When we had to watch Peter discover his powers AGAIN. Watch Bennet try and protect his family AGAIN. The list goes on.

    It says a lot that the only interesting characters of season 2 have been Matt and Nathan. Why? Because they are the only two which have shown ANY signs of character development.

    The writers strike will make a bad show worse. I mean they have 1 episode left to try and wipe the sleat clean of all the damage they have done in season 2.

  29. I really to compile my thoughts on the last two episodes.

    In summary: last week was the best show of the season (which may not be saying much). This week was one of the worst, if not the worst. (6)



  31. O.k. Guys my boss is gone for the day and I have a few moments to post.

    I’m working on a documentary about” what happened to Heroes” ?

    Here’s what i’ve found out so far:

    Heroes is in trouble because of a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by two NYC artists against NBC and Tim Kring in a NYC Federal court. the lawsuit is in Judge Denise Cote’s courtroom, the same judge that tried Tyco executive Dennis Koslowski who was sentenced to 25 years in prison by this judge in early 2007.

    Tim Kring stole these NYC artists called”The Twins” copyrighted work and sold it as his own to NBC and he even registered the work as his “original work” with the WGA.

    Isaac Mendez’s storyline was stolen from ” The Twins” fictional work, a book called

    ” The Twins: Journey Of The Soul “and their film “The Letter” both works were written about in the Boston Globe newspaper in Sept 2001, Russell Simmons One world magazine july 2001,

    NY Daily News on august 5, 2004, the Hunter College NYC “Envoy” newspaper May 2005

    and many other publications.

    most of these articles can be read online by googling “The Twins” names Enjai Eele or Amnau Eele.

    The articles will tell you how “The Twins” have the ability to paint the future on canvas before it happens. The articles will tell you how “The Twins’ painted and copyrighted a painting called “THE ATTA PAGE” in Jan 2001 and how “The Twins” took “The Atta Page” and headed to NYC from Texas in Jan 2001 to try and stop September 11, 2001 before it happened.

    “THE ATTA PAGE” by “THE TWINS” depicted two airplanes crashing into the twin towers along with the message that ” A man named ATTA will attack twin towers on september 11 at 9:00am.”

    The painting also showed the message that” There are 9 letters in Manhattan and 11 letters in the name Mohamed Atta.

    The name ATTA is also in the word manhATTAn.

    Note: MOHAMED ATTA WAS THE FIRST PILOT TO CRASH A STOLEN AIRPLANE INTO THE TWIN TOWERS IN manhATTAn ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. and when ever the world looks at the word manhATTAn the world will always remember the name ATTA and what he did to the twin towers and manhATTAn on September 11, 2001.

    Tim Kring stole this storyline and The Twins 9-11-01 storyline became Isaac’s Nuclear blast storyline on Heroes.

    instead of Isaac coming to NYC to stop the blast with his paintings, Hiro and Ando dressed as twins are on their way to stop the nuclear blast with Isaac’s painting in a comic book.

    That’s not all tim stole, “The Twins” in their book not only use their powers to paint the future, but they can also make people bleed from their eyes, nose, mouth and ears. one of “The Twins” even bleeds from the eyes when this power is activated just like the wonderless twins on Heroes.

    In “The Twins” book, they use their powers to “help immigrants across the borders.”

    On Heroes the wonderless twins are immigrants that are using their powers

    ” to get across the border.”

    Many of the other storylines on Heroes were lifted from “The Twins” work and

    All of this can be read and viewed in the lawsuit files which are available online.

    The lawsuit controls the storylines on Heroes, not Tim Kring.

    That’s why the storylines are all confusing and jumbled up, because Tim can no longer use these artists work as he pleases.

    Don’t believe it? check out the lawsuit and do the timeline and watch the dots connect.

    As soon as the lawsuit was filed, Isaac was killed off, the storylines changed and new characters were added


    Ttim Kring has told us about all the Heroes on the show, but we know nothing about Isaac. Even the actor that played Isaac said in a recent interview that ” I leave the show just like the fans knowing nothing about Isaac, for me he is a mystery”.

    Google the name Joann Vara for more info on this lawsuit, this person works in the tv and film industry and she’s posted some very interesting comments about this lawsuit all over the net.

    This lawsuit is going to get very deep…. stay tune.

  32. Anonymous // December 3, 2007 at 6:25 pm //

    so what you’re saying is that at least one of those striking wga tv writers might be a talentless plagiarist who got caught stealing? hmmm, i wonder how many more hacks are in those picket lines…

  33. Anonymous // December 3, 2007 at 6:37 pm //

    wow, so the great humanitarian who advocates applying the same interrogation techniques used on terrorists who otherwise kill and maim innocent people on one of the first daughters and whose movie which should have titled “missed” in the box office will come along to save Heroes (and NBC)?

  34. Season 2 is absolutely dreadful. So disappointed, especially after watching episode 11 last night.


  36. WhatsASpellChecker? // December 6, 2007 at 4:06 am //

    “PETER”, your rite, eye guest wii shuld view everyding wif a mor “possitive [sic]” eye in sprite of there mediokrity — mush like your komments. (H)

  37. heroesLoverHATER // December 10, 2007 at 9:28 pm //

    I enjoyed season 1. In fact, I would say I was addicted to the show. Season show was a train wreck. Too much time wasted on that stupid romance with flyboy who always seemed to be wired (check out his eyes). 8o| It seems as though they wasted the entire season setting up the lame-ass conclusion.

    Season two SUCKS!!!

    What did I like about season 2? The girl from New Orleans and her powers …but we did not see enough of her.

    Cute new blonde who can fry folks.

    I hate Sylar and wish they would do away with him. However, you are suppose to hate the villian so I guess they did a good job creating a villian I can hate.

    Nicki -she’s cute.

    What I hate about season two? I dont have time to write it all

  38. Season 2 was the biggest hunk of shit I have ever watched and I’ve watched Home & Away!

  39. What is with Peter Petrelli!!????? He is by far the most powerful yet he barely uses his abilities! He doesn’t train, work out power combos or anything, he’s a whiny, gullible little emo, that’s why Sylar, (who by the way is one of the best evil guys ever) deserves to win.

    PS: Maya is Hot!!! but like all hot chicks has few brains, and terrible judgement when it comes to men.

  40. This article says everything about why I don’t watch the show anymore. Actually I quit after the season one dud finale.

    Heroes has a problem with climaxes. The first part of last season was setup with “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.”

    Well, they eventually saved the cheerleader. (And by they, I mean one guy, Peter, who saves her by telling her to run away. Wow! How exciting!) And did they save the world? How? Apparently, we’re not supposed to ask, and they’re not going to tell.

    Following that anticlimactic climax, we built up to the final showdown between the two bad asses, Peter & Sylar. And we’re all thinking, “This is going to be the coolest, most apocalyptic battle we’ve ever seen.” And after 4 months of waiting, they both show up in New York and punch each other a couple of times.

    Are you kidding me? Did they run out of money? What happened?

    And I honestly don’t know what happened. If they really didn’t have money, I guess that’s something. You could call it poor planning on the year’s budget.

    But I get the feeling it’s something else. These writers really don’t know how to do payoffs. They took the first semester of TV writing 101: “Great Setups.” But skipped the follow-up class, and don’t know how to finish anything with a bang.

    Yes, good endings are hard. But come on. Is there really any excuse for it to be THIS bad? It honestly feels to me like contempt for the audience. They expect everyone to stick around and watch their non-climaxes no matter how little they try to come up with anything entertaining (which is their job).

    So I for one have made the decision not to waste anymore time watching this show, knowing we’ll all probably be let down again this spring with another whimper where there should have been a bang.

  41. unable to achieve climaxes is a common form of ED in tv show and a new little blue pill might help.


    do not use it if the show is not healthy enough for this type of activity (especially when the writing sucks). contact a medical consultant for the show if climaxes last for 4 hours or has sudden drop in ratings. it does not protect against SWS (stupid writer strikes). should not be used if the show’s ratings is impaired in advanced stages of HIV (Hiatus/cancellation IneVitable). talk to your directors first.

    for more information, call


  42. Anonymous // January 2, 2008 at 3:17 pm //

    If u wanna watch x-men fine, but i wanna watch heroes. You all whine that it should be more like the X-Men, why the fuck would u want that?

    Heroes are suppose to be an orginal series and so far i think it is, sure the powers they have are the same as almost every other superhero. But tell me, how many independent comic books doesnt have a person with the ability to fly for an example?

    I think season 2 of heroes is far better then season 1 which was really good too. But face it, every season cant be about saving the cheerleader. Heroes is a show with the possibilty too create new sidelines, unlike other shows like Lost “We most get of this island buhuhu” (I do enjoy lost but heroes is better).

    I really liked tha adam monroe/takezo kensie villain of this season and also the development of characters like HRG and mohinder.

    The only thing i would like to remove from the season 2 is the maya alejandro story which only gets intresting when they meet up with sylar.

  43. yeah, please no xmen. great comics, bad movies. Most of the Marvel Movies have been total crap (F4 being complete drivel). Spidey’s been ok I guess. I grew up on comics, I’ve read thousands and thousands of em. The Watchmen influence in Heroes has been great.

    I like that Heros S2 does not have simplistic good guy/teams versus bad guy/teams, or filled with flashy long CG fight scenes. The characters have dynamic individual senses of right and wrong, trust, loyalty and hubris.

    I’m fine with Matt and his dad having similar powers, and yes his father’s ability to manipulate your sense of reality is incredibly powerful, think of Total Recall or the Matrix.

    I want to kill Suresh though. He’s gone way down hill, does he not use an ounce of reason or determination?? Its lk he completely fogot everything from season1. Mental jello.

  44. 8o|Yep, Season 2 is horrible. I really got into the 1st, but it went downhill fast. I’m not planning on watching it any more.

  45. I agree with the previous post that Joss Whedon would make all things better. Although in Angel towards the last few seasons he seemed to have forgotten about it and was putting most of his efforts into Firefly. But yes, I am looking forward to something new from him. Anyone heard about the second half of second season yet? Are we ever going to see Heroes again?

  46. I’m new to the Heroes show. I watched season 1 on DVD (couldn’t get those from Netflix fast enough I was so interested) and have just finished watching season 2 episodes on Are these the only ones they have done so far? Is episode 205 the last one made before the writers strike? Just want to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

    thanks! 😀

  47. I neverrwatched heroes until about a month ago! And i watched the 1st and 2nd season in 2 weeks! The show is the best!but they need to come out with season 3 and fast before people lost interest and stop waiting and find a new show to watch that they no will come back next season! one website said that the new season was coming out April 25th! but i havent heard if its true or not! i want to no cuz i cant wait any longer!(6):-P

  48. on Sunday Februrary 10, 2008 at 9:30 PM // February 10, 2008 at 9:29 pm //

    “Heroes” suck. The sooner it dies, the sooner those actors can do something better.

  49. Yah.. some of you are blind :O

    I watched both Seasons back-to-back and I loved Heroes. I thought the acting was pretty weak in both seasons so, if you nerds would have argued that point, I probably would be a little more receptive. The acting is very soap’opera-ish and forced. I feel like I am watching Brittish child actors at times.

    What I want to know is this: What do you actually enjoy on TV?

    Seriously, I guess you would just prefer another reality tv show? Maybe you want “My mom is better than your mom” 5pm-6pm, “My dad is better than your dad” 6pm-7pm, “my grandmom is better than your grandmom” 7pm-8pm, and “my grandpa is better than your grandpa” 8pm-9pm? Maybe another “America’s funniest” would better suite you or a new Prime Time dating show?

    TV is a joke. Heroes is the best there is to offer. This is coming from the guy that originally said he wouldn’t watch heroes because it looked like another cheesy-arse Buffy the Vampire slayer or 90210.

    I can see the show sucking at some point. I just think you guys are giving up on it too fast. If you don’t like it, move on. QFT about how bad it is. If you think this show sucks, why own a television?

    You can watch Southpark and The Daily Show online!~

  50. I think that you are all demanding a little too much because the show was so phenomenal in its first series. This means it set itself some very high goals indeed for a second series. I don’t think it’s lingered on the plot at all. I have witnessed some truly awful television in my time, and Heroes is nowhere near that category (season 1 or 2!!).

    I rate the second season very highly, though it could do with a few more plot twists and some turns and unexpected drama (which was incredibly overdone in the first season to a rather shocking, but pleasant, audience response).

    I would like to see any of you guys sit down and write something better that doesn’t put it’s enormous feet on the famous X-Men comic books.

    The programme is still heroic to me… pun totally intended.

  51. opaw of bohol // February 19, 2008 at 10:45 am //

    heroes is actually doing great!!love it!!:D

  52. opaw of bohol // February 19, 2008 at 11:26 am //

    yeah I agree with the last posts..

    you guys don’t seem to get the real deal of the story..

    well, yes, there are instances where it kinda sucks but on the bright side it is still cool..

    besides there is no such thing “always interesting”…

    you may try watching your own life story on TV and I’ll assure you in a few minutes you’ll long for heroes instead… lol

  53. i think these last few poster are demanding too little from the TV they watch; apparently, even “heroes” is more interesting their real lives. i hate to say it but real life is ALWAYS more interesting; if not, perhaps you should look within and see what’s missing. so why watch tv? well, to live that which can’t be lived in real life — engaging in a fantasical world that’s not possible in our day-to-day. given the choice, i would always choose the red pill, wouldn’t you?

  54. annoying flying tw@t // March 4, 2008 at 5:12 pm //

    Either Should have stopped after the first series… or the writers and tim kring should have spent a lot longer i wouldnt have mind to wait 6 months+ for a decent plot..

    There were all sorts of continuity errors and peter petrelli became more and more stupid, idiotic and ridiculous as the show went on, the regenerating blood also meant nobody could die. Peter could have simply walked through walls of the vault not do some stupid telekineses cr@p

    And the annoying claires stalker boyfriend was utterly cringeworthy and made me turn to the sick bucket. i only wished he flew into an aeroplane engine.

    In general most Sci Fi shows are not great 1st season heroes is good and there are precious few others.

    what was the point of the crying twin and the copy cat girl? partmans dad was supposed to be some ultra mega villian and flopped like an old boy who couldnt get it up (although the promise of his powers was really good).

    there was a serious lack of purpose and was pointless throughout…what they could have done was tend towards the future episode in the first series (where hiro looked quite cool!)

    anyway i give up on it too cringeworthy and annoying… they should call it “losers”

  55. haha “they should call it ‘losers'”

    you just ruined your whole argument…

    Heroes is a T.V. show. A pretty good one too. I hope it lasts a while and I like when everything isn’t given to you in the very beginning. It’s a story that I’m willing to wait on.

    And Allie if you have netflix you can watch all of season 1 and 2 on their website.

  56. *spoilers included – but mostly imaginary ideas for the show*

    Heroes season 1 had an excellent buildup and created some fantastic characters, which is very difficult to do in a first season for any series. I personally think that the very ending of the season was weak, and didn’t particularly make sense. After a whole season of some excellent ideas it was such a rushed, basic ending with some big holes that I did find myself a bit disappointed. I liked the way they were all there at the climax, but there wasn’t the collaboration between them all I would have liked.

    Season 2 has so far not only clearly affected by the surprise of even having a second series, but things like the writers strike definitely meant that a basic idea was written but had no polish or deep storyline. It felt more like a filler-season trying to hold the series in place with the fans until they could get a proper third season written, and perhaps get some more writers to come up with some more involved ideas.

    I’ve always seen Niki as a weak character, but the possibilities she has shown did hint towards her having a whole array of multiple personalities. If this was expanded for her to have different powers depending on her personality this could make things much more interested. It could be explained as a physical flux depending on the brain activity (they said that the body is essentially just the vehicle the brain travels in). However, if she is now dead the possibilities she had are gone.

    The re-introduction of ‘new’ paintings from Isaac Menendez seemed like a desperate move. They either needed to let him rest or bring the character back – perhaps with Hiro going and ‘collecting’ him from the past. We have already seen that the timeline is not set in stone and that things can be changed.

    Sylar is an excellent character, well acted. However, I would like to see him not just regain his abilities, but to meet his match, ideally in a female character – or at least to be more than he’s been shown to be so far.

    Things I would like to see included in the future of Heroes. Feel free to comment, politely, please:

    1. A female Hero or ‘assistant’ that isn’t trim, buff, pretty, tanned, and pretty much showing off her *ss and figure most of the time. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Niki-fit character beaten down by the powers of someone with, shall we say, a few more curves… (Yes, I know Charlie isn’t showing it off all the time, but she’s so pretty!).

    2. Nathan Petrelli’s wife giving birth to a child, but then it turning out that she has powers, and she and Nathan were matchmade by Nathan/Peter’s mother from a long time back. Peter’s nephew turning to the ‘dark side’ of Heroism could be a serious family twist.

    3. Niki surviving and having a whole host of personalities, having different powers per each different personality (as already suggested). Along with that, one of those personalities should be a drinker (Niki was an alcoholic).

    4. A better example and focus of Sylar’s abilities. The focus always seems to be on telekinesis. He’s been going around killing loads of Heroes. The abilities of people like Charlie should be emphasised more. You’d think that someone with such a thirst for powers and understanding how things work would spend a few months reading everything he could possibly find to expand his knowledge and intelligence to fantastical levels.

    5. A more international flavour to the series, and make it a REAL international flavour. eg. British people are not over-accented American actors with bad teeth. The world map showed Heroes all over the world, not the world ending because one city has a bomb set off. Believe it or not, the rest of the world would be shocked, but we won’t all collapse and die because one US city has an disaster.

    6. I can accept that it is difficult to think up new powers that haven’t already been thought of by the various comic-book writers out there, but there are plenty of abilities to adjust or have a new-take on. We don’t need more and more flying boys – I find they’re a put off.

    7. A bit more intelligence where it comes to certain things. A kid telling a phone to work properly? If it’s broken it’s not just a case of telling it to work, and it strikes me that the basic mechanical function of electronic switches is something the writers might need to RESEARCH.

    8. That flying boyfriend of Clare’s needs to be roasted over a slow fire and never seen again – what a turd.

    9. Peter Petrelli needs to start accidentally picking up powers. As he walks through a city he comes into near contact with ALOT of people – if he suddenly gains an ability that he really can’t control that DOESN’T involve blowing up it could be fun – especially when he may not even realise it and it comes out at exactly the wrong time. The sudden expansion to 50′ tall in the middle of a city could cause some controversy 🙂

    10. I would like to see saving the cheerleader becoming a staple of the series, to the point of becoming a running joke, and even mistakes later on – like it turning out a couple of series on that Clare was never the cheerleader that was supposed to be saved.

    11. Sylar stalks Clare and falls in love with her…and she eventually reciprocates – but against her will due to it being either an enforced-under-threat attraction, Stockholm Syndrome, or even a power that Sylar picks up but only affects certain people.

    12. I would like to see what Sylar actually does beyond lop the tops off of heads.

    13. Sylar’s talent with the powers he steals is undeniable, but if he bashes in a brain or takes the power of someone with a damaged brain (Charlie for example) mayhap the power he takes from someone is damaged as well, and he pays the consequences for taking a broken ability.

    14. Parkman fights Sylar – and wins….several times. Sylar being in a position where he just can’t beat Parkman no matter what he tries would really give the non-trim-and-fit viewer the boost that the slightly heavier-set guy wins against a big bad.

    15. The inclusion of one of each of the original Star Trek actors each season might be something they are already going for – it seems to be starting that way.

    16. Having Sylar (played by Zachary Quinto, who is playing Spock in the new Star Trek movie) kill and take the power of a character played by Leonard Nimoy would be amusingly symbolic (although I think that a mind-meld power might be taking the coincidence a little too far).

    17. The religious aspect of these powers could be abused. (I personally don’t believe in religion – so if you’re easily offended by ideas based around your religions then don’t read this point). If suddenly out of the Middle East comes a man with the ability to physically convert anything, for example, water to wine – the religious aspects could create a whole new faction to contend with – and not one that is easily going to go away quickly. Writing that could be a commentary on the behaviour of the various religious institutions (the Vatican, for example) could add a bit more real-world flavour to the mix.

    Well…these are just a few comments and ideas. I’d love to be a writer for a show like Heroes – the scope for expansion is huge – provided the writers stick with the concept of thinking up ideas rather than pandering to corporate numbers.

  57. Anonymous // May 8, 2008 at 12:47 pm //

    From the first moment my friends told me about the show i was hooked ! I think that the lines get abit to confusing though cause i miss the first 5 minutes of one and i was lost so i had to watch it again to figuer out what the heck was going on .8o| But I dont know if they can think of enough things for a third season , but who knows what they will come up with ………………. ( scrubs is well ace though ) lmaoo , lol

  58. I’m sorry but this second season of heroes was just annoying, to reply to a previous post there are programs that are “Always Interesting” like LOST and House, especially LOST, and a lot of you are right the season did drag on and there should have been more writing time, but this crappy second season will make a lot of people not want to watch any further, and they should bin the third season whilst there still behind

  59. Like something from a restless night of tossing and turning where you awake in a cold sweat from a faintly familiar, yet undeniably terrifying nightmare — and you process the spooky imagery and phantom sounds all day long until it congeals into a psychotic panorama of horrific imagery and formerly forgotten memories both dangerous and dreadful. And you can’t help but stop everything you’re doing and scream and scream AND SCREAM!!!!!!!!!

    That’s what watching the Season 3 Heroes teasers has been like for me. How about you?

    Suffice it to say I’ll be watching if only to roll my eyes at the slow pacing and continuous restating of every single dumbed down plot point for Heroes dumbed down mass-appeal audience.

    And also to see how the “villains” manage to make me despise them more than I already hate the “heroes.” (Seriously writers? The villains are really breaking out from a super-villain prison? I mean, seriously? Was every other villain cliche taken?)

    But then again – in a television horizon populated by even more JJ Abrams and a new Joss Whedon series, I’m not certain Heroes Season 3 will be able to make the cut this time around.



  60. Anonymous // August 29, 2008 at 2:49 am //

    i am so mad… i just bought all season 2

    i thouht it was going to be awsome…. heroes vrs. villains…

    i just wasted 25 $s common

    the second season is so short it last like 2 hours

    if i m spending buying it

    at least u should put more to it

    you guy s repeat the same thing everytme  another episode start

    i dont lke heroes anymore

    and a lot of people is saying the same

    common try something better


    make us wanna watch it!!!


  61. Just finished watching Season 2 with my wife.  After enduring the first half of Battlestar Craptastica, which had us writhing in pain at it’s stunning ability to take itself too seriously while beating us over the head with bad bad bad writing, we were looking forward to Season 2 of Heroes with sunny optimism.  Five episodes into the show we were writhing in pain on the couch and wondering aloud WTF? 

    * Peter with Amnesia – lame. 

    * Claire’s puty, self-indulgent storyline with smirky, know-it-all fly boy, all lamenting their woes at being “special”.  The romance failed.  Claire induced buffy-levels of loathing.  

    * The… extremely…. slow… pace… of… development, with each “miniscene” having obvious forshadowing.   Seriously, you could probably take each scene in a show and turn it into a one-line bullet.   One wonders if the script was that simple.

    * Sylar – only ths actor’s ability to make something out of nothing saved this story.  The brother/sister pair he’s tagging along with are dragged down by the sister’s claire-like levels of stupidity.  

    * Okay – so Hiro’s hero is the new bad guy.  But the intervening 400 years are not explained, and Adam himself never makes a concincing case for his own actions.  He gives his bad-guy soliloquy, but I honestly couldn’t believe it.

    * Season 1 was literally a “stop the bomb” story line.  Season 2 is a “stop the neutron bomb” story line.  Forshadowed EXACTLY the same way Season 1 did.  One can imagine the writer’s shouting “Originality for the loss!”

    * What exactly is up with “the original generation?”   Are they all Adam’s great * 20 grandchildren?  Half of them are offed without us ever knowing what they could do.  

    Oh well.  It seems Kring has publically copped to the criticisms Season 2 has received.  I’ll cross my fingers for Season 3, but if it continues to suck I’m bailing. 



  62. WELL ROB,

    Get ready to BAIL dude, because season 3 is lame.

    Tim Kring messed Heroes up because he stole it and those two artists in NYC  and their lawsuit changed his con game that he ran on the viewing public.

    Tim Kring is a loser and a clown.

    And his boss ZUCKER,  IS A SUCKER.



  63. Season 2 was preety lame they were trying to re create season 1 with peter with amnesia but hiro Takezo/adam thing is preety cool. Rob i have some advice DONT BAIL OUT.

    something that is lame is the season 1 storyline was “save the cheerleader” now they are almost throwing claire out only keeping her in with some preety boy who can fly. anyway im going and to rob please dont bail out its going to get better it was mainly because of the writers strike.

  64. I somewhat agree with you. And it really angers me about how there is 22 episodes in the first season and only 11 in the second.

  65. Hi Guys all the negative comments about season 2…… I TOTALLY Agree with.

    First off: I watched all of season one to see someone kill sylar for good. It was predictable that sylar would escape from Bennet’s company office, but we all want him to die in the end.

    Then what happens? they come up with a lame excuse like we saved you from the square. If i was Hiro as if i wouldnt check to see that Sylar is dead.

    Lame, i mean wtf peter losing his memory is the lamest plot line ever. So lame considering he spent most of season one learning his powers.

    I think Nathan Petrelli’s character is the only character that is right.

    I hate the fact that all the characters from season one are back, even the ones that are supposed to be dead. Thats real lame come on we don’t really miss any of them if they are gone anyway.

    Does anybody notice that MOLLY CAN’T ACT?

    Why can Maya understand pure english but her brother does not understand 1 word? not even when sylar says “i’m kill you once i get my powers back”. as if you wouldn’t understand that. ALso, get to F**king america already.

    Claire’s boyfriend, the dumb F*** that keeps annoying her and talking to her about being herself, he is one annoying f*ker and if anyone was like that to me at school as if you wouldn’t tell him to F Off.Claire keeps letting him talk shit, perhaps she wants to get sexually assualted again like in season 1.

    Anyone noticed that she got over that too well and too soon in season 1?

    Anyways the end of season 1 where Peter and SYlar stand and duel, that was the coolest scene of the entire series. What happened? THey fought for like 2 seconds, mega sigh. I was about to Jizz in my pants.

    The Japanese girl Yaeko is pretty sexy……..she should have powers too, BECAUSE IT SEEMS EVERY FKING CHARACTER HAS POWERS IN HEROES. SO Freaking Lame.

    Wish i had Hiro’s powers, then i can turn back time and cut off this FKING show.





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