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I Am Legend Worldwide Banners

The new Will Smith film, I Am Legend debuts here in the States on Dec. 14th. I was unsure about seeing this movie, until I saw the latest trailer, which looks rather cool. And now Filmonic shows us the I Am Legend Global Banners for the film. Each banner shows a different city in the aftermath of the virus that destroys humanity. You can see the city of Tokyo in the banner at the top of this post. Filmonic has a few more, as does MoviesOnHK, with Seoul and Taipei here.

I don’t know about you, but I really like these images. I think WB has done a great job here promoting the movie, while still being interesting. I am no actually thinking I’ll see this movie in the theater sometime over the Christmas holiday.

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6 Comments on I Am Legend Worldwide Banners

  1. I’m going to guess that you meant ‘I am now going to see’ the film.

    In any case – my first thought when I saw the trailer for this was, “I remember this story, when it was called Earth Abides“. You could do a lot worse than that!

  2. when i saw the trailer for this, i thought, “I Am Fresh Prince” and “I Am Not Interested”…

  3. The most recent trailer seems to make it a story about saving humanity from a virus, and since Will Smith doesn’t really make downer movies I’m guessing it’s been spun to have a happy ending. The book has an awesome ending, but I just can’t see a Will Smith vehicle being in any way faithful.

  4. I Am Legend was such a fantastic story from its presentation down to its ending. I may go see this movie over the Christmas break, but I sincerely doubt it will be anything like the original. It may draw from it, but I doubt it will evoke the same feelings that the story did.

  5. Scott, you’re stepping on my job. Report to the Guildmaster!


    As for “I am Legend”…the trailer did look good. But many a lousy movie has had a great trailer!

  6. Earth Abides (George Stewart) was a very good book in this genre. I’d like to see a good version of that on the screen. Other’s that would be good are Star Man’s Son by Andre Norton and any of the “Davy” stories (including the novel of the same name) by Edgar Pangborn.

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