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Monday YouTube Bonus: Harlan Ellison Says Pay the Writer

Here’s Harlan Ellison talking about writers being compensated for work. He’s talking specifically about Warner Bros. and their production of the Babylon 5 DVD, but it seems appropriate for the current WGA strike.

*** Language Warning***

For those who may not know it, Harlan Ellison is usually synonymous with NSFW.

[via Core Dump]

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11 Comments on Monday YouTube Bonus: Harlan Ellison Says Pay the Writer

  1. Wow, I just became a Harlan Ellison fan. You can apply this same argument to animators as well. Artists in general seem to do the most work for the least pay. Truly artists need to stop producing stuff for free/cheap. We are teaching these industry fat cats that paltry pay is acceptable. It is not.

  2. Speak it, Harlan! Speak it!


  3. Paul Harper // November 20, 2007 at 3:43 am //

    Just goes to show how up himself Ellison is. He has a valid point – people should be paid for their time. Then he goes and fucks it up (to use a word he is vastly over-keen on) by blaming it on “the amateurs”.

    He, being well into his second century by the looks of him, clearly cannot remember when he was a struggling writer, and when “getting noticed” was what he was *desperate* for because that was the only way to get repeat business, and therefore hopefully build up a well-paid career.

    The red heat of his righteous indignation is betrayed by his arrogance and at time incoherence – “burn down their place” ferchristsakes.

    The man is a prat. And a foul-mouthed one at that. One would have though a “professional writer” would have many ways of putting a point across – VERY forcefully – without needing to use gutter language.

    As always, he’s an ego in search of credibility. And as always, doesn’t quite make it.

  4. Been an Ellison fan since like forever. I agree with him for the most part…Ellison however just doesn’t have any gray areas. Working in an funds poor local community station….with no budget, I have to depend on writers who understand how non profits work. I wish I could cross every author’s palm with silver. The reality is that without authors willing to support community efforts, Beam Me Up could not continue. Though I will support to the end their right to be paid for their efforts. Hell I would even love to run Ellison’s rant….but I bet he wants to get paid for it. lol

  5. Shhhh! Don’t give Harlan any ideas. 🙂

  6. “gutter language,” Paul? Jesus H. Christ.

  7. Paul’s obviously an aristocrat of some kind.

  8. Paul Harper // November 21, 2007 at 4:38 pm //

    No, Paul is not an aristocrat. Paul is English, and dislikes it when so-called craftsmen in his language lose the plot as much as Ellison so frequently does. But then, English isn’t his first language, American is, so I perhaps should not be so fussy?

  9. “But then, English isn’t his first language, American is, so I perhaps should not be so fussy?”

    You can deny being an aristocrat til Kingdom Come, but lines like that are pretty telling.

  10. Paul Harper // November 22, 2007 at 12:39 pm //

    If you choose to be deluded, that’s your call. It’s a free country. Apart from the Patriot Act, Illegal phone-tapping and constant government monitoring, of course.

  11. natch.

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