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New Posters for The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Entertainment Weekly gives us a look at the new posters for The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series. There are four of them and they all feature babes and metal.

All I can say is that any poster that can make the angelic-looking Summer Glau look that creepy is a job well done.

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9 Comments on New Posters for The Sarah Connor Chronicles

  1. But…what does Pete think? And how come he didn’t post this first?

    #2 is probably the best of the batch. Annoying website, though–damn screen kept jumping, pop-ups beaming into existence despite IE’s vaunted blocker, etc. Blech.


  2. That’s sooooooo hot. I’d violate a rule to get me som…. ERROR.

  3. Sorry to have let you down, Fred, (I assume I’m the “Pete” you’re talking about) that I’ve been neglecting my gawking duties (huh huh, I said “duties” — bah, it’s not nearly as funny in written form!). I got quite a bit of stuff going on right now.

    Actually, I think #1 is probably the “hottest” out of the 4 — something about flesh meets metal. On the other hand (stop giggling , John!), Ms. Glau doesn’t really “do it” for me the way Ms. Beckinsale, Ms. Megan Fox, et al do. (maybe cus I can’t pronouce her last name?!?! *shrug* I guess I’m picky that way with women that I would never, in a million years, meet?!?).

  4. Pete! You live!


  5. Mmmm… I loves me some dismembered robot torso.

    …and I believe it’s pronounced “ow!” with a “gluh” in front of it. Summer could go by Asparagus Nubbins III, and she’d still be too damn hot!

  6. Quality work! I’m still undecided on the series itself, but these are pure win!

  7. any series with summer glau lasts 1 year. must be the frozen acting. And excepting 2-3 epis of the unit its pigeonholed to sci-fi worse than Len Nimoy. Not much sexy about her either and I’m puzzled as to why tv keeps trying to find a place for her.

  8. I’m with Fred, #2 is by the far the best. That’s exactly the show I’d want to see. Hell, it might even make up for what they did to the Bionic Woman.

  9. For those who are interested Summer Glau will talk Terminator tonight at 9pm ET / 6pm PT with Dr. Blogstein on BlogTalkRadio tonight. Get the inside scoop tonight. Archives also available if you miss the live broadcast. Same link. or

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