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Perry Rhodan: The Adventure Game

Perry Rhodan is a 46 year-old, unapologetic space opera started in Germany that’s still running strong, spanning thousands of volumes. Ace published an English run of the series, headed by Forrest J. Ackerman, beginning in 1969 and lasting for 118 novella-sized installments. Previolsy, I confessed having Perry Rhodan as one of my guilty pleasures.

Now the long-running space opera series is coming to life as an adventure game!

For more Perry Rhodan info, see:

  • The official game trailer (in English).
  • Wikipedia entry for Perry Rhodan.
  • The 1967 Perry Rhodan movie, Mission Stardust, on YouTube. It takes Perry 26-and-a-half minutes to start making out with the alien, Thora.
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6 Comments on Perry Rhodan: The Adventure Game

  1. Yes, I am the proud fanboy owner of Perry Rhodan #6 The Secret of the Time Vault by Clark Darlton and #7 Fortress of the Six Moons by K.H. Scheer.

    I have no idea where 1-5 vanished!

  2. My biblioholism knows no bounds. I own 117 of the 118 volumes (I’m missing #97), of which I’ve read 16 of them, the 5 volumes of the Atlan series and the novel In The Center Of The Galaxy.

  3. I’ve got the entire Ace run and most of the batch that 4SJ Acker-Man self-published. I used to even have a couple of German-language originals.


  4. You win, Fred! I think. (H)

  5. FYI, there is one volume out now from Perry Rhodan that was the start of a new English-language edition. The second volume is quite overdue, the company is “reorganizing”, sigh.


  6. Herbert Hayes // May 24, 2008 at 7:09 am //

    I have all the Ace all the Master Pubs. that forry put out and about 400 of the german mags and the 1st book of perry rhodan lemuria 1. Hope they reorganizie soon…..

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