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POLL RESULTS: The Hollywood Writers Strike

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Do you support the WGA Strike?


(174 total votes)

Comments this week:

“H-E-double hockey stick NO! If they won’t work, they can go to hell!” – Peter

“If these new media outlets (iTunes, streaming video, etc.) are generating revenue, then the writers ought to be compensated for it.” – Bill

“This seems to me (from WAY outside Hollywood) to be a crucial strike for the future of those writers that create works that I love. Clearly, the internet will become the dominant distribution mechanism in the not too distant future. Writers *must* be paid when their work is viewed on this medium. I wholly support the strike and hope the writers prevail!” – Kathy

“Not a big fan of unions and the powers that the state has endowed upon them.” – Joshua Corning

“I would really like to see somebody explain to me why they would NOT support the writers. With a straight face. Please.” – General X

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3 Comments on POLL RESULTS: The Hollywood Writers Strike

  1. (6)This is ridiculous. TV companies are making double their profit through the internet and itunes while writers are getting the same low payments.(6)I am missing all of my favorite shows and if the brodcasting companys think it is okay just to play reurns I will just stop watching until the strike is over and do other more productive things than watch tv(that is until my favorite shows come back on though)(6)

  2. your favorite shows will never come back because the writers are too greedy. because of their unionized greed, other people on the tv staff are suffering too and a lot of people are being laid off right before the holidays.
    if the studios are smart (and if the writers are right about how the studio is hoarding all the $$$), then all they have to do is starve the writers during the holidays — don’t even bother to negotiate until after the new year. once the writers are sufficiently softened, they’ll be begging to work again.
    on the other hand, if the writers can survive the holiday amidst the strike, then it just proves that they’re the lying bastages that they are and they’re not nearly as underpaid as they’ve projected themselves out to be.
    either way, go studios!! don’t let the unions win! they’re just crappy tv/film writers who have just enough smarts to entertain a bunch of short-attention-spanned couch potatoes tv/movie viewers. they’re not even real writers.
    you know the difference between tv/film writers and porn movie writers? the porn writers don’t pretend to be something they’re not — they know their writing suck but they still make TONS of $$$. but tv/film writers pretend to be “good” writers when, in fact, they put out either tv shows that last an episode or two; or they need a whole bunch of violent special effects to accompany the movies to make them watchable.

  3. z, you’re missing your shows not because the studios don’t want to make your shows, it’s because of your beloved writers don’t want to write them for you anymore. so i fail to see how you can side with them…

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