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Read Chris Roberson’s Three Unbroken Online for Free

Solaris Books is serializing Chris Roberson’s second Celestial Empire novel, Three Unbroken, online for free. (The first novel, The Dragon’s Nine Sons, is reviewed here.)

Here’s a more detailed description of Three Unbroken from the press release:

Three Unbroken is the next epic novel in the Celestial Empire sequence and details the explosive war between the Chinese and Aztec empires as they battle for control of the red planet, Fire Star.

Based on the sixty-four elements of the I-Ching, Three Unbroken follows the lives of three soldiers from their induction into the armed forces to their eventual fight for survival on the frontline. The events of the novel are contemporaneous with those of The Dragon’s Nine Sons, the first novel in the sequence, set to be published by Solaris in February 2008.

New chapters of Three Unbroken will be posted twice a week, on Wednesday and Friday. The first chapter has already been posted. You can be notified of upcoming chapters by subscribing to their RSS feed.

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