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Tube Bits For 11/14/07

  • Holy Super MegaFast Batman! It’s Adam West and Burt Ward together again for Boston’s Super MegaFest. Let’s hope the uniforms are no longer form fitting. Yikes. Julie Newmar and Lee Merriweather will also attend. Sounds Batriffic.
  • Over on, well we’ll call them The Scoundrels blog for short, they have compiled a list of shows that were canceled prematurely. Most of them are SF shows, but why does Firefly only rate a ‘deserving mention’? That should be number 1.
  • Screenrant has a nice article covering the redesign of the Enterprise for the new movie. James Cawley, of New Voyages, claims to have seen the new ship and he isn’t happy. All I can say is I hope it’s more like classic Trek than TNG. Although I think my favorite version is the one from the films, aka NCC 1701-A. I’m not sure I really care about how it looks, although I won’t like it if it looks like the whale shaped bathroom toy from TNG.
  • Eclipse Magazine interviews Jamie Bamber about Razor and science fiction in general. Some interesting tidbits on how Jamie had to re-visit Apollo for the movie.
  • Speaking of the new Star Trek movie, Sci Fi Scanner has spy photo of Zachary Quinto as Spock. Wow, the resemblance is uncanny.
  • Michael Wentz wonders if Journeyman is the only true SF show on American TV right now. I guess, but only if you think Quantum Leap was SF! Seriously, I think you can’t dismiss Eureka just because it’s campy, or Flash Gordon just because it’s bad. Unless true science fiction only includes good science fiction.
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  1. As a regular attendee of Megafest, I can tell you that West and Ward have both appeared several times. Yvonne Craig made it out with them a few years back, as did Frank Gorshin in his last con appearance.

  2. What on earth is Margot Kidder doing mixed up with this? I thought she was a serious actress? Of course, given that this is 30 minutes from my house maybe I should go and find out. Probably not though.

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