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Tube Bits For 11/16/2007

  • Dragonball and Dragonball Z are hugely popular anime in both Japan and the US. And, like most things successful, Hollywood has come knocking and wants to create a live-action film based on the series. Stephen Chow of Kung Fu Hustle will produce and James Wong of The X-Files will direct. Could be interesting, if it doesn’t descend into the development hell that Neon Genesis appears to have ended up in.
  • The Vancouver Sun discusses the impact on Vancouver of the writers strike. It’s really amazing how many shows are shot there, with Galactica and Bionic Woman being the biggest. There’s a lot of people now out of work with little hope for the near future.
  • The Reporter Times attended Tuesday night’s show of Star Trek‘s ‘The Menagerie’. The showings were supposed to highlight the digital enhancements for the new DVD release. However, they left the theater feeling letdown and ripped-off. I wonder if it didn’t translate well to the big screen and would look better on an HDTV.
  • Could the Bionic Woman be the first cancellation of the new season? Sy Fy Portal seems to think so and has the ratings to back them up. I don’t know anyone who is watching this show. Much like Heroes, Jaime Summers isn’t a heroic character like she used to be. Are people getting tired of ‘darker, edgier’ lead characters?
  • E! Online speculates that the new Heroes site, Create Your Hero, will replace the limboed Heroes: Origins spin-off. The payoff for NBC being that the fans get to design the heroes they want to see without all those messy and aggravating writers to get in the way.
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5 Comments on Tube Bits For 11/16/2007

  1. And don’t forget the X-files.;-)

  2. Also, Tim Allan’s “Santa Clause” was filmed in Vancouver (Coquitlam, my home town):D

  3. I’m watching Bionic Woman. 🙂 While it isn’t a great show – I think it’s a better show than Heroes (which still completely sucks – 4 months earlier, to me, was just more of the same ridiculous plots where heroes must act like idiots to keep things going forward). The last Bionic Woman showed a little more promise. Sigh.

    Too bad we’re picking the best of the mediocre this season.

  4. OMG, speaking of lame, that “Create A Hero” thing is retarded — I thought it’s a game to, well, create a hero. Instead it’s just to make everyone vote for stupid crap off a list — if I want to vote against idiots for stupid crap from a list, I’ll watch the presidential debates and do it in ’08!

    Here’s what I want to see in a new Hero:

    (that is if I ever bother to watch the show)…

    A race of exotic alien females with huge, er assets, with the ability to neutralize greed in a specific type of people, namely TV writers.

    First episode: They walk into the WGA picket lines and turn the strikers into nice people who would create for the sake of their art!!

    While I thank them for pausing the TV season (not even my TiVo can do that! Wouldn’t that be a nice feature?!?!?) while I’m in the middle of stuff that would require me to cancel my satellite, get the f* back to work you greedy SOBs! I want to have new shows to watch once I’m done with everything!

  5. “Are people getting tired of ‘darker, edgier’ lead characters?”

    It’s tough to say. Edgy can be good. Examples are Capt. Reynolds [FIREFLY], House, Dexter, or anybody from THE WIRE. Jack Bauer [24] is also a dark, tragic, but yet heroic character.

    BIONIC WOMAN tried to be this angsty CW-ish ripoff of THE HILLS. I don’t remember the original Jamie Summers having a good cry in the bathtub to a breathy solo guitar track.

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