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Tube Bits For 11/19/2007

  • With the movie Cloverfield on the horizon, speculation is running rampant that it might be a monster movie. Why not feed your monster passion with this Godzilla Collection set to be released tomorrow? 7 movies, over 20 hours of Godzilla goodness, and includes Gojira, Mothra, Ghidorah and more. Find out more at their official site.
  • File this away under ‘things you didn’t know’: Apparently Firefly isn’t science fiction. Why? Because it’s space opera you big silly! I never realized that space opera wasn’t science fiction. Someone better tell Peter Hamilton his works are mis-labeled as SF and need to be moved into a completely new section at the book store entitled ‘Space Opera’. The problem here, really, is Booberfish’s misunderstanding of the terms space opera and science fiction. Quite clearly, Firefly is science fiction and borderline space opera at best. But at least we agree it’s a good show.
  • Masi Oka among the ‘sexiest men alive‘? So says People magazine. I’m not in a position to actually judge this statement. Heck, Chuck‘s Zachary Levi makes the list too. Is this the year of the geek/nerd?
  • What could be better than a TV production of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather? How about a production where Pratchett makes a cameo as the Toymaker? Those of you lucky enough to get ION can enjoy Pratchett on Nov. 25th at 7pm. Which means channel 7 for those of us with Comcast in Houston! Yay!
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