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Tube Bits For 11/21/2007

  • To celebrate the release of the remastered Star Trek on HD DVD, Wired has put together the 10 cheesiest ST:TOS monsters, including my favorite the flying-plastic-vomit creatures from ‘Operation – Annihilate!’. Awesome.
  • Think the writer’s strike won’t really affect your favorite show in the long run? Think again. Slice of Sci Fi (via TV Sqaud) says things could be looking bad for future of “BSG”. Essentially, if the strike lasts long enough, and now that NBC has placed Galactica on hiatus, NBC could essentially cancel the last ten episodes, leaving us, the fans, with nothing. If this happens, I’ll be plenty mad, but there just aren’t enough viewers to really make much of a difference to NBC. Once again showing that it isn’t about the viewers.
  • Is The Hoff about to re-appear on our TV screens? We can only be so lucky. Hasselhoff is in talks to appear in the new Knight Rider sequel movie, reprising his role as Michael Knight. We can hope that the new KITT is up to date, as the original would be sadly out of date. Plus, KITT hasn’t aged well visually.
  • Gizmodo has a short post about TV on your PC. They cover Hulu, Joost, and Miro. It would be cool if they addressed what kind of SF you can find on these services. Hmm.
  • Check out these awesome World of Warcraft ads starring Mr. T and The Shat. Sadly not on YouTube, you’ll have to go the site and view them, but they are well worth the trouble. Especially if you’ve ever played WoW. Mr. T’s is just over the top funny. It’s quality stuff like this that has propelled WoW to the top of the MMO heap.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 11/21/2007

  1. BSG jumped the shark when they spent nearly an entire season on a planet trying to live peacfully with the Cylons.

    Instead of that, they should have gone to old earth and converted their Vipers into motorcycles. At least we would have recognized that show.

  2. The ST set is called a “…HD DVD/DVD combo pack…” and it looks like you’ve got both formats. But…anybody know if the remastered episodes that were shown on network TV are only on the HD DVD’s or are shown (with lower resolution, natch) on the “regular” DVD’s as well?

    I have no plans for buying a HD DVD, at least until they settle the “format wars” (Betamax, anybody?), but if the regular DVD’s have those nice CGI shots…


  3. The Hoff is timeless and eternal.


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