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Tube Bits For 11/29/2007

  • December 2nd is fast approaching, which means the premier of Sci Fi’s Tin Man mini-series. SF Universe has some new promo pics for your viewing pleasure. If only all wicked witches looked like Kathleen Roberston, I’m sure we’d all welcome our new witch overladies. Speaking of Tin Man, covers the series and says it has “an edgy science-fiction feel and intriguingly complex storylines that will keep viewers guessing.” No mention of the bad dialog or cliched situations as the review in yesterday’s post mentioned. Still, I’m feeling compelled to watch it.
  • Ron D. Moore, executive producer of Battlestar Galactica has a new blog. Not much there yet, but he does reminisce about his days on Star Trek: The Next Generation and he has posted a podcast for Razor. Hopefully he’ll keep this one up to date better than his section on the Galactica page on SciFi. [via Trek Today]
  • Sticking with Star Trek, TV Guide recently released their 2007 Online Video Awards. One of the categories was for Sci-Fi Webisodes, and included the fan produced Star Trek: New Voyages. Amazingly, New Voyages won, beating out the professionally produced webisodes for Battlestar Galactica and The 4400. Good job guys. Now I really must watch this, the teaser on the TV Guide site looks promising. [also via Trek Today]
  • Sci Fi Japan let’s us know that Appleseed: Ex Machina will be appearing in a limited run in the U.S. starting in December, with the DVD appearing in March. I saw the first movie, Appleseed, and thought it was pretty good, aside from the plastic-y look to the characters. John Woo directed the movie, so get ready for loads of CGI doves. If it comes near Houston, I may check it out.
  • And finally, Sci Fi Scanner points us to this clip from the newly released Futurama DVD, Bender’s Big Score. Enjoy.
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5 Comments on Tube Bits For 11/29/2007

  1. What do you think? Maybe they’ll change it up and water will just make the her clothes melt?

  2. Huh, I didn’t even know there was another Appleseed coming out. I loved the manga and found the first anime while it didn’t live up to my hopes, it was decent. I’m curious to see what John Woo will do, he hasn’t been very good since he moved to Hollywood, but we’ll see. I am totally ready for the doves, maybe he’ll throw in a gun to gun standoff while he at it. πŸ™‚

  3. “SF is a setting not a genre.” Oh, man. *bangs forehead against wall* Do I ever disagree with this. A story in an SF setting without any other reason for it to be science fiction is pointless to the point of making my eyes bleed.

    Science fiction is about the idea, the effect of science and technology on people. Why waste the reader’s time? Any writer who thinks using a science fictional setting for a non-science-fictional story (to use the writer’s example, Scrubs or House set two hundred years in the future) reveals a level of ignorance that is truly staggering about why SF works as a genre. Attitudes like this writer’s are what result in crappy media SF productions, and crowd out the good stuff.

    Keep this person well away from SF scripting sessions!

  4. Uh, Morgan, did I link to that ‘SF is a setting and not a genre’ post somewhere up there, cause I can’t find it. In fact, I just saw that article about 20 minutes ago and your comment really freaks me out. Get out of my mind!!!!


  5. I think, Morgan, you meant to post that in today’s Tidbits post.

    JP: RTFB! :-@

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