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At The Trailer Park: Prince Caspian, 10,000 B.C., Dante 01, The Dark Knight

Here’s yet another look at some of the trailers I’ve encountered on these here intertubes.

First up, we have the trailer for Prince Caspian, the second movie in the Narnia franchise. I’ve always felt that the Narnia books aren’t really ‘widescreen’ fantasy, but smaller, more personal stories. So it’s interesting to see how the filmmakers are trying to make them epic in look and feel. I saw the first movie with my kids, and I know they’ll want to see this one too.

Next up, a movie I had no idea was being made, 10000 B.C.

Apparently, 12000 years ago, our ancestors were hunting wooly mammoths, sailing down rivers in big sailboats, had a highly developed language and were building large stone structures. Who knew? But what do you expect from the guy who brought us a Mac virus taking down an alien spaceship in Independence Day. This one seems to be a rental at best, and if you’re going to go back in time, you need Raquel Welch. And shouldn’t the movie use the new, sensitive B.C.E. nomenclature instead of the old, intolerant B.C.?

Sci Fi Scanner points us to the following short clip from the upcoming French SF movie, Dante 01. It’s directed by Marc Caro, whose earlier film City of Lost Children I found to be visually interesting, funny at times, heartwarming and a little weird. Even though the below clip is in French, it still looks interesting, as does the synopsis. I’d like to see this if it ever gets to this part of the country.

John already linked to the new Dark Night trailer a couple of posts down. But if you want to see the six-minute trailer shown before the Imax version of I Am Legend, take a look below. Warning! It’s a really crappy handheld video shot in theater, but it does a good job showing the opening (I think) scene. If YouTube removes it again, you’ll have to go to Gizmodo to see it.

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