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Four Minutes of Cloverfield

Let the hype begin…

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5 Comments on Four Minutes of Cloverfield

  1. Mmm…

  2. Matte Lozenge // December 15, 2007 at 12:26 pm //

    Where’s Ultraman when you need him? Giant solar-powered monster-fighting dude. Doesn’t need a cell phone, the Beta Capsule does it all…

  3. Maybe the Enterprise could help? Make it so!

  4. Looks good. I just hope that the whole film isn’t shot with that camera style.

  5. You know something, I have absolutely no interest in seeing this at this point. Why? I lived through the real frakking thing.

    And believe me, there ain’t going to be anything that they can put on the screen that is scarier than reality.

    Besides, the secret is out. See some unrevealed footage of the monster:

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