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GIVEAWAY: Win Tickets To The I Am Legend NY City Premier

If you’ve been wanting to see, or are on the fence, I Am Legend, we have the opportunity to give away 2 sets of tickets (each set has 2 tickets, 1 for the winner and 1 for a guest) to two lucky readers who can be in New York City for the premier of I Am Legend. (You must provide your own transportation.) The movie will be shown on Dec. 11th at 7pm Eastern Time at Madison Square Garden.

Even if you’re undecided about the movie, the cost to you is free, which is a good thing. Unless, of course, you don’t live anywhere near NYC. So, any of our readers who would like to go to the premier, send us an email with your name and mailing address so we can send the tickets out to you. The bad news is we were notified late last night about the availability, so the contest has to be short and quick. The deadline is tomorrow (Friday 12/7) at 10:30 am Central Time. You have just over 24 hours to get send in your information.

Send the email with name and address to: legend (at) sfsignal dot com.

We’ll randomly select two names to receive tickets which will be sent to the winners overnight. Then you’ll be on your way to rubbing shoulders with Will Smith and the rest of the cast and making the rest of us green with envy. So send in your emails!

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  1. JP, how did you score tickets? That’s pretty cool. Since I’ll be moving to the NY area, maybe next time you can send them to me and I can be the guy “on assignment” and score you some pictures and maybe get some usher (or caterer or whatever other non-celebrity there) to talk to me. 😛

  2. We have our ways….


  3. Just one more reason why Hollywood people shouldn’t speak unless it’s written down for them to regurgitate:

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