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Heroes Continues Online

I know that many fans, and most of us here, were disappointed with the second season of Heroes. However, I continue to be impressed with the way NBC is using the internet to continue to generate interest in Heroes. Of course they have the nice online comics

that give more depth to the stories, and the are continuing to add to the Create Your Hero section. And now they are delving into Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG) as well with their Heroes Evolutions game.

Evolutions is the story of Hana Gitelman’s attempt to track down the mysterious Richard Drucker. ‘Hana’ has her own blog where she leaves clues for people to decipher. And Primatech Paper has it’s own website, with views from its security cameras for all to see.

I’m not big on ARGs myself as I’m not much of a puzzle guy, but LOST ran a successful one a year ago and now Heroes is following suit. If this is your thing, or if you want to learn more of the Heroes story, you should check it out.

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12 Comments on Heroes Continues Online

  1. Nice find, I knew Hana had a blog, but didn’t know about the new game… Cool!

  2. So – did you change the name to HeroeSignal and I didn’t notice it? Is this the new show everybody ‘loves to hate’?

  3. Anonymous // December 6, 2007 at 8:55 pm //

    I already told them they should change the name to Heroes Blog. But they insist on insulting SF by calling this SF Signal and then making 75% of the posts about Heroes.

  4. Is this the part where we are supposed to defend our content? Admittedly, Heroes is not as science-fictiony as, say, Weird Al videos, nevertheless… :-@

  5. I seem to recall that you two clowns (I’m excluding John as a clown in this particular instance) have the ability to post stuff…

  6. Wait, if John is excluded, who’s the other clown? πŸ˜›

  7. The issue isn’t whether Heroes is “science-fictiony”. The issue is the Heroes is such a pile of crap. There is so much in SF that an SF blog could be about. It’s an insult to SF to pose as a general SF blog and then just constantly post about Heroes.

  8. Seems like “the issue” is actually: a) the fact you’re apparently unable to read, watch or listen to the vast amount of non-Heroes material the good gentlemen at SF Signal serve up for reasonable fans; and/or b) you seem to be wasting an inordinant amount of time on a site that you believe is “insulting SF” and taking out your frustrations on the site’s managers rather than your own inability to look elsewhere on the net, with its multitude of sf-related sites.

    If “a”, then a check of your computer hardward and software would be in order to see what’s blocking the material, possibly followed by a consultation with a neurologist to examine why your biology inhibits you from perceiving the non-Heroes items.

    If “b”, the solution is obvious: don’t allow yourself to be insulted – go elsewhere or start your own site and maybe attract others of your ilk, or, and this is a really tough one that’ll take a lot of growing up on your part (and that may be asking too much), learn to filter what you choose to read and check out some of SF Signal’s afore-mentioned multitude of worthy non-Heroes related articles.

    Now, I think I’ll quit wasting my time on your absurdities and see what other tidbits John, JP and Tim have kindly discovered for those of us who are interested in their site.

  9. First, I am not the anonymous poster and I don’t agree with that person.

    Second, my comment was meant as a gentle ribbing while seriously commenting on the fact that this show seems to be getting not only a lot of coverage here but also getting lots of comments from readers. It looks like people are frustrated by it although I don’t understand why. If the show isn’t good, turn the dial elsewhere. I gave up on Bionic Woman and other shows when it was obviously not good. Is Heroes on the bubble? Maybe that is what frustrates people – it has been good but now isn’t or could be good but isn’t?

    And if you had bothered to watch the Wierd Al video you would have seen a batch of sci-fi references from Star Wars to Star Trek to XMen. πŸ˜€

  10. Bloginhood: Thanks for the kind word (to us, at least), πŸ™‚

    Scott: Point taken. And a gentle reminder: (6) is seriously angry icon, :-@ is fake angry icon. I did watch the video and saw the references. πŸ˜‰ (This is the no-hard feelings icon.)

    On Heroes (look away anonymous reader!): As I’ve said before, it’s a show I kept hoping would get better, so I kept watching it. I’m done now, though – I don’t think I will be returning. But I may still post about it! It’s still one of the most popular shows on TV today and still something that our readers may find interesting. Well, most of our readers…

  11. scott, I don’t think anyone thinks you’re the anonymous poster and I think jp use of the “clown” reference would indicate that they know it was gentle ribbing…

    anyway, it’s not uncommon for this blog to pile on one topic in exclusion of others for any length of time. For long time readers, this blog could’ve been named any of the following: (for our least favorite online reviewer)

    FFSignal (for that show by that Buffy guy)

    BGSignal (for those hot robot babes)

    and SWSignal (for the umpteenth videos, toys, and phan-boi-ism)!

  12. actually, john, i generally view any use of the smileys to have a non-serious connotation. So (6) can just be playful indignation and 8o| is just a frowny asian guy! (sorry for the semi-racist joke, but i think i can get away with this one :-P). noone is truly angry unless they type in all CAPS with excessive use of exclamation marks. thoughts?

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