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POLL RESULTS: When Star Wars Jumped the Shark

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

When did Star Wars Jump the Shark?


(142 total votes)

Comments this week:

“I think Fred is onto something. Still, that rescue scene looks better than most of the action sequences in the “new trilogy.”. No, I still think the movie and series truly ump when the Ewoks come onto the screen.” – Paul

“One word: Ewoks” – Gary

“The remastering phase was Lucas’s way of milking Star Wars for finiacial gain. Episodes 1-3 should have been made instead of the remastering in the first place.” – Jim S.

“Damn him that money grubbing bastard!!!” – Tim Z.

“When I first watched the ‘special editions’, my opinion was that ‘Star Wars’ was improved, ‘Empire’ made neither better nor worse, and ‘Jedi’ pretty much ruined. I haven’t seen those versions in years– I don’t know how episodes I-III would impact my estimation of the special editions. In any event, there is absolutely no excuse for putting a musical number sung by a CGI cereal mascot into ‘Jedi’– that’s the moment where it all went sour for me.” – Gabriel M.

“Return of the Jedi almost jumps the shark, but the darker Luke, the Emperor and the giant space battle outside the half finished Death Star saves it. Plus, any film with Han Solo has to have a few redeaming qualities.” – Chad

“The shark was jumped the instant the first Trade Federation guy opened his mouth and delivered a line of dialog in Phantom Menace.” – Tycho

“Every time Luke said “I sense the good in you father”, as Vader repeatedly tried to kill him with the Emperor egging him on. I know he turned out to be right in the end, still should have best killed Vader and the Emperor and be done with it.” – Richard

“What it boils down to for me is this: The worst of Star Trek is still much better than pretty much any gangster or other crime movie, or a lot of the other much on offer…Though I do admit that the Anakin/Amidala love scenes still make me cringe every time I watch them.” – General X

“Ewoks, nothing else needs to be said.” – Triquel

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2 Comments on POLL RESULTS: When Star Wars Jumped the Shark

  1. As David pointed out in the comments for this week’s poll, not all the blue characters were aliens, so I’ve updated the wording of the poll slightly.

  2. These 3 voters:
    Episode IV: A New Hope 0.7% (1 vote)
    Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1.4% (2 votes)
    deserve the Han Solo carbonite treatment so their torment can be endless.
    The rough equivalent of this heinous transgression is: “This picante sauce is made in New York City.” (LOUD NEEDLE SCRAPING ACROSS A RECORD) “NEW YORK CITY?!?!?! Jasper, get the rope!

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