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SF Tidbits for 12/06/07

  • Bob Eggleton continues his renditions of the classics with this awesome cover art for Heinlein’s The Man Who Sold The Moon.
  • Over at UKSF Book News, Andy Remic talks about the…unbelievable…process of writing his novel War Machine.
  • New free fiction at “A Martian Odyssey” by Stanley G. Weinbaum.
  • Karen Miller interviews Trudi Canavan, author of The Black Magician trilogy and the Age of the Five trilogy. “There has been this chunky mega-book series phenomenon, which I don’t like as a reader. I prefer to wait until the last book of a series is available before I start reading the first one, and I must admit my interest in the Jordan and Martin mega-epics has waned from waiting so long to start them.” [via Eos Book Blog]
  • Author Bruce McAllister writes in to tell us that his first novel, Humanity Prime, is being reissued by Wildside Press. Originally published in 1971–and based on McAllister’s first published story, “The Faces Outside”– Humanity Prime is the story of a telepathic aquatic race of humans faced with annihilation on a distant planet thousands of years from now.
  • From a press release: “A signed copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and a rare hand-numbered signed limited edition of Margaret Atwood’s poetry collection, The Door, will be the eye-catching headline items in an’s online charity auction taking place between December 6 and 11.”
  • Here’s the trailer for Prince Caspian, the second installment of The Chronicles of Narnia. [via SciFi Chick]
  • Drivers and Sundry collates a bunch of genre-related short films.
  • Good news…I think…Riff Trax is doing the Star Wars Holiday Special. [via E.E. Knight]
  • Warning to expectant fathers: The purchase of the book Baby Sci-Fi Names will be something she’ll bring up for years to come. “From Anakin to Zardoz” indeed…
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