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SF Tidbits for 12/09/07

  • A couple of years ago, we mentioned Monster Island, David Wellington’s novel (posted in blog format) set in Manhattan, one month after New York has been overrun by zombies. According to Shock Till You Drop, Monster Island is headed for the big screen.
  • The Fix Online interviews with Ellen Datlow. “I think the boundaries between the three fantastic fiction genres–sf, fantasy, and horror–have always been porous. Think of “fantasy” as the umbrella and sf/f/h as the spokes comprising that umbrella.”
  • Intergalactic Medicine Show interviews Robert J. Sawyer. “If hard SF is losing its market share, surely the only possible solution is BETTER SF to bring those readers back.”
  • Elizabeth Bear is a short story writer at heart.
  • James Killus has inherited a lot of unpublished work of sf author Edgar Pangborn, author of Davy and A Mirror for Observers.
  • William Shatner will receive the Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Patrick Stewart on behalf of a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the natural bio-diversity of the planet. Here is some backstage video from the opening of the festival where the award will be presented.
  • Sentient Developments explains the problem with 99.9 % of so-called ‘solutions’ to the Fermi Paradox: “Sure everyone has a convenient answer to the Fermi Paradox, but nearly all of them fail the non-exclusivity test.”
  • New free fiction at “Blessed Are the Meek” by G.C. Edmondson and “The Bramble Bush” by Gordon Randall Garrett.
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  1. Anonymous // December 9, 2007 at 2:58 am //

    The above link to the Fermi’s Paradox article doesn’t work. should do it.

  2. That would be “Edgar” Pangborn, the author of (among other things) a book called “Davy”!


    Have some more coffee.

  3. Yikes! I’m going to have start making this a game where I ask the readers to spot the errors! Thanks, folks…

  4. I’m game!

    “William Shatner will received received the Jules Verne Lifetime Achievement Award”

  5. Thanks A_Z. Fixed. Sigh… :-S

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