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Tube Bits For 12/18/2007

  • Not content to let sleeping TV series lie, NBC is joining the media tie-in train and will be releasing the Heroes tie-in book, Heroes: Saving Charlie. As you might suspect, this book will tell the story of the six months Hiro spent trying to save Charlie from Sylar. Whether the book is any good is something even Isaac can’t tell.
  • It’s a sad day in Star Trek land. Even though rumors of its demise have circulated for awhile now, the staff of STARTREK.COM have been let go by CBS Interactive. The ultimate fate of the website is unknown, but fans are asked to continue to use the forums. This seems like a boneheaded move on CBS’ part. It’s not like there’s a movie coming up that could make use of a Star Trek website or anything.
  • For those of you who were lucky enough to see the Korean horror flick The Host, good news for you. Sci Fi Japan reports The Host 2 is currently being written. A few details are spilled, with the most notable being that the new movie is actually set before the first film. Let’s hope that they don’t fall prey to George Lucas disease.
  • And now for the musical portion of our show. We present to you, via our very own Fred K., the following video mashup of Heroes, set to the tune of ‘Not Dead Yet’ from the play ‘Spamalot’. Enjoy!
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  1. “Our very own”? Hey, where’s my residual check?

    In any case, to make it clear…the mash-up is not my work. It was done by the daughter of a friend (and the friend happens to be the daughter of one SF writer and the wife of another).


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