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Tube Bits For 12/19/2007

  • You know you want one. You know you need one. Fred Barton Productions will build you your very own celebrity robot, for a price. Not only can you purchase Robby the Robot, you can also obtain R2-D2, two flavors of Cylons, and Gort.
  • John Kenneth Muir takes a long look back at the pilot episode of Planet of the Apes. Called “Escape from Tomorrow”, we see that this series uses the age old storyline of a quest, as the astronauts search in each episode for technology to help them return to the past. I vaguely remember this one on TV.
  • Stargate SG-1 may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s stories aren’t finished. Visimag has a short article with Ben Browder about the direct to DVD movie The Ark of Truth, the first of two movies to be released on DVD. Good news for fans, I’m sure.
  • Take a gander, on the Forbidden Planet blog, at the sabre-toothed tiger that will be featured in the new season of ITV’s Primeval. Can any of our British readers tell us whether this series is worth a view? The cat certainly looks good.
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3 Comments on Tube Bits For 12/19/2007

  1. I really enjoyed Primeval. It was fun. Big monsters, action and enough plot to keep me interested.

    I got an image too, number 20 in a set of 50, put them together and make an animated gif… 🙂

  2. Tim Morris // December 19, 2007 at 8:40 am //

    Primeval was excellent. Find the first series (six installments, as I recall), watch it, become really impatient with the damn’ delay in getting series 2 on the air.

    Good effects for television. Excellent,really. It’s becomming difficult to find anything to compare current CGI to that has any relevance – I understand that Primeval was a pricey show, but the effects equal anything you could have seen in a theater 10 years ago and really help sell the premise.

  3. The SF show as a quest is a common theme. Look at the TV version of “Logan’s Run”. Or “Starlost”. Any show with the name “Ark” in it.

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