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Who’s the Best Joker?

In this week’s blue scifi babe poll, some have already requested a little sci-fi beefcake. Perhaps I could interest you in some fruit cake?

Pictures are starting to emerge from the filming of The Dark Knight, in which our caped crusading hero fights the clown prince of crime, The Joker, played by Heath Ledger.

Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the more famous Jokers:

Who’s your favorite…Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill or Heath Ledger?

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203 Comments on Who’s the Best Joker?

  1. Mark Hamill. His rants in Return of the Joker are among the finest Joker renditions in any medium.

  2. Hail Cesar. The rest are shmucks in comparrison

  3. Hmmmm…so far it is Mark Hamill, I’ll reserve judgement on Heath until after the movie comes out.

  4. Anonymous // December 4, 2007 at 8:17 am //

    Mark Hamill is the best. I can’t believe that voice comes out of him.

  5. Cesar all the way – Hamill is darn good, but I hear him reprising Cesar and that says to me that he is bowing to the master. Cesar had insane-evil down.

  6. Cesar is the benchmark of course, but you missed “The Batman”‘s bouncy, antic rendition. Kevin Michael Richardson’s voice work is quite understated, but his Joker seems the most dangerous of the bunch.

  7. I would say Nicholson, but only because I haven’t actually heard or seen any of the others.

    However, I heard in a preview for the new movie a short section where Ledger talks like the Joker and I have to say…it sounds so amazingly awesome…creepy and Jokerish even. I like Ledger, I think he is a great actor, so if he can pull this off and make the Joker so interesting to me I can get past the fact that I hate Christian Bale as Batman, then he may take the top position.

  8. Mark Hamill is the Joker

  9. I think that its a toss up between Hamill and Nicholson for me. I loved Cesar Romero, but it was just as cheesy as the rest of the show. Nicholson put that manic edge the Joker really needed. Hamill offers consistency and shows what he is really capable of. I have seen them all except Heath Ledger and worry that Heath’s version will be a shadow of the other three.

  10. The thing is, I didn’t see all the actors in the Batman TV series as cheesy. Adam West and Burt Ward for sure were as was Burgess Meredeth and Lee Meriwether. But Julie Newmar, Cesar Romero, and Frank Gorshin never came across that way to me.

  11. Frank Gorshin in his skin tight body suit? Not cheesy? I guess we agree to disagree. I never said that I didn’t enjoy the performance, but I felt that others were better representation of the Joker for me.

  12. Matte Lozenge // December 4, 2007 at 5:42 pm //

    Heath Ledger looks like an alcoholic trying to make a few bucks as a street fortune teller.

  13. I didn’t know Heath Ledger played an undead zombie version of the Joker. When did he do that?!?!?

    I assume the Hamil is the cartoon Joker? Does that really count? It’s just voice acting — to paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, he’s not bad, he’s just drawn that way!

    That leaves Joker Classic (Romero) and New Joker (Nicholson). It’s really hard to choose between — they’re both diabolically maniacal! But I guess Joker Classic is slight less evil due to its campiness.

    So the final tally goes to Nicholson!! (H)

  14. Mark Hamill thus far. And of course voice acting counts.

    I expect Ledger to give him a run for his money though.

  15. are you kidding, nicholson is the best joker ever.

  16. it is Heath because he is the most realistic joker out of them all.

  17. First, I think we can all agree that all have their pros and cons. Second, it is difficult to determine who is the best because all emerged at different time periods. (Just as it is difficult to debate whether someone like Barry Bonds was a better baseball hitter than Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth)

    In my personal opinion, I loved Tim Burton and Jack Nicholson’s take on the Joker in the original Batman movie. (all sequels thereafter were crap) But Burton made it dark enough that a large number of us bought into it. And come-on, can you think of anyone better at that time to play the joker?

    NOW, Nolan has given us a totally new spin on “The Dark Knight.” And the way I see it, there couldn’t have been a better name. The first of Nolan’s Batman films was sensational. It was the darkness that we all loved in the Burton films without the “Campiness.” To me, this was the ultimate rendition of the DC Comic. Now in the second installment of the Nolan series, we have Heath Ledger playing the Joker. As many, I was EXTREMELY Skeptic about this casting decision. Nolan had created something so sacred to me, that the choice for the Joker (my favorite villain of all time), HAD TO BE PERFECT! And now, after looking at the trailer, I am ecstatic. Heath still has to pass the test when I go to the release, but he’s passed with flying colors so far. To me, the Joker must be funny, but more important, SCARY. There has to be a reason why he is Batman’s Arch Enemy. Having some clown with a smiley face making jokes isn’t scary. I want to feel scared whitless when he’s on the screen. And to me, Nolan seems to have nailed by using Heath as his medium. I really think that Heath will deliver the edge that the Batman Franchise needs right now.



  18. You know… my favourite joker had always been nicholson, but after seen the dark knight trailer, I’ve changed… health ledger is very good,too. Heath ledger has played a totally different joker… a joker that doesn’t exist in comics… he’s only a psicopath that only smile and kill people, he is ironic, he gets angry fast, and he’s extremely dark…

    But talking about the joker story, Nolan’s joker is really a clown, the real comic’s joker is not a clown… Jack Raipan or Napier as “Red Hood”, falls into chemicals that burn his face… then his skin become white and he become crazy when he sees the changes. In the dark knight he’s a psicopath guy with bad make up, extremely dark as I said before; this gives to the movie a more realist vission of the joker and makes people think that it’s not a so imposible thing to happen….

  19. Lets c, heath ledger…., i never thot of it but it works out perfectly. I mean, joker is a true sadistic psychopath and the other jokers didnt even come close to it, yea matt hamill has the greatest voice to the joker, no question bout it, but u dont get to see matt hamills real movement. He’s just a cartoon. U dont get to c the way Matt thinks. Jack Nicholson was a great, crazy joker. He was funny and still a psycho. But he just didnt do it for me. Thats my opinion tho. He needed more.

    Cesar Romero. the original, classic joker. He had it and he was good, AT HIS TIME tho. Were 2008 now, cum on. He was good, but there was better. I give him props tho.

    Now back to pretty boy, Heath Ledger, I swear man, who know. From my visual her looks just the right guy. The look is great, sketchy, but great. But other people have different styles from me. I mean, by the way he looks as joker. The pic on top, her looks like a crack head wanting someone to play cards with him. But has anyone seen the ” Why so serious?” poster. It was brilliant. man. As joker, he seems, SEEMS, horrifying and semi funny too. Sarcastic, but still a we lil bit funny.

    Hey, im just 14. U can decide to go my way or wat ever way. I dont care. I just saw ” post a comment” thing and started writing. I dont think im for sure right. Im just saying wat i think i know bout joker. so…. ya


  20. I’ve actually never really liked Nicholson’s take on the Joker. It didn’t even really seem like he had a “take”. It was more like he just put the make up on and played himself. And since he’s pretty much played himself in every movie I’ve seen him in, it’s gotten kinda old and obnoxious. I might even go so far as to say that he’s the lowest on my list of Jokers.

    Hamill, on the other hand, has always had that perfect balance of evil/funny/insane in his characterization. I remember when I was introduced to the DCAU, with Mask Of The Phantasm, and the first time someone laughed themselves to death because of the Joker, I was scared off my ass. And then in Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker when he messes with Robin, he gets so much glee out of it and the tone in his voice when he uses it to taunt Batman is about as evil as I’ve heard the character ever get.

    I can’t pass judegement on Heath yet, but from what I’ve seen of the trailer it looks like he’ll do a fine enough job of carrying on the legacy. He’s certainly got the evil/insane bit down, but I worry that maybe he’ll pull it off a just a tad too dark. What I love about the Joker is that I actually LIKE him. Hamill’s version is just so FUN and funny that you can’t help but want more of him, but at the same time you wouldn’t want to be caught in the same room as him for fear of being murdered when you least expect it.

  21. Ceaser was the first…but he didn’t have that phycotic side that a character like the joker needs.

    Hamill played a great joker…but he didn’t really stand out.

    Ledger, from the looks of it can play a nasty joker…but he dosent have what a joker needs.

    If i had to pick the joker it would be Jack all the way. he has a twisted side that cant be repeated.

  22. Which joker played by a dead actor or actor with a dead career is your favorite?

    BTW, Jack Nicholason doesn’t count — neither he nor his career is dead…

  23. Ellie and Kelly // February 14, 2008 at 10:56 pm //

    We love Heath Ledger dont diss him!

    he is an awsum actor probably better than what you’ll ever be!

    ♥ Kelly and Ellie

  24. Anonymous // March 11, 2008 at 4:09 am //

    Hamill’s Joker all the way. Depending on the story he could make Joker insane, funny, or just plain evil. Plus his laugh is THE Joker laugh, the mad cackle of man that has gone completely off the deep end and enjoys the pain and suffering of others.

  25. Derrickson // March 14, 2008 at 3:11 am //

    Come on now…jack wasnt that good…he doenst fit joker at all…Heath pulled it off just from the previews 😛 but i think the guy from hanibel rising would make a better joker…he looks just like the cartoon

  26. some of you are retarded you really dont understand the story the joker, he is an insane-sadistic-clown with zero empathy and his jokes are scary….Heath Leadger is the only joker i see up there

  27. Anonymous // June 23, 2008 at 2:17 pm //

    Nobody can show the joker’s madness and humor like Hamill.

  28. Joker4life // June 23, 2008 at 6:59 pm //

    Mark Hamill IS the true Joker and no one can be compare to him as the Joker… However, The new Joker, Ledger, seems … Amazingly INSANE ! I think he will show us an even more cruel personality of the Joker and that’s really awesome…Can’t wait to see the movie !

  29. I totally agree with the long winded ‘true joker fan’; personally while I was reading all the other comments, I was truly surprised by all the negativity and negative comments by some people about the actors, come on now, given the time that they performed, they were probably the best choices at the time. And given the time, technology, and audience that these actors had to work with, I think they all did (and hopefully will do) a damn good job.

    And like most products and producers, you have to conform your final product to the audience range, and you can see how the edginess, creepiness,and a lot of other components that make up the joker have changed for the times.

    :-@ (haha)

    The Mark Hamill voice was awesome, and jack nicholson as the joker was a really good choice (HE’S INSANE enough anyways), I can never look at him without thinking back to the movie.

    Now to Heath (I have not seen the Cesar original), his costume (depending on how he works with it) can either create a real modern edge and almost ‘shark like’ presence, at least from the pictures I’ve seen, he’s been doing well with that. I’m hoping this version is scarier and edgier than the more cartoony versions of the past.

    CAN’T W8 FOR JULY 18!!!:D:D

    Second in long winded-ness (hope u don’t mind me stealing the half title),


  30. C’est exelent ! Je suis content vraiment copntent ! ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha !

    La petite merveille de la nature que voilà je suis de plus en plus remonté ! je ne vais pas tarder à claquer ! Zut Zut ! :-@ :-@ :-@ :-@ :-@ :-@

  31. loveharleyquinn // July 4, 2008 at 11:11 am //

    Jack Nicholson is a classical joker just like cesar romero. mark hammil is a littlebit more crazy than romero and nicholson and heath ledger is totally mad and crazy but heath ledger is a good actor.

    but i most vote for jack nicholson

  32. eppydude // July 18, 2008 at 12:56 pm //

    Sadly, i think people are giving ledger more credit because of his death.

    There are only 2 choices for me, Nicholson or Hammil. Which is a hard decision.

    Hammil wins by a hair for turning an animated series, creepy and scary.

  33. HEATH!!! best ever not only that but sooo uniqe as well (6:-@

  34. Well, I haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet, but by the looks of the trailer, Ledger looks like the most realistic Joker so far, Jack Nicholson lived up to the comic books, Hamill, had the best laugh ever out of all of them, Ceser gave the image to America.

    It’s a hard decision to make, but I choose Heath Ledger, because, that Joker, looks freaky enough to believe, and that’s what I want.

  35. I’m going with Jack even though Mark Hamill is really good as well.

    I also think that people should judge fairly and not automatically praise Ledger just because he is dead. Please.

  36. Have the people who are assuming pity-praise for Ledger seen The Dark Knight, which opened this weekend? I have, and Ledger’s performance was outstanding. It was played exactly as it needed to played, which was essential to making the film work. His death didn’t make his performance seem “better”. It might add tragedy to the real world event of his death, but his performance can easily be judged separately. Why assume that the accolades are not genuine?

  37. Hideharu // July 19, 2008 at 8:00 pm //

    Heath Ledger by far, no question about it. Jack Nicholson was my favorite for a long time until I saw the Dark Knight. The new Joker was the most sadistic, insane, and just plain funniest ever. I’m all for the dark humor and he never seemed to run out.

  38. i could say that, none of the classic villain as list here is the exact joker as what it the joker should be.

    The joker is’nt scary and not dark enough for chilled my bones, but praised to the new joker, Heath, his dead doesnt mean that im giving this credit to him.

    all folk, pls spend your time to watch first the dark knight, and let the movie speak. less crappy funny, more dark, pscho, evil and dark sarcastic.hail true joker.( not mention bout the look, it was madness, and its really darkish evil)

  39. heath then mark hamill

  40. Heath is the best, and its not becase he is dead, is intrerpretation was really amazing….a psicopat clown who only kills for fun….thats my idea for the joker

  41. Heath is the best, and its not becase he is dead, is intrerpretation was really amazing….a psicopat clown who only kills for fun….thats my idea for the joker

  42. Anonymous // July 20, 2008 at 4:44 pm //

    heath ladger kills them all put together :-@

  43. THE REAL JOKER // July 20, 2008 at 9:33 pm //

    The best joker all time is Cesar Romero!!!!!

    The best penguin Dany De Vito!!!!

    The best Batman Val Kilmer

  44. bent_up85 // July 20, 2008 at 10:51 pm //


    ceasar was classic campy.

    Jack was 80’s comedy gold.

    I was raised on Hamill’s voice.

    But this is 2008 and we needed a joker as desensatized to violance as we are.

    the disapearing pencil trick in TDK that was the clincher

    Heath ledger is the best so far…

    enough said.

  45. THE JOKER'S DICK! // July 21, 2008 at 1:40 am //


  46. Heath is the best.. you really feel the goosebump watching him.

    his joker is not professional or evil or even funny. He is just psycho.

    there is no basic sense/ reason for the joker to be evil. it’s just he is evil. true evil.

    great job heath.. it is amazing…

    i really think this dark knight movie is all focus on joker, because of you.

  47. Anonymous // July 21, 2008 at 1:12 pm //

    if you dont think heath is the best your an artard he slaughtered the rest.

  48. Hammil had an unfair advantage, him being animated and all. But you can not beat him.

    As far as non animated, as much as I hate to say it, it is ledger hands down. He was the best actor in what could possibly be called (based on statistics) the greatest movie ever.

  49. Bruce Wayne // July 21, 2008 at 10:53 pm //

    Guess what? Heath Ledger was the best. The writers of the “Dark Knight” WROTE a better Joker. Heath PLAYED a better Joker. The movie was better than any other batman interpretation ever. The animated series is a close second. I liked Hamill’s voice but Ledger FTW.

  50. Zidanekaka // July 22, 2008 at 9:43 am //


    I think many of you take Heath as the best is jus b’coz u’re giving too much credit on his death. I myself gives him credit coz he sadly died. He played the Joker well enuf to be okay. BUTTTTTT, all 3 Jokers and i’m talking bout Cesar,Jack and Heath could not pull off The Joker’s signature.

    Listen here, I read a lot on all of your comments and i agree with many.BUTTT, The Joker is a character which is noisy,fun yet deadly. Which means his laugh MUST be freaky then it scares people to death. The Joker laughs. His laugh IS HIS SIGNATURE move. And noone in the world past,present or future can play HIS LAUGH as perfect as the only person none other than MARK HAMILL!

    Heath is too dark and only laughs a bit at times. Jack and Cesar is too old fashion. But all 3 played well. Only Mark Hamill stands out. The Joker cartoon is evil (he changed Tim as Robin!!) and tortures.

    His laugh itself drives people nuts!!!

    ONLY Mark Hamill can play his voice.

    His voice IS The Joker’s voice.

  51. Heath Ledger is the best by a long shot. The dark Knight was the best Batman movie in history and he played the best joker. Sure he wasnt as funny or didnt crack as many jokes, but he was scary as hell and was all around a better joker R.I.P

  52. The Crimson Spork // July 23, 2008 at 12:08 am //

    I have to give Mark Hamill’s version credit with Nicholson a close second. Hamill loved his work, and God, does it show! His most memorable laugh for me is in “Return of the Joker” where Batman finally sees what has happened to Robin and the Joker begins to laugh, low and slowly, gradually building up to that manic tidal wave of frenzied cackling. He finally hit Batman where it hurt most and oh, how he loves it! Just the way he builds up from that initial laugh as the Joker savors his victory…an excellent portrayal of menace and madness.

    If I go see “Dark Knight,” I’ll keep an open mind on Ledger’s performance, but still, props to the former Jedi.

  53. who votes for a cartoon? who cares about the guys voice, if you want artwork read the comic book.Jack is number one fallowed by heath. the rest are nothing, the comic book boys are far better than cesar some ancient wanna be joker, and hamill a cartoon. jack and heath are the closest things to the good joker comics.and if you voted hamill, what is wrong with you are you five. “oh he has an evil laugh” no hamill is garbage

  54. jack and then heath. cesar gets props for being from a long time ago. and hamill is garbage, i hope batman beat him up pooped on his chest and slept with his girlfriend….he looks like a child molester i mean who drew that cartoon its awfull. i hate hamill for being a loser and a fake.

  55. Anonymous // July 23, 2008 at 3:02 am //

    did i mention that hamill really sucks.or that if you voted for him a heath leadger version of the joker should stomp on your cat and dump in your wheaties, then blow your car up while your girlfreind is inside thinking about the good time she had with the jack nichlson joker last night.dont vote hamill or ill spray acid on your face like a real joker not like that two time loser hamill,whos teeth are way too big.what a loser i hate him and his cartoon character

  56. Anonymous // July 23, 2008 at 4:41 am //

    Heath ddi an amazing job in the dark knight

    Mark Hamill also does a vry good job

    and Jack was good too

  57. Zidanekaka // July 23, 2008 at 8:22 am //

    Yo dude, The Joker’s signature is his laugh. U tell me, can Heath or Jack laugh like that? i admit all the Jokers played well, heath as well but did he laugh like The Joker should be laughing? cartoon or not, it is still the Joker. Can they laugh like that? a laugh that is contagious and scary.. can they laugh? IN the movie, says Let’s put a smile on that face. Mark Hamill puts that smile on my face and yet he kills. NOw that is scary.Who votes for a cartoon? dude,read the comments up there man. they do. He is The Real Joker.

  58. Heath Ledger no doubt. he was amazing..its a shame he passed away. but that was a spectacular performance. mark hammil was really good tho

  59. I Agree With Vidy..

    Ledger All The Way.

    Disagree? Just Go See the Dark Knight.

    The Dark Knight Is A Movie That Would Make You Go.. ‘woahh. :O’

  60. its a tie between heath ledger and jack nicholson they both were really good:D

  61. First of all…I’m a huge starwars fan so anything Mark Hamil does is great…but he’s only voice-acting…

    I dont like Cesar at all because the old shows are just way too cheesey for me.

    I grew up on Jack-0 as the Joker and he scared the crap out of me…he was insane and flat out creepy, so up until TDK he was the best by far.

    now that I’ve seen Heaths rendition of the Joker…my thoughts have changed. first things first…his voice was flat out psychotic! and what was with him licking his lips all the time?! that added a whole new level of crazy to his performance. he was extremely violent! which makes for a great villian.

    all in all…its a close race between Jack and Heath…

  62. Heath Ledger was good as the Joker, but the lines were crap. Jack Nicholson had the lines but wasn’t as sadistic.

    Now, Cesar was a campy Joker. If you could combine, Nicholson’s Joker with Ledger’s sadistic Joker, Perfect.

    I would like to hear the line “Hey Batsy, standing there looking like you have pie on your face [laughs] waiting for the punchline are we? [hits batman]”

  63. I would like to add Cesar’s “Clown Prince of Crime” was the joke. A very very bad one with a terrible punchline.

  64. Ledger is by far the best, don’t say that I am just saying it cause I feel sorry cause honestly I didn’t know he died until after I watched the movie and I came from the theater amazed by his performance. Also for all you who say he isn’t funny, he is quite funny…but you hae to have a dark sense of humor which makes it perfect, you don’t want a bad guy making you laugh cause he made a joke about a mime, you want him to be twisted, insane, and mentality unstable. To me Ledger pulls it off the best, and I really can’t think of any human that could have done it one ounce better.

  65. Banana face // July 27, 2008 at 3:32 pm //

    OK all of them are great but in their own movies if you put Jack in the dark knight he surelly would of made it much much better than Ledger, most of the people say Ledger is the best because he died and people are sorry for him but the real and best JOKER of all is Jack,because when you see his face as the joker you can see that he is a psyco and the laugh is simply out standing. The best JOKER ever Jack Nicholson.

  66. dude. jack wasnt even scary. it was pitifull the guy was one of those cheesy actors. above all he is a freaking comidy guy not a phsycopath. heath locked himself in his own room for 30 days. heath play a phsycotic joker that was scary and had good punch lines that and actual phsycopath would have. heath just blows ever joker out of the water. hell even jack said he was a better joker

  67. Banana face // July 27, 2008 at 6:41 pm //

    I know all that but if Jack would of had those line and would have been in that movie he would of done a better job than ledger thats was what i was trying to say in my last post.

  68. Heath Ledger is BY FAR the best joker if you are over 13 years old. All the other Batman movies blew chunks and corny as hell. I actually loved this Dark Knight movie and I am not even a big super hero movie fan. Heath brought the Joker out of the comic book and showed us what he would have been real.

  69. Rolando // July 29, 2008 at 3:26 am //

    It isn’t because heath is death, his joker is the best so far, cuz you feel that it could be a damaged psychopat like him for real, i seriously doubt that nicholson would have done a better joker in TDK (i have seen many movies of him,being myfavorite the shining and since i was kid i never liked his joker because it seemed to be very stupid, and the same that jack torrance with make up), and i think that you give more credit toJAck because of his big name

  70. Anonymous // July 29, 2008 at 3:13 pm //

    This shouldnt even be a convo OBVIOUSELLY Heath, no body else deleivered the performance. No body, his role in the dark knight will go down as one of the greatest performances ever.

  71. Anonymous // July 29, 2008 at 3:26 pm //

    of course it has to Heath i tried watching the batman with jack nicholson and i almost fell asleep but then i went to go see the dark knight and i was scared shitless because of how well heath played the role.

    R.I.P. Heath Ledge

  72. mikehanus // July 29, 2008 at 3:44 pm //

    heath ledger’s joker is seriously the best joker out of all of them. BUT, i will admit they were all pretty good. minus ceaser, but i never really watched the old batman stuff. it was alittle too lame. anyway, jacks performance in Batman was as good as they come. but they stretched the character too much, they turned him from deranged psychopath to your typical mobster turned white faced mobster. The difference between heath’s and jacks is that heaths is straight out of the comic book. the joker never had a real name, nor a real job, and he didnt even have a rock solid origin. he was just THERE. he came out of nowhere with no reasons or anything. batman fought crime, the joker fought batman. thats how it was. and thats how the dark knight is. jacks joker had too much intro and not enough joker. mark hamil’s joker was just kinda cool i thought, like, evil but still suitable for kids. im a fan of all, but heaths joker will never, EVER be able to be beaten. its useless for anyone to ever try again.

  73. How were people on this topic proclaiming Heath Ledger the best before the full movie even came out? Now tell me that is not biased.


  74. heath, all the way! no way does any of the others compare, not even close. if you saw the dark knight then you know how sadistic, evil, scary, and funny heath ledgers joker actually was. and why is hamill even a choice? i mean i liked the animated series but it was a cartoon. hamill just did the voice. the others did a performance. and lets face facts hamills voice was a little annoying.

  75. I think we all need to go back to elementary school to remember the basics!!!! I’m sorry if your a fan, dissing the other jokers just shows that they did do a good job but that your bias towards somebody else so you put the other jokers down… I am seriously probably the biggest batman fan in the house…..and when the dark knight came out, it made me the biggest joker fan!! lol Jack Nickolson’s joker role in the first one really set the pace for the rest of the jokers……in 1989 i was 2 years old so when i did see it, he was the best joker for me at that time….19 years later being the batman fan that i am..go to watch the dark knight and am so freaking amazed by the heath ledgers joker performance that i completely forgot about BATMAN….thats crazy….i think my favorite overall is a toss up between jack and heath, but pound for pound i think heath was a little better cuz he didn’t sweat batman one bit, he was getting his ass beat in jail and was laughing at batman…now that shits crazy and the fact that his laugh was so pychopath like, and he was young and everything are only a little to add to his performance…heath ledger has my vote!!!!!!!!!:-@

  76. Anonymous // August 3, 2008 at 12:33 am //

    any of you who say voice acting is better, or that Cesar Romero’s cheesy joker were better, just shut up. Now we get to Nicholson. his rendition of the joker was amazing and original but fell short. i mean, he tried to be too funny. he was like oh whatever, lets paint on museum art, or have flowers that shoot acid. he wasnt truly psychotic like heaths version. i mean we are talking about a guy who locked himself in his hotel for a month to better understand his role. and he played it like a genius. Heath ledger WAS the better joker and will ALWAYS be the best.

    RIP heath ledger

  77. Heath sin duda, es el mas realista, oscuro y apasionante.

    piensen que los otros son guasones por caerse en un acido no?

    Pero este es mas bien como un superdotado, el master del crimen, penso, por ejemplo, el asalto a un banco con varios hombres y les ordeno a cada uno que mate a otro. Pero para que el ultimo no se de cuenta y escape con el dinero lo reemplazo él. Y nadie lo sospecho.

    Ademas su historia no es de un acidito… segun parece hay dos teorias:

    1. cuando el era niño, su padre ebrio maltrato a la madre del joker y, al niño asustado le introdujo una navaja en la boca y le abrio los dos lados como si fuera una sonrisa.

    2. Pasa lo mismo pero el mismo se lo hace por amor a su esposa que sufria.:D

  78. Heath sin duda, es el mas realista, oscuro y apasionante.

    piensen que los otros son guasones por caerse en un acido no?

    Pero este es mas bien como un superdotado, el master del crimen, penso, por ejemplo, el asalto a un banco con varios hombres y les ordeno a cada uno que mate a otro. Pero para que el ultimo no se de cuenta y escape con el dinero lo reemplazo él. Y nadie lo sospecho.

    Ademas su historia no es de un acidito… segun parece hay dos teorias:

    1. cuando el era niño, su padre ebrio maltrato a la madre del joker y, al niño asustado le introdujo una navaja en la boca y le abrio los dos lados como si fuera una sonrisa.

    2. Pasa lo mismo pero el mismo se lo hace por amor a su esposa que sufria.:D

  79. Charlotte // August 3, 2008 at 7:57 pm //

    Nicolson and Ledger – Break even

  80. heaths joker easily, i know people are saying he isnt because he cant do the laugh, but when you hear him laugh in the film, it is quite disturbing even if he only does it two or three times. heaths joker was amazing on every level, you knew everytime he was on the screen that something bad was going to happen, it gave me goosebumps watching his performance and that performance alone could have made him hollywoods leading actor, his voice, his movements everything he did, and he was also very very funny. its such a shame he had to die just shortly after giving us a truly special performance and character

  81. They are all good in their own damn ways.

  82. oh my god…dark knightz Joker Rocks the mozt man… from the laugh… the psyco path action….face..the voice…. he rocks all the way…

  83. heath ledger kicked ass in the dark knight! he took hold of the part and mastered it… mark hamill is also awesome but my fav by far was heath

  84. So. i bet all you guys that talked bad about heath ledger as the joker feel like a bunch of dumb asses huh? Its obvious after his performance that he is the best yet by far. None of them other guys can hold a candle to him. And as for making fun of his makeup? really guys? is that what u all stoop down to on here? Its about performance, not looks. Altough, i personally thought that the makeup was also the best yet.

  85. Anonymous // August 6, 2008 at 3:44 am //

    I understand the nostalgia of the first screen villan, Romero, but there’s also room for something different. Hamill’s Laugh was definately the Joker, but remember, he was just a cartoon; a voice of the Joker. I completely agree to the fact of having the Joker stay true to the comics; that itself earns Nicholson points. What I don’t like about Nicholson as the Joker is that you know it’s him underneath that makeup. Also, he really doesn’t possess the laugh the Joker should have. Watch every movie (and cartoon) with all the Jokers and compare their laughs. Now, I having already seen The Dark Knight, can say Ledger does a great job. He doesn’t stay true to the comics completely, but remember there’s always room for something different. The realistic approach Nolan and Ledger took was brilliant (the laugh superb, by the way) and the fact that I had to be told that it was Heath Ledger as the Joker; I had no idea it was him at first. All in all, you shouldn’t define which Joker is best because they all bring something different, but hey, you can have a favorite, but that doesn’t mean everybody has to share it.

  86. Anonymous // August 6, 2008 at 7:40 pm //

    heath ledger is joker

  87. Anonymous // August 6, 2008 at 10:22 pm //

    I saw that a lot of people were saying we just liked Heath because he died and we feel sorry. Well, that is just simply not true. I don’t mean to be insenstive but, to tell the truth i didnt feel any different when i found out heath died and still i think he was the best joker ever there is no way even if you did put jack in the film that he would do better. It was like heath ledger wasnt actually in the movie. He was the joker i dont know about ceaser i never watched any of that but mark was good too but he didnt have to do the actual role all he had to do was talk that doesnt take nearly as much talent

  88. Anonymous // August 7, 2008 at 7:33 pm //

    JACK NICHOLSON is the best joker ever

  89. redbeardrob // August 10, 2008 at 4:31 am //

    i grew up with romero, grew up even more with nicholson and hammill, but when the first photos of the ledger’s joker was released, the world trembled. romero did a great job, but he refused to shave his mustache. what a douche, talk about dedication to the craft of acting. nicholson, well, he already has the devilish smile, what’s with the prosthetic smile? did he even really need it? even as a kid it looked too fake for me. hammill nailed the voice and the laugh, but did he really add anything else? ledger… the epitome of the sadistic, anarchist, psycho that we all recognize as the joker. he captured everything we expected to see, yet added so much more. it was a totally different character that we’re not used to. his predecessors captured the charismatic crook that we all love, but he completely transposed the character through a lens that we have never seen before. that is what makes him the best. there is absolutely no resemblance of the former actors in ledger’s performance, nearly everything he brought to the character was new or different…his hackle, his growl, his wardrobe, his creepy tongue. hands down, conversation over.

  90. Mark Hamill captures the esscence of the joker incredibly well, his voice anyway!! Jack Nicholson Manges to grasp the his violent side a little too. Romero portrayed the character’s theatrical nature. As far as Heath Ledger’s concerned, I believe although he was interesting to watch and seemed to understand the character well, the execution of playing him was not as “amazing” as everyone is making out.

    All the way through the film (which I have seen 4 times now) I never get the impression that he is the criminal from the comic books. I even think that Mark Hamills version – although intended for kids, was a more acurate portrayal. If anyone has seen the inspiration for the character – The Man Who Laughs, they would actually see what Bob Kane and his accomplises meant the character to be like by simply looking at that character. Unfortunaetly, apart from being unpleasant and violent, there was no major reference how insane the joker really was – Oh apart from his smacking his lips and the way he talked.

    HOWEVER !! The one part in the movie which was excellent was where he was convincing Two-Face to cause a little anarchy. That scene where he was sat in the nuses outfit was genius and that bizzare situation encaptured the whole point of what the Joker is about. He causes chaos, death and does exactly what he wants to do, not purely because he can merely benefit from it, but with his twisted sense of humour – He finds it funny and that did not  really show throughout the film.

    If only Hamill could have portrayed him in a film?? Think of the possibilities.


  91. Hmmm… Just because someone dies it doesn’t magically make them a better actor in there last performance… Either they did the role justice or they didn’t and Heath Ledger’s portrayal was pure genius!!! I mean the Joker isn’t Mr Bean after all… He may make jokes but they’re always kinda creepy and sadistic or whilst he’s killing someone or he will kill someone in a way that is funny but its all ultimately for his own amusement and twisted humour… And I for one  believe Heath Ledger captures that beautifully without going overboard… Anyway when all is said and done it doesn’t matter who’s better (Different strokes for different folks  and all that jazz)what does in my opinion though some may disagree is whether he did a great job and he did and then some…  And he and his obvious talent will be sorely and greatly missed…

  92. heath ledger by faaarrr the best of all time so far he has the look the jokes the akshon and the smiel

    r.i.p heath ledger

  93. Hmmm….I’ve seen them all and I’d have to say that I really enjoyed Heath Ledger’s joker. There was no method to his madness. That’s what was so great. In the case of Jack Nicholson, you were given the reason why he was mad, and that’s the problem with Tim Burton. He always has to give a back story. And that’s why he ruined Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    But in this case, Heath Ledger was truly mad! Of course there’s something great about Mark Hammil’s voice and Jack Nicholson was very memorable, I still can’t get enough of Heath Ledger’s meaningless madness. The joker never had a reason for being insane. He just was.

  94. MillerRules // August 12, 2008 at 6:50 pm //

    I still haven’t decided between Nicholson & Ledger. Nicholson gets the Joker on one level–the humor and the wit–while Ledger gets him on another–the eccentric terrorist who will do anything and stop at nothing. Any gaps in Nicholson or Ledger’s performances should be blamed on the directors of the movie, not of the actors. Burton & Nolan both have very clear ideas of what they want… Anyway, those two are amazing jokers. The other two are laughable (no pun intended). You guys arguing for Caesar or Hamill are retarded.

    Hamill’s Joker was not diabloical enough. Good voice, but too safe…too geared toward the kiddies. As for Casear, the old Batman show was a joke. It was only good because that’s all the “Batman” there was on TV back then. Short of that, it’s pure camp. That includes Adam West, and it includes the show’s Joker, which was completely lame. End of debate, they’re not even close.

    And don’t bring up “what Bob Kane intended,” for crying out loud. Things have changed since the 30s and Kane intended a darker Dark Knight than the 50’s allowed, so the point is completely moot. Go read/watch some Batman arcs after the 70’s. Much more on point.

  95. Svart Lotus // August 16, 2008 at 3:42 am //

    Heath Ledger, without doubt.

  96. da_villain22 // August 22, 2008 at 4:53 am //

    mark hamill had the best laugh and voice….cesar is the origional but 2 clownish rather than dark clownish tho…jack had the look and was the prototype and heath had created a realistic joker, more dark but bright…..fresh, but dirty and raw..and creepy as hell….

  97. Anonymous // August 26, 2008 at 11:44 am //







  98. Heath ledger. No acceptions. Jack was more formal, like with out his makeup on, you can tell he’s the joker. But that’s wot i DON’T like. So, Cesar now looks like a pug, and jacks got one heck of a creepy smile, never heard of hamill, but over all, heath ROX!! Ok, cesar, freak, jack, clown, not a villan, heath (ROX), freak, (in a creepy aweswome way) villan rather than clown, and!!! has got the voice. Besides, heaths just a freak scavenger looking for trouble, and i am and not giving him credit coz hes dead. I bet one reason why everyone loves him so much is the pencil trick. Think about it; what has cesar and jack done anything like that? Next in line, i jack. Definatly. totally oppisite to what i said bad about him, but i think that he was the ultimate. No better than heath. he was more plain, and evil than cesar. (Exept heath is so much more evil.)


    You are all wrong! Adrien Brody would be the Joker we all want to see since Alan Moores and Brian Bollands “The Killing Joke”.

    Heath played just a good role but not “The Joker”.


    You are all wrong! Adrien Brody would be the Joker we all want to see since Alan Moores and Brian Bollands “The Killing Joke”.

    Heath played just a good role but not “The Joker”.

  101. I think Heath is the best coz i his scars & voice like a devil!!! (laugh)

  102. watch Dark knight even only once!!! u will see how scary heath is!!!

  103. Ahem. Hamill.



  104. i love the joker but i think they are all uniqe in different ways but i always looked up to jack nicholson

  105. Heath Ledger!!!!!!

    Heath Ledger brought the Dark Knight Joker out of the comics and into the real world. He displayed a TRUE psychopath. His laugh is haunting. He is very humorous. Heath brought Joker to a new and better level. The movement, tounge twitches. His voice fit the whole feeling very well. Everything he did was all part of the “plan”. He showed no feelings for humans and only brought CHAOS. He wooped Batman, until Batman used one of his weapons. In the end Joker still won. He was truely psychotic but very funny at the same time. I couldn’t see Heath playing Joker, but Joker playing Joker. Check out the “Hit Me!” Scene, where he tries to take Batman’s mask off, haha.

    Jack Nicholson played a good joker too, almost true to the original comics. However like some has said, it was basically Jack N. putting make up on. He basically plays comedy roles all the time, which is why he was chosen for the role. He acted nearly the same as his other roles, or just him being himself. He did not challenge himself too well. His laugh was good, but it wasn’t enough for me. This Joker version did do some wrong things apart from the comic. This Joker played TOO many pranks, even when fighting Batman, he was not too smart or a good fighter like Joker suppose to be. He even showed human feelings, which Joker is not suppose to have.(Hence the sense where the girl goes down on him and he pauses.)

    I’ve never seen Ceaser’s version. However judging from what I’ve read on the role, it couldn’t match up to the other two.

    I will not count Hamil’s role entirely because he had only “acted” in the cartoons, but never “acted” in live action. It would not be fair to put him in this because the other 3 actually “showed” acting instead of behind an artistic animation. Voice acting is acting, but it would not be fair to compare to actors that do voice acting and physical acting at the same time as well. Though Hamil’s voice was great. Especially his laughing.

  106. I say Jack Nicholson, I wasnt too impressed with Heath, of course everyone is raving about how good his joker was, but they would wouldnt they, seeing as he sadly passed away. 

    Heath was a good actor, but I just didnt like his version of the joker, jack was great.

  107. It doesnt matter // September 9, 2008 at 7:20 pm //

    u r the dumbest person ever if u dont pick heath ledger   he was the best joker

    disagree?     to bad  because he is




    Anyway the best?

    Okay the winner based on the laugh is Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill. No comic book and no actor so far can get a Joker laugh like him. Brilliant Heath’s movie was dark so teenage trash are like “STFU HEATH MAN BRO” with total ignorance. Jack was good but the script wasn’t good enough and he still didn’t get that laugh and fun.

    The Mark Hamill one though? Wow? Perfect. He was suitable for kids, scary at the same time, just perfect. He had that scary yet charismatic feel to him. He seemed to just have fun with the crimes just enjoying them all so much. The voice? Damn it was good with Mark Hamill.

    Anyway my rankings

    1) Mark Hamill

    2) Jack Nicholson

    3) Heath Ledger

    All 3 were great and you gotta respect them in their own way but Mark Hamill just embraced exactly what Joker is.

  109. Thanks Dave, as you can see I also wasnt too keen on heath and got slated for it above. I got told I’m dumb for merely stating my own opinion, isnt that what makes life interesting for god sake? A good argument! I agree, hamills laugh was great, my fave joker though was jack.

  110. Alex Palladino // September 23, 2008 at 7:45 pm //

    Who was the best joker you ask? Well my opinion is Heath Ledger. I mean I thought he was alright, but he was amazing. No wait. He was better than amazing. He was off the charts. I gotta give him credit. He was real good. And what happened? He went and killed himself by accident.

  111. i’m a big fan of jack, and as an actor i prefer him on heath. but when it comes to the joker role i must admit heath was way way better.

  112. Anonymous // October 21, 2008 at 7:12 pm //

    take a look at heath ledger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    he will never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  113. Anonymous // October 21, 2008 at 7:17 pm //






  114. Hard choice but Jack and Heath both do an amzing job.  Jack is just histerical and Ledger is sometimes funny but also scary sometimes. So its hard to compare both of them.

  115. Heath Ledger has shown us a Joker we never saw before.

    The most realistic, sadistic, criminal, insane joker ever.

    He brought a whole new meaning to the joker.

    I agree it’s hard to compare Jack to Heath because of the difference in the movies.

    Batman was meant for all ages and therefore had a lot of humor in it.

    The dark knight is an adult film and is deadly serieus. (It’s a bit over the edge for lil kids wont ya say??)

    Still I have to say Ledger is my favorite.




  116. Mark Hamill 100%

    His voice was perfect. ScAry and CrEePY and everything else along the way.

    even though he only used his voice audition, the cartoon character came out of the screen when he spoke. He always had an awesome performance in everything he ever did as the Joker.

    The other actors were greatt too…but I believe that Mark Hamill (hmm how do I say this)…made the Joker character come to life. (as if he were a real person)



  117. I think it has to be heath ledger, the others were good but to me ledger plays the joker the way he should be played. . . . fucked up!! And the pencil trick, brilliant!

  118. Mark Hamill, no contest. (actually, quite a contest, Mark Hamill still wins though.)

  119. they all rule but heath ledger was aswome!

  120. I remember being like eight when batman came out. It was a cool movie and i loved it. I am a lot older now and movies do not stir me like before. Until I saw TDK. Definitely not for eight year olds. The Joker made my skin crawl. It has been such a long time since I saw a really good villain. I honestly thought of the joker as less dangerous. Now I can’t take my mind off how sadistic he is!! Heath gets my vote on this one. I dare say he made TDK spectacular. Had he not passed i would not be surprised of they made a spin off like they are doing with Wolverine and Magneto. What a shame, at least we will always have the joker.

  121. Everyone should know Jack was the man at this role, I saw “Dark Knight” and basically it was garbage like the first one only longer.  Jack with Burton was a classic combination and Michael Keaton MADE Batman in the first two.  Heath had the best part in “Dark Knight” but it was not really that captivating like Jack who like the joker of comics played a more cynical part in joking way. 


  122. Heath Ledger by far

  123. People from Argentina // December 31, 2008 at 11:22 am //

    Heath Ledger is the best!!

  124. Night Wing Rulz // December 31, 2008 at 8:06 pm //

    Jack was good, Caesar was funny, and Heath was Amazing, but beyong a shadow of a doubt the all time joker is Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill.

    The greatest line Hamill ever did on the show

    “Remember Doc, it’s not the fall that gets you, it’s the sudden stop!”

    The Dark Knight was good, but a little over the top performance by Bale but ledger was awesome.

    Best Heath Line

    “Never start with the head the victim gets all, fuzzy!

    Hey eight year old dumb ass, Burton’s version sucked. At least Batman Begins started off with the original type of Batman symbol. Buy a clue ASSCLOWN!!!

  125. If anyone likes the comics please read “A death in the family” which has the death of robin (Jason Todd), thats a pretty fucked up joker!! he was so evil, and then he gets made a political figure…..

  126. John Smith // January 4, 2009 at 10:31 pm //

    Ledger is the best by a mile.  Though I don’t think he is a joker. I have never seen Romero so but my dad told me he has a great laugh. I prefer Ledger’s darkness, no bullshit and scars story to Nicholson’s throwing money into crowds and dancing with Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend. And Mark Hamil sucks as. Ledger was in a great movie and was the star. Never mind Bale and Caine. Why So Serious?

  127. John Smith // January 4, 2009 at 10:39 pm //

    Oh and by the way, I loved it when Ledger came up to 2 face in the hospital, dressed as a nurse and said


    Some other lines i liked were when 2 face had the gun to his head and said the u live, u die and the Joker said “Now we’re talking.” and when Joker was in the room at the cop place and Batman was considering breaking his one rule and Joker said “You have nothing to threaten me with.” and the loker walking out of the hospital. You think he’s blown up the hospital, then he DOES blow up the hospital.

  128. John Smith // January 4, 2009 at 10:42 pm //

    Ledger’s pencil trick. 5 stars

  129. Nicholson is AWESOM – O

  130. Jack Nicholson was always the best, Heath Leger was really good but he was a bit too quiet and not colorfull enough, and used  a grimace intead of a smile. But Jack had it all, the smile, the laugh and clever trics, such as the heat buzzer.

    I don’t include Mark Hamill because he was a Cartoon and thats just using voice.

    DO NOT vote for Mark or Cesar

  131. Anonymous // January 11, 2009 at 4:31 am //

    ok this is crazy Heath leger is the greatest joker i have ever seen he did everything do to a T not one time doing that holy movie i wan’t saying to myself that cant be Heath leger under all that makeup that man put hes soul into that joker and he had to pay the for how great a job he did in the end its sad but ture u can like the other but hes the only one that can put fear into ur hearts if that was real life and u cant said u wont be a feared when u think about Heath leger as the joker. come on he scared himslef into death thats a great joker right there

  132. Thats an interesting comment in the last post but I still go with what I said in my last post.

    I will admitt Heath Leger was briliant the fact that he scared himself into death was another reason that I liked Jack better because if you can do a fantastic job and not scare your self to death, tha shows your more prepared to do the role and that shows skill, so I disagree but it very good comment none the less.

  133. Why is no one saying the obvious? People know that they Like Heath. They are only saying ‘Jack,’ or ‘Cesar’, or ‘hamill’, because they grew up with these jokers and thought they were great untill they saw the ozzie on screen and thought he was the sun in the sky but are still say they like other 3 freaks because they don’t want to let their childhood superstars down. Well, you bloggers are saying that everyone is giving credit to Heath coz he’s dead. And then, you’re all saying that giving credit to an actor because he’s dead doesn’t make a really good actor that portrayals a character in a HUGE film that’s not in a area of his experties… You aren’t giving credit to Heath, you’re giving credit to all the other nerds.   

  134. pezopluma // January 15, 2009 at 8:54 pm //

    Heath Ledger, hands down. He did for the Joker what Johnny Depp did for Jack Sparrow. Or what Gene Wilder did for Willy Wonka. I will admit though Nicholson does have a very natural joker face but Ledger was the most creative with it.

    By the way, its not about who’s dead and who’s not. It’s about who did it better.

  135. pezopluma // January 15, 2009 at 9:07 pm //

    Heath Ledger, hands down. He did for the Joker what Johnny Depp did for Jack Sparrow. Or what Gene Wilder did for Willy Wonka. I will admit though Nicholson does have a very natural joker face but Ledger was the most creative with it.

    By the way, its not about who’s dead and who’s not. It’s about who did it better.

  136. pezopluma // January 15, 2009 at 9:11 pm //

    oops. apologies for the double post. lousy computer….

    by the way, Mark Hamill?!? he had a good cartoon joker laugh but that’s about it. it’s kinda hard to judge a cartoon character.

  137. Ahem.. Kevin Micheal rules any other cartoomn joker..

  138. Mark Hamill all the way. As to people downing him because his is simply voice acting…well, does that really matter? He got down the personality and I’m pretty sure if he had been put in Jack’s place, back then, he would’ve nailed it. Jack just reminded me of an old gangster..which, I guess is what Joker was essentially. But, still I preferred Mark Hamill and Ledger’s versions.

  139. Hm well personally i like ledger the best but its only because of the face that this film is from my generation , and if i had grown up watching nicholson he would have been my favorite. Also the “Dark Night” would have to be the best movie due to the time period and advances weve had in science and technology so of cousre whoever they cast is going to appear “better” than the actore before him. Thats just my opinion though , and im sure everyone has there own.

  140. PR Critics // January 29, 2009 at 4:41 pm //

    Wow , a tough competition , but i think Heath take the lead because in Darl knight the leading role or point (focus) of attention was the joker . Ledger …….for me is a clear winner ….lets see what happens.         

  141. Anonymous // February 6, 2009 at 8:19 am //

    hands down heath! jacks was not scary or funny at all, cesar still had a mustache! with with paint over it lol mark hamil is cool, but thats the cartoon….heath made the joker that people are going to remember

  142. They’re all good. Jack Nicholson best live adaptation of the Joker. Ceasar Romero classic and funny what it was supposed to be back in the 60’s it makes me laugh sometimes for real. Mark Hamill best Joker voice hands down. HEATH LEDGER GREATEST BATMAN VILLAIN EVER!!!!! I hope Heath Ledger wins the Oscar. However being into comic books and all the reason why I said Jack Nicholson was the best live adaptation of the Joker was because Jack Nicholson’s character was closer to the comic but Heath Ledger’s done something else with the character that makes it so unique and it really brings he really brings it out on the big screen.

    So in all Everyone who has ever played the Joker has done a fantastic job that really does put a smile on my face.

    However here is the worst the joker. The joker from the new batman series from “The batman” the joker from that series SUCKS!!!!! and the show sucks too.the original animated series was better(the one with mark hamill aka luke skywalker).

  143. Heath leger is a good joker but i dont like the fact he was on drugs.

  144. The Joker // March 1, 2009 at 9:55 am //


    So im saying i believe Heath Ledger is the greatest Joker.



  145. Craigothy // March 17, 2009 at 9:45 pm //

    okay, i dont think jack nicholson is usually very good at characters, but i think he did a good job as the Joker. also i really liked heath ledger’s Joker but i dont think it was actually “The Joker.” And to be honest I’ve never seen the cesar romero version so i cant pass judgement on that.

    so im gonna hav to say mark hamill

    then jack as far as playing the joker goes.

  146. Personally Hamill has the Joker voice down. So what if isnt a live action Joker? He had to put alot of energy into the character like all the live action guys. Besides he had the best laugh. Ceaser’s just doesnt sound good AT ALL, Jack was okay, and Heathe sounded way too sexy for Joker.


    I like Heathe though because he really did get into the character and was by far the best live action Joker ever! Plus, from a little obsessed fan girl’s perspective he made Mr. J incredibly HOT!!!


    But I still like Hamill the best though.

  147. You guys are all nerds. You are all, sycaphantic, suckups, who smile like the joker through your teeth at me, please leave. This aint the website for ya.

    I just want to note that HEATH LEDGER ROX!!!! Whoah, i love him so much, i’m dizzy. He crazy, actually funny, creepy, smart, (one note, uh, he ROX!), I love him. His hair, coat, (his gloves are da bomb), his hair colour-the greenish blonde, his knifes, his smile (totally jealous of his scars), his make-up, and of course, his laugh.

    OMG, He’s the s#%t… Holy, I can’t even explain it. The list above is just the obvious! Think about it, Jack, Cesar, & Hamill, and their jokers, are frekin’ ugly! And plus, Ya can’t comment on a voice joker who doesn’t even play the joker!! Sheesh, what are you on? But heath and his joker, Heath is totally good lookin’ (More than that)… 🙂 And his joker is HOT!!! One ‘o’ ma friends has a shirt (obviously a girl) (Duh!) That Says “I Love the HLjoker. But don’t tell edward…” So I made her a shirt she desperatly wanted me to make-“I couldn’t find platform 9-3/4, and I 4got twilight woz a movie. So I went to gotham, and ran into the joker-And i liked it…”

  148. iheartheathledger // April 14, 2009 at 11:45 pm //

    I couldn’t find platform nine ‘n’ 3 quaters, and I went to forks at the wrong time (They were probably in italy), so I went to gotham, hoping to meet bruce wayne, but ah, Met the heath ledger joker…

    Treated me mean, but kept me keen…

  149. My ranking: Hamill, Nicholson, Ledger. I’ve never seen the other. However, of all of these, saying that Ledger is my least favorite really isn’t saying much at all. They’re all wonderful and Ledger was one of the two reasons I liked The Dark Knight where I really hated Batman Begins (I know, I’m the only person in the world that does). The reason I liked Hamill best was because he both made me laugh hysterically and still managed to be a wonderful, credible, creepy villiam. Ledger was just creepy—which was perfect for the franchise he is in, I’m just not a big fan of the more realistic Batman that the new movies portray. Still, thought, he caught the madness and the sort of nihilist, chaotic aspect of the Joker perfectly. As all of them have.

  150. Heath Ledger is the best Man

  151. I say Heath. Because he is the most realistic. He truly is like a madman serial killer. NOT like some fictional cheese ball. I’ve seen all the others, and quite frankly, I didn’t care for them, not at all. But I think The Dark Knight was truly badass because of this new joker.

    He is real, he is what we all could be. He has emotions, and charistics that almost anyone could identify with. Freak, or not.

    But, we’re all freaks no matter what we do.

  152. the boss // May 26, 2009 at 6:08 pm //

    cesar sucks. hamill is a cartoon. so eliminate both of them. so it goes heath then jack. they both did excelent jobs. but the other 2 are whack and can easily be forgotten. fuck mark hamill

  153. Mr. wesside // May 26, 2009 at 6:15 pm //

    yea mark hamill blows. and didnt that cesar guy die from aids from being gay or something?  heath definatley wins and jack comes in second. i agree wit other guy above. the other two are forgetable

  154. Heath Ledger no question, because he was a freak he seemed more in place in that role than anyone. I mean he gave it his ALL and then Lord rest his soul he dipped out afterwards. he was the fReAk

  155. Anonymous // June 19, 2009 at 12:18 am //

    ledger sooo obviously.  nicholson seemed cool at the time, but if you rewatch now it’s nothing special.  could have been one of several of his characters in makeup.  romero was doing what he was hired to do, but that asn’t much.  hammil good voice, but couldn’t have done it visually.

  156. Ultimate-Man // June 25, 2009 at 11:58 pm //

    All four were great Jokers. I’m not too familiar with Romero, but I saw the Batman movie from the 60s. So, I’m here to geive you my list!

    4. Romero: He was just a little goofy in the movie that I saw.

    3. Nicholson: He seemed to have been made to be the Joker, but he was a little goofy too.

    2. Ledger: Flawless, perfect, scary… he was just the exact opposite of Batman, which is essentially what the Joker is.

    1. Hamill: He may have just been the voice… but watch the Return of the Joker. He was perfect!

  157. Hamill is by far the best, ledger was the most realistic and scary but not funny enough and the other two were just plain s**t

  158. Mark Hamill is the best Joker. He blends criminal wickedness and clown-like anecdotes to form a perfect, insane clown prince of crime. All of you discrediting him because “he’s just a cartoon” don’t understand just how perfect that voice was.

  159. Ledger was amazing, but whenever someone refers to The Joker, I will always think of the Mark Hamill version. To me, Mark Hammil IS the Joker.

  160. Well everyone seems to be saying that Mark Hammil is the best Joker. I’d have to disagree. Sure, his voice is very dark and creepy when he voiced the Joker, but after all its his VOICE. He never really ACTED with his body, facial expressions or anything like the other 3. Don’t get me wrong, he was very good as the Joker, but nothing really compared to the other 3.  And besides he will ALWAYS be Luke Skywalker to me.

    Cesar Romero was ok. He did play the Joker well, but not well enough. He never really had that creepy and edgier side that the Joker MUST have. To me, he wasn’t the best.

    Heath Ledger. He was a VERY VERY talented actor, and when he played the Joker he really took my breath away. He gave something to the Joker’s character that really needed to be there, and for a young new actor playing a role that has been done by 3 other very talented men, he really did hold his own. I loved his preformance

    But my vote is for Jack. He is already edgy and creepy as himself, and when he stepped into the role of the Joker, he really really nailed it. He gave something to the Joker’s character that is vvery edgy and dark, and something that I doubt many other actors could master. Plus, with Burton’s creepy dark spin, it really made the Joker what he needed to be. An edgy, off the wall physcotic with a very twisted sense of humor.

  161. Heath Ledger.

  162. Bow down to him now!!1

  163. Oh come on, Ledger fanatics... // November 17, 2009 at 8:47 pm //

    Heath did the best job… if you: are in middle or high school, got your mommy or daddy to let you see an “ultra-violent” movie, like thug life and people who drool and slurp like George Burns, and spend the bulk of your time whining and sulking in the corner about how life ain’t fair. 

    How in the world do people see a walking cliche character as Ledger’s “Joker” as being the best? How in the world is the Joker better off “street”? How in the world is a heavy metal death clown (an idea that’s so overdone it’s an antique) frightening in any way, shape, or form? “What’s the best way to make a character dark?” Nolan & Ledger must have pondered. “A-HA! Make him so obviously evil and scary looking by appealing to the lowest common denominator of what is dark and scary looking!” And the “oscar-worthy” portrayal was born.  

    Devoid of any humor, class, sophistication, the only thing Ledger managed to do was suck any remaining life from a character that was already being turned into a joke by writers who clearly didn’t understand him. WTF is with trying to make the guy scary?

    The animated series version struck the perfect balance between psychosis, deranged merriment, aggression, and darkness. Hamill is #1.

    Nicholson’s was a fun, psychotic, twisted ride while it lasted. He’s #2 around here.

    The West/Ward television… umm… “mess” is better left unsaid. 

    What Ledger did should be forgotten, but sadly it won’t.


  164. Is that the Joker or Beetlejuice??? // November 17, 2009 at 9:23 pm //

    “Jokerguy” had so nicely included an image I almost forgot to comment on. Take a good long look at it. Then say his name three times.

    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Bee- oh, wait, wrong film. Again, how do people find Ledger’s Joker scary?



    Is it Eric Draven? Hmmm… Nope, guess not him, either (it’s closer to the Eddie Furlong “Crow” version, anyway…).


    Now just TRY and tell me that those chubby cheeks, those pouty lips, that raggedy hair, doesn’t look like Ledger’s “Joker”.


  165. Only Heath Ledger.Others not so mad


  166. levi gore // December 2, 2009 at 6:27 pm //

    Heath Ledger only because he’s a freak of nature.

  167. rajnish saklani // December 8, 2009 at 1:08 am //

    Hi i am rajnish saklani.

    the biggest joker of univers is Sujani [


  168. ledger

  169. Cesar Romero.  I like the new Batman movies but I think they take it overly serious.  I like a little more fun in my comic movies.

  170. romero was he who got the joker started but ledger was the most realistic joker however hammel is not onley joker he’s Batman in some stuff but most realistic ledger funiest hammel best ledger

  171. Heath Ledger by far. I remember Jack Nicholson pretty well but I never got grabbed by his characterzation. Maybe it’s because I have a thing for the twitchy crazy guys.

  172. Laura Burle Lavagetto // January 2, 2010 at 10:27 pm //

    Heath Ledger He is THE BEST by far. I love him as the joker


  173. You know who would have made a better joker in Dark Knight- JIM CARREY!

    “Why can’t Ledge be the Joker huh?”

    BECAUSE HE WASN’T! Have you Read the comics!? NO! YOU HAVEN’T! I Never even see Ledger’s teeth. Isn’t that The Joker’s signature smile? The wicked teeth?! NOOooooooooo it’s plucking lips and and having scars on your cheeks!


    If they could put this makeup on Hamil then i would have a Comicgasim!

    “Lets Review”

     IN COMICS! This is his look, this is the Joker!

     This HOBO has never SEEN a Joker Comic (maybe now that there are people who wet themselves to Ledger) I walked out of the movie and asked for a refund! (which i didn’t get, Fuck you AMC)

    To Make this Simple,

    If you are a true fan (and i mean OWN comics) then you know Ledger was just the Gothic Emo version of Joker that every Sadist minded or little child wanted in life.

    PLEASE! You can say ledger was a good joker- I don’t care much- BUT STOP CALLING YOURSELF TRUE FANS!

    It’s making me as a comic geek look like “Wanna be Ledger”

    …. oh and Hamil had the voice, Closest thing to an acter is Jack…

    RIP Ledger- Sorry you couldn’t get a better joker script…

    ((If you really want a Geekgasim go see Batman: Dead End- On youtube))


  174. SomeDeadGuy // April 3, 2010 at 8:27 am //

    Cesar Romero: Haven’t seen a lot of the original TV show or the movie, and since it’s a comedy, I don’t even know if you can mention him here seriously.  However, from the bits and pieces I’ve seen, the original show is hilarious.

    Jack Nicholson – THIS GUY IS THE SHIT!  Seriously, almost everything Nicholson touches turns to gold and this was no exception.  He was the perfect Joker and nobody can convince me otherwise.  If you look at him on screen, he’s having fun with this role.  He plays the Joker as he was meant to be played: a stone-cold homicidal maniac who still retains the demeanor and attitude of a harmless prankster.  The first Batman movie still holds up today despite the Dark Knight being incredibly awesome, thanks to both Jack’s Joker and Michael Keaton’s Batman.

    Mark Hamill – You know how I said that Jack was the perfect Joker?  Hamill’s voice was perfect…er.  If Hamill could somehow play the Joker in live action, it would be the greatest Batman movie ever.  He put emotion into the character, he really got into his role (as evidenced by an interview I saw on Youtube), and above all he just SOUNDED LIKE THE JOKER!  The Animated Series is probably the most faithful of the Batman comic adaptations (except for MAYBE the incredibly awesome Arkham Asylum which takes a lot of cues from the series), and Mark Hamill’s voice really adds to the series.  Oh, and his massive reportois of evil laughs… AWESOME!

    Heath Ledger – Ok, I loved this Joker.  He was scary, funny, and actually strangely intelligent.  He was a stone-cold terrorist that tore Gotham apart from the inside with his bizarre “social experiments.” And I also loved the three-pronged storyline and how the three main characters worked off of each other: Batman was the Dark Knight, Dent was the White Knight, and the Joker was wild.  It really was an excellent movie.  HOWEVER, I have one HUGE complaint: he’s so different that he almost just isn’t the Joker.  There, I said it.  Heath isn’t the Joker, he’s a terrorist whackjob who likes seeing people die and things go boom.  I was disappointed that they didn’t make him out to be a prankster unlike the comics, the TV shows, and the 89 film.  He was just a terrorist with a crazy-ass (but true) philosophy and weird makeup.  I still love him though.

  175. Everyone is basing who’s the best Joker on things like, which actor was most true to the comics, or who was more sadistic, or who was funnier, etc.

    I only judge the best Joker based on ONE thing…. which portrayal could I not take my eyes off, and who would I want to see again the most? 

    And there’s only one answer to that…. Heath Ledger.  Regardless of anything about the Joker character itself, I base my answer on performance alone.  Everytime Heath was onscreen, not only could I not take my eyes or attention off of him, I also could not recognize him in the slightest.  His voice, his posture, makeup, costume, Chicago accent…. it all just completely transformed him, and if I had to pick any Joker incarnation I’d like to watch again, it would have to be The Dark Knight.  Isn’t the draw of the performance that’s the most important, over little character traits that are inevitably going to change over the years anyway (i.e. humor, how sadistic, how cunning, etc.)?

  176. Hide-her-Heart // April 26, 2010 at 6:10 am //

    Heath Ledger is the best!

  177. Well, isn’t this obvious?

    Heath is the joker of course.

  178. HEATH LEDGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love his character and the way he does it

    (i’ve already got his joker walk down, and the voice and laugh. HECK I COULD BE THE HEATH LEDGER JOKER!!!!!)

    i LOVE the dark knight and started screaming exitedly whenever heath was on screen. I even repeted ALL of his lines! im dressing up as the heath ledger joker for halloween and im gonna run around with a plastic knife (cuz u know, i cn’t uz a real 1) and and ask people “WHY SO SERIOUS?!”

    HEATH LEDGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. MarkandHeath // August 6, 2010 at 5:33 pm //

    Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill are the two best Jokers!! Heath Ledger did a perfect job at acting the part for the live-action movie, he brought the evil, sadism, darkness, goofy and psychotic behavior that is The Joker right out of the comics. Heath’s Joker wasn’t overhyped either. It’s just the jack and cesar fans that say that because they know that those two jokers were surpassed by Mark and Heath, and they use Heath’s death as an excuse to say that Heath was overhyped. Heath’s Joker easily surpassed the hype.

    Mark Hamill’s voice acting was perfect for the cartoon, in fact it was every bit as excellent as Heath’s live-action performance, bringing in the same elements.

    Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero just don’t even compare, even for their time period, their Joker’s were just too campy, cheesy, and inauthentic, and not nearly violent or psychotic enough. If you want to know the truth it was Jack’s Joker that was overhyped, everybody thought that his Joker would be awesome just because it was Jack Nicholson, it wasn’t.

    Mark Hamill and Heath Ledger all the way!!!!

  180. Mark Hamill. Doh.

  181. shala terry // August 19, 2010 at 12:17 am //

    heath ledger is the best joker of  allllllllllll time!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean he had that dark side and he was crazy but most of the things he was saying made so much sense, plus the others didnt have that i mean they didnt really have a dark side and thats what the joker is all about!!!!!!

  182. I would have to say Jack.The 89. Batman had a better dialog  and music soundtrack which are a + for me.Also Jack killed more people then heath in the movie so saying that he is more psychotic is just boloney.The scenario was pretty childish in the TDK i mean the face painting was such a chezzy gimmick to attract kids to imitate the tdk joker also Heats fan base doesn’t mean much to me,mostly people that weren’t even born before the 90-es are it.

    Jack is the best Joker,Hands down.

  183. RockerLax86 // October 1, 2010 at 12:54 am //

    Okay, when I was growing up i thought the joker was a panzy. None of the other Batmans did it for me. I thought batman sucked, i thought his villians sucked, and i thought it was all a push over.


    When Heath did the joker, the joekr went from my least favorite all time villian to my hands down favorite. If you look at it from which of them nailed the ideal joker, its heath. He isnt funny, he isnt retardedly pyscho, and he isnt some fucked up loser. He is a legit psycho who “just wants to watch the world burn.” He isnt a moron like the others, he actually OWNS gotham at one point, he is in total control. He nailed it because he did the perfect psychotic joker that wasnt in it to kill Batman, he was in it because Cops and the Mob were just to damn easy for him. Heath played a perfect villian that was in every way just as brilliant as Batman was, and everyway creepier and much much more disturbed than the other Jokers.


    I dunno if you die hard batman fans will agree with me, but Heath Ledger made the Joker my hands down favorite villian of all time. Not the classic joker, but the joker that isnt some skinny freak, the joker that is a master in the arts of terror and chaos is my favorite Joker. The Joker that nearly broke the batman twice. The Joker that controlled all of Gotham City for most of his movie. The joker that gave me chills when i first saw him and made me sit there and go HOLY SHIT the Joker isnt a persistant push over panzy that gets butt raped by Batman whenever he comes out of Arkham. This is the Joker that was destined to do this forever, this was the Joker that Batman was ment to clash with for all time.

    And this is deffinately the Joker that Batman Arkham Asylum is closest to. Batmans best game + Batmans best movie = own. Heath Ledger is a fucking hero. When you find a villian that did better than Heath Ledger, we’ll talk.  But Heath is the best. HANDS DOWN.


    Come on, can you honestly say that any of the other Jokers can match Heath Ledger’s performance? Oh and Heath has the Oscar to prove he’s the best.

    R.I.P. Heath Ledger, you rocked the movie business and you changed the way villians would be played. Forever. You set the bar higher than anyone can reach.

  184. The Joker fan - Heath Ledger // October 4, 2010 at 6:16 pm //

    I believe that many of the other Jokers are good. Like some said, yes the other generations will choose the Joker in their generation. But my belief is that Heath Ledger is the best. To me the other Jokers looked like their skin was white and did really have big red lips. Heath showed that it was just makeup as you can see it smears through the movie. He has that straggly hair, thats the Jokers hair! It shows chaos that he’s been through. Come on, how do you go through all the joker goes through and not have straggly hair. He’s sarcastic, funny, great, but also a pyschopath, murderer, genius of a criminal, and brings the Joker to life. The laugh, smile, everything. And for everyone out there, thats not Heath’s Voice. Sounds nothing like him in real life, and that laugh… he worked hard on that laugh. Lastly, the fact that he died right after he finished his shots is sad but a tribute to the late grate Heath Ledger. He once said in his last interview about the Joker, “It was the most fun I’ve ever had and probably will ever have playing a character.”

    Thank you Heath for playing the Joker, you brought him alive and sure caught my attention. Thank you.



  185. The Best is Heath Ledger! sorry Jack… You are second 🙂

  186. Heath is the joker. Case closed.

  187. the best one is heath ledger

  188. Heath Ledger, the best Joker ever.

  189. Regardless of opinions, there are some pretty stupid comments. Like that Heath and Hamill were pretty much the same… Hamill was a fan of the comics, and just like the show itself, he combined all the things that made the Joker great to begin with. Heath was a good actor, but simply not a Joker…

    Jack Nicholson still stands as the iconic Joker. It was a flawless performance that never went out-of-character. All of his mannerisms and actions just translated perfectly from what you’d imagine in the comics, and the laugh is just perfect. Sadly, we never got to see a sequel with him.

  190. Mark Hamill is definently the voice of the joker and Jack Nicholson is the face.

  191. Nicholson is good but Heath Ledger (R.I.P) Is the BEST :)………. Romero fà skifo

  192. they’re all good, but Heath is the best!! 

  193. xrhstaras1978 // March 5, 2011 at 12:32 pm //

    The Joker of Heath Ledger is different… the ultimate lunatic, however we have to wait for the new one!!! 😉

  194. Unknown Darkness // April 6, 2011 at 10:09 pm //

    Heath Ledger made me one of the biggest fan of JOKER….Ledger was scary and funny aswell. I also strongly believe that Ledger has a better voice than Mark Hamil. HEATH LEDGER FTW….

  195. Kern Jeremiah // May 16, 2011 at 7:13 am //

    Mark is a classic Joker. The best. Then it’s between Heath and Jack. The writers do have a major part to play as their sucky lines can weigh down a great actor

  196. i guess it all comes down to if you’re looking for “grown up,” “campy” or “kiddie”…  there’s no other real way to compare them without first making that distinction.

    • cesar (not casesar– he’s cuban, not roman) was campy and foppish, as was intended for the timeframe when it was filmed:  as light entertainment suitable for children.  the acting and plot were over the top, and best compared to being a live-action cartoon. 
      (the Hub is replaying all the old 60s episodes, if anyone wants to wax nostalgic – i am).  
    • burton’s batman (and jack’s joker) was also campy, and well-suited to the stylings of the early years of batman comics.  admittedly, at the time, i was very much a fan of burton’s batman, but having little to compare it to, it was one of the original live-action comics that tried to be “serious”.  that’s like saying a “white castle” on a desert island is the best hamburger in the world.  the art gallery scene alone was enough to sour me on jack’s joker; he was more a buffoon than any way seriously “menacing”
    • admittedly, i know less of mark hamill’s joker.  while i do appreciate all the animated batmans in their own way, there is something inherently distancing about a cartoon.  perhaps, saying more engaging about a live-action version is more applicable — my wife has troubles taking cartoons in any way seriously for plot or story. 

    anyone who appreciates them in other than the chronological order of their filming (i.e. newer=better) must be more nostalgic than impartial.  the entire vibe of batman begins and dark knight are camp-free, intended to be representative of the more “mature” batman mythos, focused on the gritty realism that later batmans and the TPBs portrayed.  i had heard/read that nolan gave ledger a copy of “the killing joke” for inspiration.  true or not, it and DK portray the joker not as clowning, but insane.  that makes him much more intimidating.  the pencil thing, blowing up the hospital, embedding the cell phone, 14 knives and lint, burning the money.  there was no discernable rhyme or reason to relate to joker.  when alfred says his line about “some people just want to watch the world burn” (paraphrasing) — that is what made joker so fearful:  his lack of moral grounding, lack of seeming intent (he wasn’t after money or revenge, he was just having “fun”), and willingness to do whatever whenever.  “let go of her!” “careful what you ask for” made his performance so riveting.  what’s he gonna do next?

    so for me, ledger was, hands-down, the best joker for my criterion.  in the end, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but iron man, thor, captain america… all the modern comics take a more mature perspective.  i appreciate the update to the more in-depth characters and realism, but respect that some people just want to keep their love for the campy batman of their childhood. 


  197. In my opinion the best is heath ledger he is scary sickly funny and classy.

    now that dosnt mean that he is the best you might think that one of the others is the best because nicholson is superb in Batman forever but hamill is good wel his voice is but you dont see the way he moves you dont see his view.  

  198. Jack Nicholson is the best joker

  199. I think Mark Hamill is the best joker because of his Infamous laughter

  200. Romero- I think he was Roman, had werid accent whether he talked but he is cheesy, and campy. Althought he had a normal laugh.


    Nicholson- Nice guy. He looked happy in the role especially the ballon parade.


    Hamilll- I liked his laughter and I liked his voice. He himself said that even though after 20 years he liked but is probably going to retire after Arkham City.


    Ledger- He was scary. I get why people vote for him.


    For me, hands down, Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill for me is the best Joker. No Matter what. 

  201. I don’t agree. I like Cesar Romero. Even though he didn’t shave his mustache.

  202. Are u fucking kidding me?
    Jack nicholson/heath ledger By far

  203. HEATH LEDGER is the BEST and not because he is dead just because he was really good at acting… looool at me commenting on this in 2013 and the movie was out in 2008 it’s just because i was reviewing the dark knight for some work

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