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Clifford D. Simak on Science Fiction

The SciFi Catholic (D.G.D. Davidson) supplies a quote from Clifford D. Simak taken from the criticism book SF: The Other Side of Realism:

It has always seemed to me that if there were such a thing as “mainstream,” science fiction should belong, at least marginally, to it, for everyone who writes, whatever he may write, does so within the parameters of a literary tradition that has evolved, developed, and changed through the years. And the effort to disassociate fantasy (which is pretty much an undefinable term) and science fiction (which is perhaps as much so) arises from the intricate business of arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I don’t think that we should attempt to distinguish between the two, and that the writer, especially, should disregard any artificial line that exists between them. The best stories, it seems to me, are fantasies, whether they be based on solid scientific extrapolation, or on engineering concepts carried to an ultimate point, or on something else.

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2 Comments on Clifford D. Simak on Science Fiction

  1. Clifford D. Simak: Move over Asimov stand in line Clark, Simak was the greatest science fiction author of all time.

  2. I’d say the deepest level of fantasy is the romance novel, at least if it were compared to any life I know. Sword and sorcery is much more believable than steamy romance. 😛

    Isn’t fantasy the purpose of fiction?

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