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For Sale: Data’s Head

Ah…I love eBay. The last-ditch repository for all thing Trek…like William Shatner’s kidney stone. OK, eBay was not involved with that one, but apparently you could buy the head of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation on eBay.

The head is from the episode “Time’s Arrow”, cast from Brent Spiner’s head and used as the 500 year-old severed head of the android. As per Slice of Sci Fi:

The head was sent to Art Asylum by Paramount for use as a cast mold to scan in order to create the digital template from which the Data action figures were created. The item was sent intact with prosthetics, however they were removed and the bust was painted silver to aid with the scanning process. The prosthetics were subsequently lost or discarded.

The current bid is at $500.

Personally, if I were Brent Spiner, I’d drop about $1,000 to buy it back just so I can scare the hell out of my kids.

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