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Free Read: Deadstock by Jeffrey Thomas

As promised, Solaris has made Deadstock by Jeffrey Thomas available online for free.

This is being done to promote the upcoming release of the book’s sequel, Blue War. (Solaris also offers as a free read the first chapter of Blue War.)

Deadstock was one of my best reads last year. The setting setting (the “crime-infested future city” of Punktown) was really appealing makes you want more. Check it out. How can you beat free?

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3 Comments on Free Read: Deadstock by Jeffrey Thomas

  1. Hey John,

    Just thought I’d add that we’re hoping to have it available in Mobipocket ebook reader format next week, for those of you on the go…



  2. Thanks, Mark. As a Palm convert, that’s good news. The Mobipocket software also converts PDFs to .prc for those who readers who can’t wait, but I suspect Solaris will do a better job with the conversion as the Mobipocket software sometimes leaves something to be desired.

  3. Hey there!! Having a problem!

    I downloaded Deadstock and started reading on my Moto Q.

    Well, my Moto Q was stolen and I need a copy of Deadstock

    again! I thought I saved it on my laptop….no dice! Can’t

    find it anywhere.

    I’ve tried to get to Solaris, but it keeps saying DENIED and that’s

    all that’s on the screen!!

    Is Solaris having web trouble…or am I banned from the site?

    Or is it defunct?

    Either way, can somebody send me a link??

    Thank you,

    Alex the Couch

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