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New LEGO Indiana Jones Sets

Take just about any movie, add some LEGO, and you’ve instantly got hours of fun! Proof? Look no further than the new Indiana Jones themed LEGO sets. In a word: awesome.

They’ve created new sets for Raiders, The Last Crusade (sadly, no head lopping set. I’d love to see a Holy Grail resting place set with LEGO scimitars) and, of course, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which are set to be released when the movie opens. Yet another reason to get excited about the new movie. The sets for the older movies are available now if you want to get one, or two. That ‘Lost Tomb’ set looks really cool too, what with the LEGO Anubis and all.

And isn’t it interesting there is no Temple of Doom sets? Who wouldn’t like to play Mola Ram, ripping LEGO hearts out of LEGO people in their underground temple? No one! And what about a LEGO pachinko game based on the bridge collapse at the end of the movie? Bonus points for LEGO Thugees getting eating by alligators.

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7 Comments on New LEGO Indiana Jones Sets

  1. I guess we won’t have a LEGO version of that annoying little Asian kid that goes “Indy, Indy!!” :-@

  2. First Playmobil Romans, now this…

    Where were these when I was a kid? (Okay, I can answer that: I was nearly a teenager when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out…)

  3. Lego Anubis? So maybe we’ll get a Lego Stargate next?

  4. Kali Ma! Kali Ma!

  5. brandon hardzog // September 28, 2008 at 7:49 am //

    i think they should have toht and all the others

  6. It’s 2009 now! Two new sets have been released: ”Shanghai chase” with Short round, willie scott and Indy in a dinner suit, and ”Fight on the flying wing”, which re creates the classic scene from Raiders of the lost ark. You’ve stayed in the past while LEGO and indiana jones have gone into the future! It’s time for an update, i think.

  7. Hpfh, they’ve stopped making sets. Whats lego up to.

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