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POLL RESULTS: Journeyman’s Cancellation

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Journeyman has been canceled…despite how much people seem to love the show. Did you watch Journeyman?


(127 total votes)

Comments this week:

“It is not a bad show, though that could be the voracious time travel fan in me speaking. It has its highlights (the aforementioned time traveling) and its lowlights (the love triangle), but it really did not deserve to be canceled.” – General X

“Option D: Never had the chance to watch it. “Didn’t even Bother”doesn’t quite cover it. Just didn’t have the chance.” – Jvstin

“It’s really too bad more people didn’t watch Journeyman. The first episode was a little lame, pilots often are, but it established a ‘grounding relationship’ for the protagonist with his wife — a necessary grounding relationship. The developing conspiracy, the rogue FBI agent, and the way the show displayed how affecting the past can affect you personally were excellent.” – Christian Johnson

“I had to go with the first answer; however, my sentiments regarding the entire series of shows is closer to the second. Seeing the pilot, IOW first episode, hooked me for this series, AND then the rest of the episodes shown never lived up to the pilot’s promise. They overused several story elements; for example, the lecherous cop brother of Dan Vassar, and can anyone explain why the wife and the brother were ever together to begin with (there was no character chemistry). Another was the character of the cop brother in general, acting like a general a**h*** all the time. One might conclude the writers had one good story in them, and blew that all in one episode and after that they had zilch.” – Allan Rosewarne

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2 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Journeyman’s Cancellation

  1. Uggh. I just started watching it at the end of the season, and I was really liking it. My wife likes it and I know she is going to be bummed.

  2. This was the first I’d heard of the show’s cancellation… and while I’m not surprised (very, very rarely does anything good and original get a decent chance on television. Instead we get dreck like endless “Bachelor” clones) – I am terribly disappointed. At least they wrapped up a number of plot points before they got canceled, so those of us who recognized a good show when it happened weren’t left hanging.
    I hate TV execs.

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