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POLL RESULTS: Where Surveillance Technology is Taking Us

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Where do you think surveillance technology will take us?


(88 total votes)

Comments this week:

“The multis are already much more efficient mining our biometric and geographic data. They’ll only get better… ’till the hackers strike back.” – Jeff

“‘Will’ take us? We’re already there!” – Paul Harper

“They’re gonna put a little camera in toilet bowls to see what kind of tp we use. Assign each brand a numeric value and plug it into a logarythmic formula along with the results from the breakfast cereal camera, the gas cap camera and the lead paint camera, and send me a 10% off coupon for Long John Silvers…” – platyjoe

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1 Comment on POLL RESULTS: Where Surveillance Technology is Taking Us

  1. Amazing. The people afraid of Big Corporations = 50 vote versus the people afraid of Big Government = 18 votes.
    I can list, off the top of my heard, a dozen massacres, genocides, mass-murders, mass-deportations, pogroms, and cruelties perpetuated by governments in the last two centuries that racked up a body count of around 100 million innocent deaths.
    I am sure there are deaths caused by the abuses of wealth of major corporations, but I cannot bring any of them to mind at the moment. Colonial slavery produced an enormity of deaths, especially among Arab slavers, but I cannot think of a single violent death which can be attributed to Starbucks and the like.
    And we are more afraid of Rich Uncle Pennybags, the cartoon capitalist from the Monopoly game, than you are of those ambitious politicians and power-seekers who hunger day and night, without sleeping, each eager to become the next Napoleon, the next Caesar? We are more afraid of the Big Clown of MacDonalds and the Big Mouse of Disney than we are of the FBI, CIA or BATF going out of control and eroding our civil liberties? That is just too astonishing for words.

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