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SF Tidbits for 1/17/08

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4 Comments on SF Tidbits for 1/17/08

  1. While I cannot diminish what Paolini did with Eragon, I just feel there are better authors out there writing for the younger set. Eoin Colfer is one that I feel does not get enough coverage since I have read a number of his books and feel they are much better for kids, but alas he apparently does not fit with the fantasy book movement…

  2. Aside from being an unfortunately ugly and tongue twisty title “Brisingr“, is apparently “is an Old Norse word for ‘fire'”. How did Old Norse enter into the world of Eregon? Is there a magic tunnel from Eregon’s world to ours filled with angry Vikings or is it just the lack of imagination/world building skills that has the author searching a Old Norse dictionary for something that sounds cool?

  3. Typing it to Old Norse, or mythology, makes it Literary with a capital L! :-@

  4. I support the space princess movement if only to provide us more stuff like this:

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