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SF Tidbits for 1/20/08

  • The World in the Satin Bag interviews Karen Miller, author of The Awakened Mage: “…in writing fantasy I get to play with the best of both worlds – larger than life events and themes, a splash of magic, and a chance to explore humanity from a slightly skewed perspective.”
  • Clive Thompson on Why Sci-Fi Is the Last Bastion of Philosophical Writing: “If you want to read books that tackle profound philosophical questions, then the best — and perhaps only — place to turn these days is sci-fi. Science fiction is the last great literature of ideas.”
  • William Shunn’s “Not of This Fold” is the latest preliminary Nebula nominee to be posted online. (See also: More free Nebula nominees online.)
  • Thanks to the upcoming BSFA Awards, Niall Harrison has book covers on his mind.
  • The latest issue of Science Fiction Concatenation has been posted.
  • Screen Grabs lists of The Top Ten Action Heroes Who Deserve A Comeback includes Snake Plissken (Escape from New York) and “Dutch” Schaefer (Predator).
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