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SF Tidbits for 1/29/08

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  1. Eos are stretching it a bit in referring to something like Gold as a science fiction classic… Same for The Curse of Chalion, though for different reasons.

    The article about the singularity is spot on.

    I never did realize why everyone was so over-excited about the concept of an AI as far as to decide it will change absolutely *everything*.

    Now, when someone writes a good story about it (e.g. Stross), then I have no problem at all with the individual story. But turning it into this major all-encompassing theme that every other writer feels the need to address, that’s going too far.

  2. For more information about Hugo Gernsback follow this link;

    It will take you to Amazon and a new biography about his life. The manuscript was found when I was in the process of closing down Gernbsback Publications in 2003. It was written sometime in the 1950’s.

  3. Yaron, thanks for reading my article about the Singularity. I’ve thought the concept was silly from the day I first read about it. Writing down the reasons why it doesn’t make sense was very cathartic.

  4. If it was the first time people started to think about AI as a concept, I might have understood the enthusiasm. But we passed many AIs in SF along the way (Or did anyone fail to notice the fact that all those thinking robots are AIs as well?), had various good plots that were singularity-free, and nobody seemed to miss it.

    Beside that, what are we worried about? If we do manage to create AIs which are smarter than us, they’d have to be a lot more worried about the singularity than we do, no? We want to build smart thinking computers because we could use the help. Those computers would, probably, need less help. So what will be their excuse for creating smarter computers that would consider them inferior and change the rules of the game for them?

  5. Yeah, the more I think about the “Singularity,” the more problems I find with it. I may have to write a follow-up article on it at some point.

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