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SF Tidbits for 1/7/08

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4 Comments on SF Tidbits for 1/7/08

  1. scifi fanatic // January 7, 2008 at 10:53 am //

    Has anyone read the Ebook WADE OF AQUITAINE BY BEN PARRIS?? It is the first book in a series and is available on Amazon right now.

    Check it out:

    This story has all the advantages of science fiction combined with the fun and detailed setting of a fantasy book. I was totally intrigued from page 1 and my attention was captivated right up until the last page.

    The story starts out in the conventional world and then takes the reader and Wade on a journey back in time through Wade’s synesthete mind. It is a story that truly grabs the readers and takes them along for an emotion-packed ride.

    Anyone else read this book??

  2. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    The Worst movies list was interesting, all the more so since there were some movies on there that I thoroughly enjoyed. But I agreed with about 95% of them, so I figured that isn’t bad.

  3. And hey, you’ve got my vote for a Hugo!

  4. The fanzine and fan writer Hugo categories are becoming outdated pretty darned fast, and are definitely due for revision. Look at the official definition of a fanzine on the Hugo nomination ballot: “Any generally available non-professional publication… which has published 4 or more issues at least one of which appeared in 2007.” SF Signal, though it certainly deserves to be nominated, doesn’t techincally meet the definition because it hasn’t “published” any “issues” at all. The terminology simply doesn’t apply to blogs, which are (dare I say it?) more important to fandom today than print fanzines. Either the fanzine category needs to be revised or a new category needs to be created. But don’t worry, guys– I’ll put you on my nomination form anyway, and hope that the rules catch up.

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